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JUNE 2023

In Video: Russian Malka Artillery Units Pound Ukrainian Positions In Donbass

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In Video: Russian Malka Artillery Units Pound Ukrainian Positions In Donbass

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The Russian Ministry of Defence shared a video showing the use of self-propelled artillery units Malka in Ukraine.

Russian Malka struck the positions of self-propelled installations Pion and a battery of howitzers D-30. Last night, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that Russian artillery also destroyed 476 nationalist strongholds.


According to the gunners, such targets are very difficult. To defeat them, they have to apply all their practical skills. The ministry noted that the adjustment of the combat work of the Malka is carried out with the fire adjustment by drones.

The 2S7 Pion is a Soviet self-propelled 203mm heavy artillery. It is designed to suppress the rear, destroy particularly important objects and means of nuclear attack in tactical depth at a distance of up to 47 km. After modernization, it gained a new index 2S7M or Malka. It is capable of firing nuclear ammunition. The main armament is the 203-mm 2A44 cannon, which has a maximum rate of fire of 1.5 rounds per minute (on the upgraded version up to 2.5 rounds per minute).


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Black Russian

Honestly i believe by September Zelensky will be forced to surrender to Russian demands. (that is conservative assessment). several more Europe countries will disent from supporting this madness as economy and cititzens criticize governments. America will abandon Ukraine like Iraq, Kurds, Afghanistan etc.

Need i say more ?


Zelensky doesn’t make any decisions and Biden won’t care about Ukraine casualties or about the EU economy being wrecked he sees both as a bonus. The Germans have it right they are opening up 500 Nuclear shelters that have been mothballed and are instructing all the population to buy a few weeks emergency supplies.

This is about to get way out of control, Biden thinks he can contain it to Europe.

Black Russian

American policy is other nations are expendable. European economy wil suffer more keeping them under USA’s thumb. Eventually NATO countries will abandon these Sanctions as they realize Biden has no plan B.

Peter The Ungrateful

Biden didn’t even have a plan A. Everything up until now is just a headless chicken response.

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Biden is an incontinent senile 80 year old puppet of the Jews who can’t even remember when be pooped in his pants, it is the satanic Zionists like Blinken that want endless Slavic bloodshed. Russia simply can not be defeated despite the billions of weapons the NATO roaches are pushing. SLAVA ROSSIYA!


The Ukraine has lost the war. All the weapons systems the ‘west’ is now pushing into it are of no use as the Ukraine obviously lacks the men to field them. They will likely get pilfered and in future some of them may well be used against the ‘west’ itself.

They would do some bloody justice.

Peter The Ungrateful

No point in seeking shelter in a nuclear exchange: “The living will envy the dead” (source unknown to me). The best one can hope for is to die in the blast – one literally won’t know what hit them, no pain, just ash.


Exactly what I have been thinking man. If I get the inkling of the unthinkable occuring, I will head straight to whereever ground zero is. Better to be gone in seconds then a slow death from radiation poisoning.

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Objectively speaking you are right, the Uki Nazis are literally on the ropes and only the Jews and a senile 80 year old in diapers is pushing the dumbass hohols to commit suicide. Russia is now bringing in the big guns and will batter the hohols to dust. SLAVA ROSSIYA!


Ukraine’s Army Is In Very Bad Shape – More Fighting Will Only Destroy It

After a 2 hour long phone call with President Putin, French President Macron was given a gloomy assessment of the crumbling Ukrainian army.

Russian airpower and artillery are chewing up a collapsing Ukrainian military that has lost its command structure and any mobility.

The Ukrainian army is obviously in a very bad shape as it pushes barely trained conscripts to the frontline where Russian artillery will eat them up. That it is in such a state is not astonishing though. French DGSE recommended that Ukraine seek a diplomatic solution before Russia completely wipes Ukrainian military and captures most of the NATO supplied weaponry.

The Ukrainian army will not win the war nor will the fascist militias. The country simply has no chance.

‘Western’ governments are abusing the Ukraine and its soldiers. They want to ‘weaken Russia’ and do not allow the Ukraine to sue for peace.

That is criminal.

Tommy Jensen

Then we will use Ukrainian child soldiers on the front. Then Russia can see what they will do then, and if the Russians also shell them it will be their fault.

Günter Düsterhus

In fact, the army leadership is completely in US hands. They are fighting to the last Ukrainian.

Holms Jen

Lol, but Russian is in good shape, losing major ships, navy, tanks, jets, helicopters all of that to ATGMs and Stingers?

Moon Dog

Whatever Russia has lost Ukraine has lost much more

Uncle Joe well known peado

You been watching those Hollywood movies again with the US Congress thinking its a live feed from the front lines? It’s not true you do know Will Smith isn’t the ghost of Ukraine super pilot. That was Tom Cruise, say this quietly but Will Smith just had a little too dark skin tone for the Ukrainian Facists. So it’s obvious Tom Cruise is the ghost of ChickenKiev


The problem with that is that their owners (the US) will not permit it. They will get their Nazis to kill him and replace him with a fresh bullshitter to conitune until the last drop of Ukrainian blood is spent.

Cyric Vigillius

It’s possible. The Democrats are about to be swept out of power in the Senate and the house and although the Republicans have their Neo con’s too, there is enough populist among them to stop the support to Ukraine.

