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In Video: Russian Military Test-Launched Topol Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

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On November 28, the Russian military test-launched a Topol intercontinental ballistic missile from the Kapustin Yar firing range in the Astrakhan region. The missile flew over 3,000km and hit a target at the Sary-Shagan training ground in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Residents of several Russian cities filmed the missile from the ground.



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Jacob Wohl's Nose

test it on hell aviv and the human race nose average will shrink about 5 inches in width/length. plus the human nasal CO2 emissions will decrease about 99% lol


They are not stupid enough like your Iranian friends that will be wiped off from the face of the earth if they ever try something like that. Too bad for you :)

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I’m relieved to see you understand the concept of mutually assured destruction (MAD) :) *honk honk* *sniff sniff*


No worries, it works both ways :-)

Rhodium 10

Russia wipe off Israel in few minutes and jew state have no chance to response!


I talked about Iran, our war is not with Russia. They should let you replace Putin, you are so much smarter than him I guess.

Rhodium 10

First of all about 30% of Spanish people came from jews !..second Spain built a great empire..so coward people couldnt do it!..third NATO dont protect Spain vs morrocco!..we have enough force to defeat them!..and 4º Your Stupid!


Your pathetic banana army can’t even operate a tank, who are you kidding? Spain is a joke. P.S, when do you give freedom to Catalanya? they don’t wanna be part of your shit country anymore.

Rhodium 10

who dont want stpid?…35% of cataluña population?…what about the others?….Spain is a joke?..what about your country?…


That’s why your bullshit chest-pumping applies to yourself as well and rendered null & pointless. And that’s also why, despite 18-19 years of empty saber-rattling by NuttyYahoo and his military brass about “attacking Iran directly tomorrow and destroy their nuclear ambition once and for all”, nothing such has, nor will ever happen in the real world anytime soon. And any day that passes lowers the possibility since their DoD is busy reinforcing. 10 years ago Iran’s antiquated AD network was a joke, ditto its ballistic arsenal with a CEP in the Kilometer scale, and less than 10 TELs for salvo fire.

Of course the Iranians are smart enough to understand they shouldn’t draw first blood against a rogue state 80 times smaller than them but enjoying unconditional and massive backing from no less than the world’s first military superpower on top of their own totally illegal, undeclared nuclear arsenal. And seriously, why should they ? contrary to Israel, they haven’t launched an unprovoked war of aggression against any of their neighbors for the past two centuries. Israel attacks anyone it dislikes almost weekly (if not daily when it comes to defenseless Palestinians).

Iranian ballistic artillery regiments won’t pummel the heck out of your vulnerable and critical infrastructure in main cities with 2-ton unitary or cluster warhead-powered MRBMs like they perfectly could in less than 10-min, that capability is reserved for retaliation. The whole point of their ballistic arsenal and namely their underground mountain complexes and hundreds of TELs scattered, camouflaged and redundant over their 1.6M km/sq territory is to allow a second strike capability for dozens upon dozens of ready-to-fire solid-fuelled stored missiles. That’s called a “policy of deterrence”. Meaning “unlike others, my big sticks can scare you enough not to push your luck in hurting me in my home.” And to be honest, say what you may about their regime (which I oppose for being a fascistic theocracy, which is a separate issue) it has been working wonders with mad dog Israel. Their intelligence directorate learned to do a better job in assessing enemy firepower after the 2006 debacle, and does not intend to walk the talk all the way to Iran for that very reason, I guess that makes them a bit smart too, after all ;-)


I actually read it this time, and you’re kinda right. Both Israel and Iran have mutual deterrence and that’s why no one makes the first move, yet. I say yet because, if it comes to them having a nuclear bomb then we will strike them whatever the cost maybe, again – WHATEVER THE COST MAYBE. Sure, they can shoot alof of rockets here and destroy alot of infrastructures but we will overcome it, on the other hand we just need to topple the mullahs in Tehran, the Iranian people will take care of the rest. That regime will fall sooner than you think, and as much as you hate Israel, we are not going anywhere :)


