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In Video: Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopters Hunt Ukrainian Vehicles With Vikhr Missiles

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In Video: Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopters Hunt Ukrainian Vehicles With Vikhr Missiles

On January 27, Channel One Russia aired a report on the work of Ka-52 attack helicopters in the special military operation zone in Ukraine.

The report included footage documenting recent pinpoint strikes by the attack helicopters on different types of vehicles of Kiev forces. The main weapon used to target and destroy the vehicles was the 9K121 Vikhr guided missile.

The Vikhr, which was developed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau, is guided by laser-beam riding. The missile’s unique guidance system makes immune to known jamming systems and counter measures.

The 380 mm missile has a range of up to 12 kilometers and is armed with a 8–12 kg tandem HEAT [high-explosive anti-tank] charge that can defeat reactive armour and penetrate 1,000 mm of rolled homogeneous armour. It can be fired singly or in pairs at the same target to increase lethality.


The Russian military has been relaying on attack helicopters, like the Ka-52, to provide its troops in Ukraine with close air support since the start of the special operation around a year ago.

Earlier this month, the first batch of upgraded Ka-52M attack helicopters were handed over to the Russian military. This version can be armed with the Vikhr as well as the new LMUR [light multipurpose guided missile], which is optically guided and has a range of more than 14 kilometers. The Ka-52M is yet to make an appearance in the special military operation zone.


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jens holm

I dont undarstand why rusticas are winning. I pay her in Danmark 57% incum tax. Rusitcas pay jast 13%. My tax kroner goes to NATO, bat we not winning, why? Not gud. Here Kopenhagen dark and cowd to save energie kosts. in Moskow rusticas have many lights and free gas. i angri.We not win

V for victory

ahahahahahahahahahha that’s gud uon.


Your whole persona here is fake. You need to admit that yous a muzlim.

Gneaus stapo

so ein Schwuchtel wie du hätten wir bei Hitler doch vergast


Remember when the Soviet Union invaded Poland and the army folded? The army was turned into POW’s, hundreds of thousands were deported to Siberia and dissenters shot. Yeah, Ukraine knows that is their future if they give up.

They will never give up until the last Russian is driven from Ukrainian soil.


They have already been giving up in droves dude. Wake up


What was once Ukrainian soil is no longer. Ukronazis are giving up, one corpse at a time.


There is no Ukrainian soil any more. There is American soil, Australian soil and Polish soil. Oh, wait! German soil too. Sorry but UA have to pay for everything they got from the “west”.

Miki Miric

A ne sjecas se da su Poljaci zajedno sa Hitlerom ušli u Čehoslovačku ,

greg robinson

Miric: 1. Nye Poljaci tolko durnoye pravitelstvo hotelo zanyat chast ‘Zaolzya’ 2. Nye vmeste z Hitlerom tolko sami. 3. V 1939 Slovaki napali na Polskou vmeste z Wehrmachtom. 4. Uchis istoriu. Privet

People's Republic of Korea won versus US in '50ies

Ugledar almost liberated. Btw, combined Russian and Wagner forces take control of Blagodatnoye settlement

People's Republic of Korea won versus US in '50ies

Wagner made confirmation photos in Blagodatnoye

Florian Geyer

It appears that British armored vehicles will need lots of Miracles, blessed by the Khazar Rabbis in Ukraine.

Getting on and off the battlefield without calling the local scrap metal merchants for assistance will be a Challenge Too Far. LOL.

Ultrafart the Brave

1,000 mm of armour is ONE METRE of armour.

If you’re in a Ukrainian armoured vehicle anywhere on the battlefront – be prepared to kiss your arse goodbye.

Tommy Jensen

The Ukrainians dont really have a choice do they??

If they refuse to service they get shot. Wen they service they get shot. If they surrender to Russia they will be shot if and when they are found.

If they praise Russia liberating their city, they will get shot when Russia pull back from their city leaving them to the wolves who now knows who the Russia supporters are.

Last edited 2 months ago by Tommy Jensen
Romanian whore

Very good topic. Please keep those ALLIGATORS with the same weapon pod PREPARED for the upcoming Leopard &Co west shit encounter. It is the best strategic approach for such machines: just stand outside theirs range on the top tree altitude and burn them with Vikhr. Waiting for the FIRST that news here on SF !!!!!! Humiliate the motha fucker imperialist americunt shithole !

WT Baker

potential fate for any tanks sent, if sent, to Kiev.

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