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JULY 2022

In Video: Russian Specialists Disinfected Newly Opened Military Hospital In Serbia’s Nis

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The Russian Defense Ministry’s website reports (source):

A Russian team of NBCP specialists arrived in the Serbian city of Nis and disinfected the newly opened military hospital.

In accordance with the decision of the Serbian authorities, the military medical facility will receive residents of Nis and nearby settlements who are not infected with coronavirus infection. This will offload other hospitals that have been repurposed to deal with COVID-19.

The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment, and the staff has undergone special anti-epidemic training.

The Serbian Defence Minister, Alexander Vulin, arrived to check the hospital’s readiness to receive patients and thank the Russian NBCP specialists for their work.

“I want to thank the representatives of the Russian Armed Forces and General Chernyshov personally for the great work of his subordinates. We appreciate their work very much. Russian military personnel work seven days a week, they really work without a break. Yesterday, for example, they disinfected 13 different sites in Belgrade. And today, the entire hospital in Nis was treated and prepared to receive patients. This is a huge help from Russia, ” the Serbian Defence Minister said.

NBCP units continued to sanitize medical facilities in Belgrade, and medical and nursing teams conducted patient admissions and examinations in the cities of Chupria and Pancevo.

A combined unit of the Russian Defence Ministry has disinfected more than 35 medical facilities during its stay in the Republic of Serbia. More than 65 buildings and structures with a total area of more than 400 thousand square meters and more than 25 sections of paved roads with a total area of about 70 thousand square meters were processed.


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Jens Holm

Its very strange serbs not even are able to disinfect themselves.

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