Lol settle down man, you know nothing about me. First, I never said I hated Israel, had you actually read my posts you would have realized what I hate is military expansionism and ethnic cleansing , two core policies undertaken by an ideology called Zionism shared by a minority of the Israeli population but the vast majority of its leaders, and its genocidal consequences throughout the past 70 years in this regions. I don’t oppose the (recognized) the state of Israel within its ’67 borders, and generations of children born long after the initial conflicts, and that have technically nothing to do with the many crimes comitted by their parents. Wh On the other hand, you have no problem theorizing the use of nuclear weapons against the whole of Iran and don’t seem to have an ounce of interest in the millions of lives it would take out instantly, while your claims about “helping Iranians overcome the Mullah” is a laughable fallacy since 1 – you don’t help people by forced outside regime change, it worked nowhere and simply destroyed countries and people alike and 2 – it is obvious that you hate ordinary arabs and Iranians alike and dream if not claim daily tha tyou wish to see them all dying and rotting with no second thoughts when it comes to Israel remaining the local hegemon.

That’s where you and I will forever come apart: past a certain point, you become an irrational nutjob, I remain committed to factual analysis, regardless of internal policies, would it be Israel towards the Palestinians, or Iran towards its very own.

Let us see the main realities surrounding that dispute: -Israel, in totally secrecy, has been building up an illegal and covert nuclear apparatus and military arsenal over the four past decades. That arsenal remains unrecognized to this day, just like the part of territories it occupies without mandate or justification other than sheer military force. Iran by contrast, is a country that has proven compliant towards those very criteria you violates permanently.

-Israel consistently refuses to ratify ANY kind of non-proliferation treaty (namely the NPT, or regarding chemical and biological weapons, both of which are also ratified by Iran) or adhere to any related regulatory order (a nuclear-free Middle-East that it has boycotted since day one and even attempted to prevent from taking place at the UN).

-Israel doesn’t allow any level of inspection to sites related to nuclear work within its territory, both civilian and military, namely the infamous Dimona complex uncovered by courageous whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu that I will respect forever.

-Iran meanwhile, has consistently been compliant to the highest level of non-proliferation surveillance regimen adopted in the entire history of the IAEA, ratifies the NPT and relevant treaties applying to chemical, and biological weapons.

Based on the above observations, you cannot decently expect anyone in this world, be it individuals or governments, to seriously consider anything coming of your mouth when it comes to international legitimacy, or simply commonsense and decency, for that matter.

Israel is indeed the last country on Earth with an even ounce of legitimacy to demand anything from a country like Iran for basically anything when it comes to non-proliferation or WMDs. In that particular field, Iran acts within its sovereign acts and international boundaries, both of which remain violated by Israel.

With that said, the day you adhere to multilateral talks involving Arab states and Iran discussing the possibility of mutual, gradual disarmament, just like the USSR and USA did in the late 80s with the now-defunct START treaties, then people like you and I can touch upon the topic of Iran’s ballistic arsenal or even rights to a nuclear weapons. And by that time, you’d be quite surprised by my take on Iran, which, for reminders, I utterly and staunchly oppose, as I do not recognize theocratic dictatorship as a legitimate or viable method of governance. But internal policies and institutions and national sovereignty issues are not one and the same.

But until then, just shut up and watch as Iran builds up its own military-industrial capabilities and ever-consolidating deterrence ability.

Honestly, you really should wake up to the fact that you can’t have it both ways like you do with Palestinians: asking your enemies to unilaterally disarm and surrender to your liking without giving anything in return amounts to believing in Unicorns, or thinking that you can get away with mass nuclear murder and expect the world to watch, namely Muslim and Iran-friendly Pakistan, for starters.


