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In Video: Russian Military Advisors Train Syrian Special Forces In Aleppo

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In Video: Russian Military Advisors Train Syrian Special Forces In Aleppo

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Advisors from the Russian Special Operations Forces have been training Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Special Forces personnel, RusVesna.SU revealed in a report on June 8.

The training is being held in a special center located in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo. There, Russian military advisors are working to improve the performance of Syrian Special Forces personnel by teach them new tactics and methods.

The service members were trained on sniper rifles, field mortars, anti-tank grenade launchers and pickup-mounted machine guns.

During the training, Syrian service members also received lessons on camouflage, positioning and movement in the battlefield. They were also taught how to quickly and correctly navigate the terrain and use topographic maps.

Russian military advisors have been training and advising SAA personnel and commanders for well over five years now. The performance of Syrian service members saw a significant improvement.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the establishment of a new training field on the Syrian coast. A joint Russian-Syrian exercise was held there.


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