Holms Jen

Yes you need. You need to explain first why? US and EU tanks and artillery are pouring in like crazy into Ukraine, then Russia is still where it was two months ago. With the current level of advancement, Russia will be advancing towards central Ukraine in the next two years. Meanwhile, Ukraine will probable have F16s jets with trained pilots, M1A2 tanks and basically operate exclusively US weapons that are far superior to Russian in conflict. Meanwhile, Russia will lose probably 200k solders, and all of its T72 tanks at this rate. On the other hand, Ukraine has millions of men ready to die for it now, so it won’t be a problem for Ukraine.


They always abandon their ‘friends’. I think the word ‘friend’ translates to bitch or vassal in their personal dictionary. I’m an Englishman in my forties and I figured that one out in my mid-teens. Our rulers, regardless of supposed politcal affilliation, have always been traitorous lickspittle lackies to the US ruling class. They delude themselves as regards their so-called special relationship, in reality we are just their favourtie whore. If they were really friends then we wouldn’t still be paying for lend-lease bullshit from WW2 – Ukrainians should take note on that point. The last time I saw any genuine resistance was poll tax riots in the 1980s. I just can’t see anyhting like that happening again. The only comfort I have is knowing that a lot of the middle-mangment wankers (and the immoral scum media) won’t be invited into the bunker with them if those fuckers push it to that conclusion. They won’t need those cynical bullshitters if there is no population left to lie to.

As the late George Carlin once said, “it’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to belive it”

Black Russian

Donbass will be fully liberated and next next stop is to obliterate the Scum in Odessa for 2014 massacre.

Mighty Rusija

Too right


The Russian foreign ministry on Tuesday accused the Israeli regime of supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

In an interview on Italian television, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was asked how Russia can claim it was “de-nazifying” Ukraine when Zelensky himself was Jewish. Lavrov responded: “So what if Zelensky is Jewish?” and said this did not negate the presence of “Nazi elements in Ukraine.”

He then went on to say that Hitler also had Jewish origins and added that “some of the worst anti-Semites are Jews.” Lavrov also pointed to the Zionist brutality against Palestinians, who are also Semites. Israel has admitted that its soldiers and Zionist “volunteers” are fighting Russian forces in Ukraine and it is providing weapons, training and intelligence to Ukrainian forces.

Florian Geyer

Finally, the zionist Elephant in the world is being seen for what it is, a cult of bandits that have been plaguing the globe for millennia. The area known today as Ukraine has also been recognised as a zionist/fake jew security problem for many hundreds of years.

The khazars now want to create a recognised fake state in Ukraine, using the 1947 Israeli model of terror against the Ukie slaves/Palestinians.

Khazar treachery has been recognised since the King of the bandit Khazars adopted judaism a few hundred years ago.

Mariupol has been plagued by the criminal khazar mafia for far too long as they terrorise the general population, including khazars who distance themselves from the mafia.


Z rumo a Odesa

Orcrainians are white ISIS

Eventually the army will stop fearing the orcrainians and fear the russians more.

Russia needs to kill enough orcrainians so the regular soldiers can surrender or mutiny.


This is about world economic and military domination of the globalists ,the only question is when will NATO attack on all fronts in Europe. A slow paced war will give Russia and China more time to prepare. Hopefully to a point strong enough to deter NATO.


NATO won’t attack anyone, they couldn’t beat the Taliban


French assessment concurs with you.

The stark reality is the West is unable to supply either the quantity or quality of weapons that will make any difference to the outcome of this conflict. The sooner they abandon that wishful thinking the better it will be. Europe’s economy is on a knife edge right now. All the pretending and bluster in the world wont save it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Claude
Muhammad your Prophet

Turns out that not even Russia could understand its own moronic denazification propaganda. They had to stop using the word denazification because not even the Putin cockroaches understood what the fuck it meant. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


The dying empire is unconcerned if Ukraine, or even Europe, is destroyed. They are afflicted with a monomania about punishing Russia so that they can finish destroying the middle east and move on to destroying central and eastern Asia.

Their strategic masterpiece of “force Russia into a war -> ??? -> Russia collapses” isn’t working as intended, and has already failed in Syria. Perhaps they should’ve figured out the “???” part before starting another proxy war.


The moron are you, stupid Nazi troll



Last edited 1 year ago by 7even-N-6
Michael Shanks

Thank you for your news


https://apnews.com/article/Russia-ukraine-war-mariupol-theater-c321a196fbd568899841b506afcac7a1 Single Russian bomb killed 600 civilians at the Mariupol drama theatre.


https://twitter.com/Gerashchenko_en/status/1521479278638080001?t=3leqegV6nCy6JknxB8oCVA&s=19 Mariupol mass murdering.


There is a huge amount of evidence of crimes committed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghb0-oKeZ3Y

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrey

https://twitter.com/VenediktovaIV/status/1521784683905916928?t=L7yKV1T5x2TjZb3VpXtxaA&s=19 Eyewinesses heard about irpin mass murders.


https://twitter.com/mdmitri91/status/1521824923727056898?t=f3FO7rUUtVf5GW1e6aMkpA&s=19 Russian bragging about war crimes.


Also public group rapings of children confirmed by eyewitnesses.

Cheryl Sanchez

cokehead,cross dresser and nazi puppet of the west will have to surrender

mike l hutchings

Zelensky will do what the US tells him to do, as will the rest of the American vassals

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