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In Video: Russian, Turkish Forces Conducted Joint Patrol In Northeastern Aleppo

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On September 17, the Russian Military Police and the Turkish military conducted a joint patrol in the northeastern Aleppo countryside, which is controlled by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The patrol, that consisted of eight Russian and Turkish armored vehicles, set off from the town of Eshma and reached the town of Tell Shair, 4 km to the west of Kobane. The joint patrol was escorted by two Russian helicopters.

In the course of the patrol, a group of children stoned Russian and Turkish vehicles. However, the minor incident didn’t lead to any escalation.

According to the North Press Agency, this was the 27th patrol in northwestern Aleppo since the singing of the Russian-Turkish agreement on northeastern Syria in October of 2019.

The agreement put an end to a large-scale Turkish attacks on the northeastern region, allowing the Kurdish-led SDF to maintain presence in strategic areas like Kobane.

The new joint patrol in northeastern Aleppo shows that Russia is still committed to its agreement with Turkey, despite the latter’s continued attempts to manipulate a similar agreement on the northwestern region of Greater Idlib.


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Patrolling what really?

When they secure at least few kilometers on the left and right of the road than they can do real “patrolling”.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Russia’s just as committed to implementing resolution 2254 as Turkey is, and so is Iran, and the US, and the EU, and just about everyone else too, but the Arab League and Israel aren’t committed to resolution 2254, in fact the Arab League are totally opposed to it.
Opening the whole M4 highway only helps promote Erdogan’s Interim Syrian Government, the pro Russian supporters have no idea just how complicit Russia is in forcing an unwanted political change on Assad’s Government, they applaud what the Russians are doing with Turkey and have no idea of the real implications.
Resolution 2254 is pure and utter crap, the Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government is now sitting down at the Syrian constitutional meetings and rewriting Syria’s constitution, and Russia is doing everything they can to promote progress in talks, and reopening the M4 highway with Turkish cooperation is the best way to do that now, and with America bombing the very people in Idlib/Aleppo who are opposing the progress of resolution 2254, it means the US, Russia, Turkey, and Iran are all cooperating against Assad and the Syrian Government.

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