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In Video: Russian Military Prevented Hijacking Of Civilian Vessel By Pirates

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The crew of the large anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov prevented the hijacking of a civilian vessel by pirates. The incident took place in the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

On October 26, the Russian Defense Ministry published a video of the landing of the Russian anti-terror group on a vessel. Having received a distress signal from the container ship Lucia, Russian marine unit on board of a Ka-27PS helicopter was immediately lifted from the Russian ship and headed to the area of the incident.

In Video: Russian Military Prevented Hijacking Of Civilian Vessel By Pirates

Vice Admiral Kulakov

The vessel Lucia the Panama under the flag of Panama was heading from the Republic of Togo to the Republic of Cameroon. It reported that an unidentified group of armed men on a high-speed boat attempted to seize the vessel. The crew of Lucia gave a distress signal and took refuge in the engine room.

The Russian Defence Ministry reported that at the moment when a military helicopter approached, the pirates left the ship, and headed towards the shore at full speed.

A detachment of ships and vessels of the Russian Northern Fleet consisting of the large anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov, the medium sea tanker Akademik Pashin and the rescue tugboat Altai have been operating in the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean for three weeks. Russian sailors ensure the safety of civil navigation by monitoring the surface situation with the help of carrier-based aircraft.


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Typical noble behavior from Russian patriots. All Slavic nations should take note and stop being servile american/british pigs. Stop supporting the perverted argentinian in rome and his brain damaged second in command, ratzinger aka the rat.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Russia is love Russia is life 🤗




I media italiani, servi dell’UE e del dollaro USA, dovrebbero per imparzialità di informazione, almeno dare notizia di queste utilissime azioni della Grande Russia. Invece solo un infinito silenzio. Ma se si tratta di denigrare la Federazione Russa ed il suo eccelso leader, Vladimir Putin, sono prontissimi a riversare fiumidi false parole.

Last edited 1 month ago by PAOLUS M. LEGATUS LEGIONIS

Ben detto, quando girano news si tratta di disinformazione pura, quando sento i telegiornali mi viene da vomitare ti giuro, allo stesso tempo provo tanta rabbia, vorrei finire tutti quelli senza un anima che si sono venduti il culo allo zion.


Britain has quietly pulled out if its previous obligations to anti-piracy naval operations – because they no longer have the operational surface vessels to manage the commitment. Their new fleet of Type 45 destroyers have flawed engines, that have completely failed in ‘warm waters’, and realistically require undergoing full power-plant replacements. One was sent to Persian Gulf, as British still imagine it is nineteenth century, and display of a single destroyer off Iranian coast would have same impact of gunboat a hundred years ago. However, the destroyer completely lost its engine power, and all generated electrical power on board, the lights literally went out. The British Royal Navy is no longer up to much of anything.

Last edited 1 month ago by LightItUp

ERRATA CORRIGE: PAULUS e non PAOLO. Prima avevo scritto il mio nome in italiano, poi sono passato .al latino ma mi sono dimenticato la o di Paolo. Tengo molto alla correttezza linguistica, grazie della correzione.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

A missile destroyer a day keeps pirates away 🤗


Bravo Russia! One of the very few remaining western countries that still protects who they are by refusing refugees and protecting their religious beliefs. You just need to go to Paris, London, and Berlin just to name a few to see just how they are destroying their own identity.


Roman pigcrap are behind most foreign wars. Boycott the papal pigcrap. Start a BDS movement to eliminate this filth. Degenerates start a war, you will get yours.

Study heptagonal numerology. The preferred language of the zionist swine.


Good Job Russian sailors nice…

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