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JULY 2020

In Video: Russian Military Police Patrol Manbij After Withdrawal Of US Forces


Russian military police are patrolling the town of Manbij in the province of Aleppo. The video was filmed on October 15, when units of the Syrian Army and Russian military police entered the town following the withdrawal of US forces.




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  • John Marston

    Nice video.

    • PZIVJ

      I agree, notice the Russian 2 MP vehicles carry 2 flags. Civilians in Manjib know there is now peace for their city, as opposed to Erdogan’s operation “peace” which only brings death and destruction.

      • antoun

        yes and no the civilians of manbij hates the kurds

  • Redadmiral

    3rd time lucky. As much as I like and support what is happening in Syria at the moment there appears to be a serious amount of coordination as attested to by the above video. “Erdogon appears to know the rules of this game” as do the SAA. We also have the US and Russia Opposing a UN security council censure of Turkey’s incursion into Syria, suggesting that Turkey, the US and Russia are pulling off a deal, if not already done. It is a win for Trump with his electorate back home. A win for Erdogon getting rid of the Kurdish threat. A win for the SAA as they get the Northern part of Syria basically handed back to them. Which leaves the Kurds as 3 times losers. There is still a bit to go but we would have to conclude that HTS and its Headchopping buddies are on the brink of being the meat for an open victory barbecue in Idlib…..

  • Concrete Mike

    Where are all the women?

    All the civilians a saw were dudes.