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In Video: Russian Warplanes And Helicopters Perform Victory Day Air Parade

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In Video: Russian Warplanes And Helicopters Perform Victory Day Air Parade

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At least 75 aircraft are taking part in the Victory Day Air Parade, including MiG-31 interceptors, Il-76 transport planes, Su-24 bombers, MiG-29 and Su-57 fighters, military helicopters, and many others.


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Zionism = EVIL

Very nice precision flypast, the Eurocunts should be kissing Russia’s feet for delivering them from their Nazi cousins at a cost of 28 million Soviet lives. No country has suffered more to bring freedom to the world than Russia and the Soviet people. Now these dumbass spiteful Americunt arseholes and their EU arselickers are pushing a Zionist revisionist Hollywood fake history, trying to minimize Russian sacrifices and victory or Nazism. It is really heartwarming to see the Soviet flag flying high.

cechas vodobenikov

obviously amerikans had zero to w WWII—85% go German casualties occurred at the eastern front where not 1 cowardly US soldier could be found…the US entered the European theatre, as expected after the Luftwaffe had been decimated and German troops had no petrol to operate their tanks, etc…and of course, as French historians, write, the German occupiers did not rape French females; however the sexually repressed amerikan occupier raped more than 1000…the self uglifies amerikan wonders why s/he is despised…”amerikans live in a thicket of illusions–they demand illusions about themselves ” Daniel Boorstin

Zionism = EVIL

In the whole of WW2, the Americunt losers lost barely 450,000 casualties and mostly to the Japs and could not even defeat them and had to drop 2 nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki civilians. The cowards have no shame.

Ashok Varma

Salute to our Russian friends on their great victory in the patriotic war.

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Dick Von Dast'Ard

The Su-57’s made a very ghostly appearance. (wailed as they went over)

Tu-160’s strategic bombers a big highlight, whole display a wonderful tribute for all Allies of WW2.


Not by chance, the only clear take was on the MIG-31K’s ordnance. LOL

Lone Ranger

Glory to Mother Russia.

Lone Ranger

King of the North.
Protector of Mankind.

Lone Ranger

Thank you Russia.

Lone Ranger

Slava Rossiya.


Just want to recall that the WWII could have lasted way less than 6 years overall IF ONLY the US money trust and the US heavy industry trust had not interfered in the first years of conflict.

-The latter giving engines and other industrial stuff to the Nazis (Nothing to say, Mr. Ford?)

-The former longing for a lesson to the UK which was already partially overthrown as the leading monetary power of the century since early 1900s (learn more about the rapport between the US and the South African Gold miners who turned their back to the UK)

WWI: destroy the empires and set Israel
WWII: create the sole world’s superpower and do whatever you want of the rest

they were able to shut down the US constitution (while still shown in plain sight) but didn’t calculate that they could have such adversaries like the USSR and now China.

AM Hants

Brilliant and thinking of Russia today and the 75th Anniversary of the Defeat of the Nazis in Europe. Weird how they have returned to Ukraine, with many of our leaders fully supportive of them all.


There is an interesting article over on Fort Russ. What I found the most interesting part of the article, was why did Obama cancel everything to do with the Raptor/F22? Plus, why would he order the destruction of all manufacturing tools that supported the military jet? Rather than just fix the oxygen problem?

Wasn’t Soros, Obama’s financial mentor and would he have taken orders from Soros or the US electorate?

UNSEEN – Russian Su-57 Jets Flew Over 6 U.S Bases In Syria And Iraq… https://www.fort-russ.com/2020/05/unseen-russian-su-57-jets-flew-over-6-u-s-bases-in-syria-and-iraq/


Glory to the Red Army and the Allied Forces that crushed the Nazis, and also led to the creation of Israel. A bittersweet memory in our Jewish history, we shall never forget the fallen. Fast forward 75 years, the world is still in a grave danger from countries like Iran and NK, but just like the Nazis they will fail.

Zionism = EVIL

AshkeNAZI cunts will die first :)

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