You have good arguements, but also you don’t know me or my lifestory and what brought me to this kind of hate to them. I don’t wanna murder or genocide them like you wrote, I said that when an operation starts to clean the borders and they are in the way – meaning civilians that store rockets in their houses to kill Israelis – then they are a legit target for the IDF. If women or children are in those houses and they choose not to leave, they have no right to complain when we bomb the Jihadists in Gaza and hit them too. Many Lebanese or Iranians want a regime change in their countries, they are not my enemies and I don’t want to kill them like you think, but Hezbollah or IRGC? sure. Arabs had many chances to make peace with us, everytime they chose war, and everytime they lost. For us there is no other country like they have, if we are pushed to the corner then we will retaliate and we will do so harshly. I hope we won’t have to, I mean, both sides will have alot of deaths. You still failed to answer why does Iran need a nuclear bomb, Israel is not the threat here even if you portray it like we are. Ask why do they come to our northern border, why do they arm proxies all over the ME. P.S, Bibi is a scum and I hate him even more than Iran, he is also very dangerous for us and he must go to jail.


“You have good arguements, but also you don’t know me or my lifestory and what brought me to this kind of hate to them.”==> that applies both ways then, fair enough. But that does not justify it, at least the way you let it out indiscriminately on various pages of this website, I’m afraid.

“I don’t wanna murder or genocide them like you wrote, I said that when an operation starts to clean the borders and they are in the way – meaning civilians that store rockets in their houses to kill Israelis – then they are a legit target for the IDF. If women or children are in those houses and they choose not to leave, they have no right to complain when we bomb the Jihadists in Gaza and hit them too”. ==> well then that argument is flawed on two counts.

1 -verified instances of such claims are extremely rare in comparison of the collateral damage done by heavy ordnance of a type banned by the Geneva Convention that the IDF routinely and willingly uses to strike hugely populated districts. These “human shield” claims by the IDF spokespeople have been proven repeatedly including by angry veterans as a blanket excuse for them to go on unbound with their vigorous bombings of the whole enclave without obstructing itself with any kind of code, ethics, restraint or law, like it is expected of any army operating in the world. Have you heard about the IDF “memo scandals” where secret directives were circulated among brigades to willingly exhaust the enemy’s morale by targeting its population? Besides, you know full well and directly contribute to the fact that Gaza is a direly impoverished and lamentably packed enclave where most people live utterly unhealthy lives in devastated homes that they have been unable to rebuild because of one of the harshest embargo regimen of the entire world imposed by Israel in the whole territory, decried by international lawyers and the UN Charter. Now of course you can bury you heads in the sand and cry foul about how unfair the world is to Israel when it commit actual crimes, hate it, like it, ignore it, it still remains the sole existing medium to gauge whether a state is in line with its legal obligations or not, would it be Iran, Syria, Israel, the US, Russia or China. And it condemns ANY countries that violate its fundamental principles whenever convened, irrespective of the country they blame.

2 – Families have to make due with a theocratic order (PS : I hate Hamas and Islamic Jihad, just as much as I can’t stand Iran’s theocracy) that does not ask them whether they accept to shelter their weapons and ammo, usually they simply impose it to them, and by your logic you simply decide to bomb the hostage along with the culprit. And you sill fail to explain why the IDF uses such wide-ranging , indiscriminate and overwhelming force that systematically, always includes UN installation such as schools and hospitals. Plus, every single escalation and flare-up that have happened so far between Gaza and Israel have been the fruit of a unilateral strike from the IDF against specific targets within the enclave, that is certified and publicly available data : Israel does not respect the status-quo anywhere and then complains about the consequence of its unprovoked actions. Many Lebanese or Iranians want a regime change in their countries, they are not my enemies and I don’t want to kill them like you think, but Hezbollah or IRGC? sure.  IRGC and Hezbollah are not the same. The former formed and garnered massive national support at home as a result of your decades long occupation of Southern Lebanon that you refused to relinquish for 17 years straight after having levelled Beirut to the ground as well in the process and helped the fascistic Phalange brigades do their dirty work against ordinary civilians. Hezbollah had all the legitimate reasons to chase your people where they infringed upon their rights and tainted their soil with unwelcome boots. Not once since the IDF withdrawal in 2000 did Hezbollah try to draw first blood against Israel, it was a lasting, stable “Cold Peace” but you tried to wreck it again in 2006, and have been trying to question the status quo by every means possible ever since, which culminated with the UNIFIL and the National Lebanese army intervening without Hezbollah even getting involved when you tried to physical move the border fences and roadblocks deeper into Lebanese lands. Again, you can only blame yourself for the contempt and hate you sow, I don’t enjoy saying all this contrary to what you think, but again, for me, only facts matter, not claimed intentions.

