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In Video: Russian, Syrian Strikes Destroy Militants’ Vehicles & Positions In Northern Hama


On July 21, the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) released yet another video of recent Russian and Syrian strikes on militants’ positions and equipment in northern Hama.

The video shows eleven strikes targeting militants’ gatherings, vehicles, howitzers, rocket launchers and positions.

According to the agency, the strikes took place on July 19 and 20. Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies were reportedly massing their forces to launch a new attack on the Syrain Arab Army (SAA).

The attack was indeed launched in the early hours of July 21. However, it failed within a few hours. Syrian sources claim that the army killed nineteen militants and destroyed six battle tanks and vehicles.

In the last few weeks, HTS and its allies suffered from heavy losses as a result of the continues Russian and Syrian strikes. Despite this, the terrorist group is still conducting hostilities around Greater Idlib.

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  • klove and light

    lol same old bs stories…..the Question is …
    has SAA made any, just an Inch or foot or meter Progress in Idlib????????????????????

    NONONONONONONONO they even lost a couple of villages in the past 2months

    all bullshit…….Turkey is continuing beefing up the jihadi Groups as Russia keeps up with thweir bs deescalation Agreement with Turkey…………

    bleeding out SAA!!! that is the reason why hezbollah left syria…it is worthless now as Long as Russia keeps up with their treacherous Actions with their PARTNER Turkey , which is syrias number 1 enemy.

    Putin u treacherous Zionist pig.

    • Mauricio Lorenzetti

      You have no idea what you talk about. The territory is there, the agreement is about to eliminate jihads as much as possible and then the peace comes. The success is to make someone like you impressed. The worse of propaganda is to think you are winning.

  • Tudor Miron

    Good Job. “Keep on working brothers”(c)

  • Robert Guttierez

    90% of the video were misses. Some were not even close to hitting their target. I want to see those terrorists get killed, for the sake of Syria, but Russia has to work on it’s precision. How many times do we see video of those rats going into a house and it skips to another video of the same building when a bomb hits (usually next to the house) but we don’t know if it’s minutes, hours or days later. It’s never a continuous video. Russia needs to invest in attack drones that can shoot what they see on the spot or use helicopters to pick these guys off from a distance with their guns or rockets.

    • Rhodium 10

      only 10% were missed and surely were SAF airstrikes NOT Russian..

      • Hisham Saber

        Why do you assume a Syrian pilot would be to one who likely missed the target, however insignificant, as shrapnel from a 500 lb. guided munition would absolutely saturate the entire are, even up to about 300-400 meters, and this extremely high velocity shrapnel goes through walls and such, and not a Russian pilot ?

        Do you have something against Syrians, or Arabs maybe ?

        • Rhodium 10

          I say that Russia use guide bombs/ missile and SVP 24 system to launch accurate airstrikes…while SAF only have old MIg 23 and Su 22 and use carpet bombs which means the lose of accuracy!..only with SU 24 fencer manage to launch accurate airstrikes!..nothing else!

  • Boxman

    I love watching Jew-S-A proxies getting exterminated. Such a pleasure watching the Russians work.