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In Video: Russian Warplanes Purge Turkish Proxies In Greater Idlib In Response To Ceasefire Violations

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In Video: Russian Warplanes Purge Turkish Proxies In Greater Idlib In Response To Ceasefire Violations

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Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a new strikes of airstrikes on positions of Turkish proxies in Greater Idlib.

According to reports, on February 23, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists attacked positions of the Syrian Army near the village of al-Bara in southwestern Idlib. The army answered to the attack with artillery fire that was later reinforced by Russian airstrikes.

Russian media outlet Rusvesna claimed that as a result of the recent clashes in the area Hayat Tahrir al-Sham lost up to 70 militants, 20 units of heavy weapons and equipment. These numbers are obvious fairy tales. At the same time, it is hard to deny that regular airstrikes on terrorist infrastructure created by Turkish proxies in Greater Idlib have a notable strategic impact neutralizing attempts of the terrorists to restore their military capabilities.


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Adam Prisbit

this is childs play compare to turkish BAYRAKTAR tb2 destroy smashing butcher assad regime/armenian/libya regime soldier

erwin vercauteren

in Xbox everything is possible bayraktar is no match for Russian weapons and Armenia was equipped western weapons and US trained army and officers that’s why they lost there is no supremacy of these Turkish flying crap vs((( Russian crews and weapons))) keep trying miserable swamp creature Assad will be president when the Ottomans will be kicked back to their own country and they can be happy Putin is a patient and clever person otherwise the Turkish map could be very different and Byzantium would rise again

Mustafa Mehmet

Bayraktar behind you watch it… https://media3.giphy.com/media/kGdT4EeURjRQ1Othu0/giphy.gif




The more they kill them by the bombings the less SAA will get killed in the future through fighting.

klove and light

in the future???? when? 2067????


putin is the treacherous zionist pig………

the houthis are winning without putin and his bs treacherous zionist agreements with zionist created moslen brothethood erdogan…………

you 99% folks here are totally brainwashed…….best example is the S-300…..

yes it is in syria…was it ever used…no…why….. check and go to almasdar news..a saa news site…..you can still find the artciles there concearning the S-300…..

the syrian military leadership explains WHY the S-.300 was never used……because the S-300 is in total 100% control of the russian military !

Putin SIGNED 3 deals with zionist created moslem brotherhood erdogan.

1. invasion and occupation of afrin 2.invasion adn occupation of idlib 3.invasion and occupation of north-east syria

Only a madman who has lost all his senses or a Treacherous ZIONIST PIG could come to the conclusion that an invasion and occupation of syrian land by the turkish army would benefit the legitimate government of syria.

putin is a treacherous zionits pig. death to america death to israel curse on the jews–houhti slogan–spot on.

Alejandro Bonifacio

i love the houtie slogan, and i hope this year the terrorist “armies” should be eliminated

William D

You took up enough space to lay out the facts, you cannot ask us to do research after all the ……….space………. you take Looks like Turkey invaded because they could, to confront the Kurds (mistakenly, the Kurds are badass warriors) and presumably provide more stability than the rebels, which made it preferable for Syria/Russians for the time being

Keep in mind Erdogan downed Putin’s jet. They are not friendly. Turkey still houses USA nuclear bombs, practically hostage at this point, and are still asking to join the European Union. Your sensationalism undermines your point Putin is the most badass authoritarian on the planet. Show some respect.

erwin vercauteren

Go get your pills frustrated and pathetic loser miserable swamp creature start by understanding the fact that not all Jews are Zionists that would be a start poor chap


Mr Klove and light. No Israeli warplane violates Syrian airspace. Why should Russia use those expensive S-300 or 400 rounds? 90% of the IDF missiles launched from over the Mediterranean sea are downed by Pantsir, Buk-2M, Kub and even the S-125 Neva batteries. Let Russia and Iran deal with the jihadi invasion at their own leisure. They will be pushed out sooner or later.


The zionists and American forces would love to see the S-300 capabilities. Which is why they keep provoking the use of them. Putin is smart, the less we know about them, the more we fear them.

Not Indian Paul

Man, you’re stupid. Where would Russia be if Putin took on Turkey and Israel militarily? You think geopolitics is simple? It’s delicate and complicated, it’s not for morons like you.