“Arabs had many chances to make peace with us, every time they chose war, and every time they lost. ” ==> because you forced yourselves upon them to begin with, through the use of outright terrorism like in the King David Hotel, and organized mass illegal immigration by Hagana and Irgun, and ended-up doing ethnic cleansing through mass terror in all areas populated by pre-existing Palestinian neighborhoods, hundreds of thousands at first then millions had to flee and sleep in refugee camps to this day as a result: it is a crime against humanity, man. The same happened again in 1967 in yet another unprovoked attack. If anything, the Arab had the right to refuse a false Peace imposed on them by an enemy that has come out of nowhere and started to forcefully expel rightful owners of the land and occupy in their place. And they did not lose the 1973 war man, get real, even Golda Meir admitted it in her memoirs and right after the war, Operation Nikel Grass and SR-71 overflight from Washington prevented you from losing, that’s not the same thing. You were not planning on giving away huge swathes of the Sinai where you had already begun massive undertakings to establish long-term infrastructure and large settlements. Even by 1977 Sadat threatened to pull out of Peace Talks entirely and restart hostilities by opening up to the Soviet should you refuse to give back the whole of the Sinai and the Suez Canal. The effort was absolutely worth it and the Kippur war was a textbook reconquest effort, thus entirely legitimate legally and morally, they were here to get back lands you had stolen from them. They tore down the Bar-Lev line, devastated the initial Israel counter-attack both on land and in the air, and created a new normal when finally settling to the other side of the Suez Canal. Kissing pressured Sadat into not letting his 2nd army and airforce squadrons bomb the hell of the gap created by Sharon, and in return he forced Golda into entering meaningful peace talks and real concessions towards Cairo which resulted in Israel reluctantly shrinking its useful territory by almost 50%. That’s not what I call a victory. And you are wrong : both Egypt and Jordan chose peace with you, your country hasn’t had any real issues with them ever since, so it’s the proof that it works. Had you respected the core clauses of the Oslo agreement with Fattah’s Palestine, you would be enjoying the same peace with them, and Hamas would never have grown in popularity like it did after the PLO/PA lost all legitimacy and credibility in the face of their people after militarily surrendering their armed struggle and getting exactly nothing in return from Tel-Aviv that insulted them over injury by pushing further and harder with the illegal territorial expansion through settlement policies.

“For us there is no other country like they have, if we are pushed to the corner then we will retaliate and we will do so harshly.” ==> Yes you have ! and guess what, it’s called Israel, and has been accepted by the international community and states & governments alike, within the 1967 ceasefire lines, your illegal settlements are a massive and growing burden on the economy and essentially comprises of unproductive, over-reproducting religious extremists that refuse to contribute to the rest of Israeli society. The Palestinian have no other country to go to either, that is a myth perpetrated by Zionist ideologues, they are not welcome nor do they recognized themselves within neighboring Arab states, they live desperate and desolate lives there in camps and don’t enjoy full rights within local laws and administration. Now there are valid grounds for criticism towards the said Arab neighbors not doing anything to help them live and integrate better for sure, but that does not justify their plight caused by Israel by any means. It’s not up to the rest of the world to accommodate Israeli abuses and illegal expansions.

