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JUNE 2023

In Video: Russian, Syrian Forces Repel Simulated Attack On Tartus Naval Base

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Russian and Syrian forces have held a joint exercise during which they repelled a simulated attack on the naval base in Tartus port, Interfax reported on February 27.

During the joint exercise, saboteurs attacked the Russian Naval Base from two directions. Several attack drones were also launched at the base.

“During the exercise, the reconnaissance found five drones approaching the base from the sea. Three of them were destroyed by the Tor anti-aircraft missile system, two more managed to break through, they were met with fire by the marines,” Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Golovkin, deputy commander of the Material-Technical Support Point in Tartus, said.

Russian and Syrian forces dealt with the saboteurs who broke into the base after overrunning a post on the entrance. Lt. Col. Golovkin said that such a scenario is unlikely, but it is better to be prepared for any surprise.

A representative of the Syrian Armed Forces, General Yousef Aboud, noted that the experience of the Russian side is very useful for Syrian military personnel.

This was not the first such exercise. Earlier this month, the Russian Military Police held an anti-sabotage exercise at the Tartus Naval Base.

Russian forces in Syria constantly train to repel any threats that they may face. Militants carried out dozens of attacks with all sorts of weapons, including rockets and drones, on the Russian bases in Syria during the last few years.


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That’s alright, but the real enemy of mankind in the region, the Ziocorporate terrorists at the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine and US/UK/France terror-favoring interference along with the Ziowahhabi gulf tools and Turks, terrorist networks are quite complex in the region.

Hezbollah could acquire a navy from countries that see it as a legitimate representative of a good part of the Lebanese population, to help make Tartus even safer.

Just Me

Good article on Hezbollah in Plato’s Guns:

Hezbollah The Beautiful by Taxi

Hezbollah: currently the world’s most successful warrior-resistor group fighting against the most malevolent of all modern abominations, otherwise known as the Axis of Evil (US, Israel, and their Western and Arab-Wahabi allies).


Good thing to see Syrians and Russians side by side, getting ready for fight.

Ashok Varma

So far Russian record in either confronting the Zionists or US in Syria or anywhere has not been stellar.


Russia is perceived as vulnerable and weak by the deep state as it has Jews crawling everywhere in the Kremlin, much like the US Congress.

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