It’s a p00f,only p00fs disregard blackbelts,they never understand valour! How is it each and every time something positive happens,it blames Putin? Under the excuse,yet never this homosexual rant ever has the balls to blame

eu-epp,blair,bush,odummer,biden,see its a lgbtq activist who [pretends to give a rats arse about civilians,where in reality another sore loser bum, as if the world ain’t aware hezbullocks nor iran gave a rats arse about assad anyway,how was it its isis allies(lgbtq) were too easily destroying syria before putin stepped in late 2015,yet before hand these soo brave islamists never had the balls to take on their isis siblings,more fkn well like it!



Furkan Sahin

I think soon Assad will step down as president of Syria economy is terrible

erwin vercauteren

in your dreams Assad has never been as popular as now

Furkan Sahin

you can not win over Sanction

erwin vercauteren

watch Russia Iran Venezuela they do and Assad is doing good Syria will be fully liberated and cleaned from western and Turkish dogs Assad will survive Erdogan and Biden just as he survived Obama and Trump you are very naïve to underestimate the power and skills of the Russian Federation and their allies

Furkan Sahin

Do you even know what sanctions mean? you can not remove them and they can continue to make greater sanctions against Syria they want Assad fall


They mean weed out the traitors which is exactly why russia is stronger than ever,the ones whom will break are the weakling eu-epp,go back to turkey!


Sanctions are for the weak,real men go about life looking for better deals!

Furkan Sahin

lets see ;)

Furkan Sahin

I’m not surprised if Assad resigns as president especially the sanction


You have a weak spirit,Assad is the man,not the loser!

Furkan Sahin

you know I support Assad too ,, I just want to tell you the truth

Blas de Lezo

Assad will step down soon as long as Biden doesn’t rejoin the Obama-Iran nuclear deal,. but it seems him rejoining the JCPOA is a done deal. Now Iran will have hundreds of billions of dollars to fund Assad and anyone else they want.

Furkan Sahin

yes sure but I think it will be in 2022

Blas de Lezo

Assad won. They couldn’t defeat him in 2013 when he held less than a quarter of Syrian territory. Now is all gravy.

Furkan Sahin

yes but it does not matter if he wins he can easily resign when a crisis comes you should not expect from Assad anything can happen as I say

Blas de Lezo

His wife will tell him not to resign ever.

Furkan Sahin

yes I have heard and read that his wife has told him that he should never resign she wants him to die of war or escape I think it fits but his wife I am sure she will survive and flee to another land and Bashar will probably be in power until he dies if NATO and jihadist go after him


Assad will piss on your grave too,you have no future,Assad will remain https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15b51dc7e8095da4ab81cbf548c3eabec4439fb7ce2f31bc40e962f5dee2861e.jpg

Furkan Sahin

I support Gaddafi Houthis and Assad I have also written before


He is not a dog,not a traitor to his peoples,better chance biden step down:

Furkan Sahin

know bro

Furkan Sahin

If Assad leaves I think he will go to Russia and live with Putin


what else it could be after so many years of war? why would he be responsible for economy being “terrible” ?!?

Furkan Sahin

bro Syria is not like Somalia or Afghanistan Syria is far better than them today

Furkan Sahin

it is not only he who holds responsibility but also his government


https://media4.giphy.com/media/xUA7aUbotOzek7aHQs/giphy.gif https://media4.giphy.com/media/xUA7aUbotOzek7aHQs/giphy.gif

Looks like they opened a can of Whoop Ass.


Better late than never.Assad stocks up!Scrw the new world order and cia/soros fascist pigs!

Diana Cornwell


Charade you are.

The only way to eliminate “Turkish proxies” is to eliminate the Turkish army from Syria and to cut off Turkish aid and transfer of arms and logistical supplies to the Muslim terrorists.


Putin is just too busy building nuclear power plants in Turkey and selling grains and gas to the Turks, now that the Russian S-400s have been delivered.

Putin is a lying hypocrite undermining Russian national security which works just fine for us.

Putin is NATO’s champion.

Thanks, Putin.

With “enemies” like you, NATO’s unrelenting expansion is inevitable.


P.S. the Red Pill doesn’t work as you can see by the number of Putin fan boys.

Arch Bungle

You seem unnaturally obsessed with Putin. Does he haunt your dreams ?

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