“I hope we won’t have to, I mean, both sides will have a lot of deaths. You still failed to answer why does Iran need a nuclear bomb, Israel is not the threat here even if you portray it like we are.” ==> We agree on the necessity to avoid “M.A.D”. Now let me make this clear: I don’t support ANY country having a nuclear arsenal, period. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, any nation. Furthermore, I staunchly oppose a regime like Iran’s having even one, despite what you seem to think, since chances are that they could use it over their own population should they feel threatened in their survival in the face of a mass popular uprising, this is the fear of many of my Iranian exiles I mentioned earlier, and I share it entirely. No bombs for the Mullahs. There I can walk with you. But not out of concern for Israel that enjoys around 400 of them already and could level every inch of Iran with it. But should any Iranian government decide to develop one, still, Israel is the last entity on Earth with a valid say on this considering its own massively illegal covert arsenal. That’s what I was saying. And yes, Israel is technically and factually he number one source of military conflagration in the region, again, hate it or like it, these are once again, plain facts. Indeed, no other country in the region so aggressively tries to further expand into its neighbors’ lands like Israel permanently does in the Occupied West Bank, or clinch on parts of valuable lands it has either occupied or annexed outright like the Golan or the Lebanese Shebaa Farms, let alone all the aforementioned attempts to grasp more of Lebanese lands at the border and not once a for all accept that they simply do NOT belong here beyond the Separation Line ever since they let go of their claim in 2000 after 17 years of deadly guerilla at the hand of Hezbollah.

“Ask why do they come to our northern border, why do they arm proxies all over the ME.”==> there we’re in agreement. IRGC is an opportunistic actor that has nothing to do in the region, and I distinguish them from Hezbollah (when it operates in Lebanon). If anything I blame them for doing exactly what I also blame Israel for : deploying where they don’t belong. But in the Syrian case, their presence is legally legitimate since they were required by the sovereign government to come to their help in repelling hordes of jihadi fundamentalists once threatening to overrun the country as far as its very capital, and that Israel meanwhile helped big time as long as it could to entrench itself in its part of the Occupied Syrian Golan until Putin in 2015 called on them to quit it and let the SAA get back there. Now I will concede that beyond this task, Iran has worked hard to establish itself as a kingmaker and essentially take control of a part of the weakened Syrian state for its own agenda, just like it does in Lebanon. And this by all means neither has no justification in neither theaters, especially when you think there are so many poor in Iran itself in the meantime.

“P.S, Bibi is a scum and I hate him even more than Iran, he is also very dangerous for us and he must go to jail. “==> and there we have our second point of agreement. Just like Ahmadinejad was to Iranians. A corrupt populist hell-bent on wreaking havoc in and around his country to satisfy his own personal interest and pay his political mafia in their dirty deeds


Gryzor, I for one have no problem giving the Palis a state, I am fully aware the settlers are hurting us regular Israelis just like they hurt them. I wrote it before, West Bank Palestinians are seculars and not crazy like Hamas, we should work with them to finish the conflict and to keep our Jewish majority here in Israe, the last thing I want is to annex another 3M Palis in the West Bank. But here we have Bibi as the PM for 10 years, he has doing nothing to solve that issue. He only cares about his seat, nothing else (not even regular Israelis like me) and that is why I’m also mad he is helping Hamas instead of working with the PLO and force them to take Gaza, we surely don’t want it. Israel’s offer was (and still) – 85% of the West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem and Gaza. Why is it so hard for them to accept it? ofcourse they won’t get 100% because we won’t destroy cities we already built there, it’s not realistic. So they can take it and trust me, majority of Israelis would vote infavour of this deal. Then we go back to Iran, the mullahs can not let the Palis ever have a state and finish this conflict, then what would be their excuse against Israel? so they help Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Like I said, I have no problem working with PLO against those Jihadists, but I am not the PM. First thing if you wanna see any change, is that Bibi must go. Nothing happens before he leaves, he is like a gum you can’t remove from your shoe, ugly and nasty. Don’t view me as a stone heart killer, I only want the best for my country. Again, PLO needs to accept our deal and maybe we can have peace, but not as long as Bibi runs the show.


