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JUNE 2020

In Video: Russian Military Doctors Began Round-the-Clock Duty To Treat Patients With Coronavirus Infection In Field Hospital In Bergamo


The Russian Defense Ministry released an official update on its ongoing anti-COVID-19 operation in Italy (source):

Russian military doctors, together with their Italian colleagues, started receiving and treating patients with coronavirus infection in a field hospital in Bergamo.  On the Russian side, the hospital has 8 medical and nursing teams that receive and treat patients in all intensive care units and departments for the treatment of patients with severe and moderate stages. In total, 32 Russian military doctors and nurses were involved in the treatment of patients in the field hospital.

The duty of medical and nursing teams is organized around the clock in 3 shifts. The hospital has 142 beds. It will employ more than 200 Italian and Russian specialists.

In addition, Russian military specialists carried out disinfection in homes for the elderly in three localities in Lombardy in the cities of Calcio, Cvidate-al-Piano, Colone-al-Serio.

In total, Russian military doctors-epidemiologists and specialists of NBC protection troops of Russian Defence Ministry, together with Italian military specialists, carried out a complete disinfection of boarding houses for the elderly in 33 localities in Lombardy. More than 37 buildings and structures, more than 220 thousand square meters of internal space and more than 20 thousand square meters of paved roads are processed.




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