Ok IZ,

I have to say I did not expect that take coming from you, that’s a change of tone for sure. I happen to agree with 90% of its contents, which is quite unexpected between the two of us you’ll agree. If you remember a few days ago I pointed out the fact that aside from Hamas-ruled Gaza, the core and entirety of the PA-controlled Palestinian Territories are utterly and unquestionably secular and deserve praise for their academic community that is renowned for its diploma-per-capita and the recognized quality of its universities holding bilateral programs with the West. Where I still disagree is your take on what the PA has to accept. The problem is that after Oslo, Arafat accepted to get no more than 22% of the historical Palestine already ! and he ordered a dissolution of the PLO’s armed wing precisely as a massive gesture towards Israeli good-will, and what did ordinary Palestinians including in the West Bank get in return ? a never-seen-before expansion program by the Israelis, that destroyed more Palis homes and built more settler homes than EVER BEFORE since 1967. The whole of the Palestinian public opinion then turned on the PA and legitimately asked why on Earth should they still believe in anything coming from the Israelis (or their own PA itself) when their government provides them with such extraordinary incentives to make peace and get torn up as a reward !

I mean seriously, think about it : relinquishing their arms to the last piece, integrating into Israeli security services and help them hunt down extremist elements within the WB itself for years during Bibi’s first mandate with such efficiency that he himself even ended-up thanking his Palestinian counterparts in private through diplomatic channels, it was in the early 2000s I think. I’ll check and get back later on that particular point.

What has to happen after that mad extremist and corrupt PM is gone as you say, is for ANY sane Israeli government to come to the table, ensure a full settlement freeze, dismantle the biggest possible number of them built ever since the Oslo accord were agreed upon by the Palestinian side, and take care of Hamas even in a joint operation if need be and politically feasible, although I sincerely think in the event where a lasting peaceful and viable solution is found between the PA in the West Bank and a given Israeli cabinet, Hamas will gradually fall onto itself miserably and get overrun by its people if they see they are not playing ball and keep on hurting them with militaristic postures and a damn harsh and tyrannical theocratic rule that does not even fit within traditional Palestinian nationalistic and secular values and traditions from the Arafat generation and beyond. If tomorrow an Israeli government lends a true hand with concrete proposals to end this god-forsaken conflict once and for all , the world will watch, expect and even pressure any standing Palestinian authority to do the same. Rest assured, this WILL work, or HAVE TO work. Clinton was *this* close to sealing something interesting, too bad the likes of Rabbin had to die at the hands of extreme-right sympathizers, and today’s PM then had a completely defined moral responsibility in his untimely and tragic, unwelcome death in ’95. I recall my French-Israeli colleague mourning him big time, at that time I did not realize how right the guy was in predicting 50 more years of conflict and thought he was grossly exaggerating, and look at the region now, almost 20 years after. I still recall the lunch I had with him when he told me that. I Guess you two would have come along , considering your last post.

I guess that would be it, I now know where you stand a bit more accurately, and I guess you got a better view of my take overall.


looked like it exploded in space!

Pave Way IV

The fan-shaped plume is the warhead bus aka maneuverable warhead module (BG in Rus.) flying back into the upper layers of the atmosphere. This is all post-boost and nearing the target – well after all three lift stages of the Topol put the warhead bus in space. The re-entry vehicles – either cone-shaped warhead(s) or decoy(s) – are ejected from the bus and fire their longitudinal spin-up motors. That’s the final puff seen at the tip of the fan – happens at an altitude of around 120km. It looks like an expanding spiral from the ground for single warhead ICBMs.

If you see this head-on from the ground, then you have pissed off the Russians somehow and are probably about to experience 500kt of Topol-M goodness and a very bright light in, oh… say, 20 seconds tops.


a great site to see! hopefully soon russia will use this weapon on china! :) Truth is Stranger than Fiction ;)

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