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In Video: Russian Humanitarian Aid Arrives In New York City


In Video: Russian Humanitarian Aid Arrives In New York City

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A Russian military aircraft, carrying medical aid  needed to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, has landed in the worst coronavirus-affected US city, New York. The plane, that took off for its some 8,000-kilometer trek early overnight. The cargo contains personal protective and medical equipment supplies.

The delivery was agreed upon by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump during a phone call. The presidents discussed the fast-spreading Covid-19 pandemic as well as major shortages of protective gear in the US, according to the Kremlin press service.




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  • BMWA1

    Thanks this is going to save many lives in NYC

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Russia is saving the warmongering Americunt ingrates to its peril as like a scorpion they bite the hand that saves these selfish greedy arseholes.

    Thousands of US sailors on crippled coronavirus-riddled USS Theodore Roosevelt allowed to disembark in Guam as other ports refuse entry.

    • Ivan Freely

      Guam is a US protectorate hosting a major US Naval base.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Yes, occupied after WW2. They treat it as a garbage dump too. The indigenous islander population is treated worse than blacks and have no rights.

        Selfish greedy US grabs French supplies

        The US illegally and unethically bought out a planeload of Chinese-made face masks right on the tarmac just as the haul of the much needed protective gear was about to set off for France, the head of a French region told media.

    • Jake321

      Nahhhhhhhh…everyone knows the Pandemic is caused by a Russian developed bio-weapon that Russian scientists released while working at the main Chinese bio-weapons lab right there in Wuhan in yet another typical Russian Vodka fueled techno fuckup.

      • Lone Ranger

        Everybody knows its a U.S. made bioweapon.

      • Lone Ranger

        E cigarette lung disease was already a coverup for covid.
        Same symptoms…

  • Jake321

    Let’s hope the stuff is not like what they sent to Italy which was 80% useless. This might repay about 0.0000000000001% of what the US gave to Russia to help them beat the Nazis. But it is a start. Of course, the Russian Government spokesman said he hoped this gesture would open the Americans’ hearts to the great needs Russia will have in about a month when Russia will need a WW2 scale favor returned.

    • Lone Ranger

      Actually thats a lie spread by a CIA funded online newspaper in Italy without the valid source.
      The Italian ambassador to Russia already denied its claims and said the supplies are useful especially the 600ventilators.
      Im dissapointed with your low life unthankful attitude…
      Better luck next time ;)

    • Lone Ranger

      Russia is well prepared.
      He didnt say next months.
      But in the distant future.
      If it ever comes to it, God forbid.
      That plane plane was 0.1% of the Russian medical supplies another 2% went to Italy.
      So 97.9% is still in Russia and since case numbers are low and production is at 200% they will produce enough for the whole World along with China.

    • Lone Ranger

      Russia already repaid it with gold in WWII.
      And by defeating the nazis which saved millions of American lifes.

    • Human kind is doomed

      “This might repay about 0.0000000000001% of what the US gave to Russia to help them beat the Nazis”
      Even you don’r believe in this crap you wrote! Russia gave 20+million dollars.

      US didn’t gave anything out of good heart but to save their own ass!

      Like it or not, USSR defeated 3rd Reich!
      Do you really believe allies would do any damage to the Nazis if even half of German men and tech were in France instead of on the eastern front?

  • Lone Ranger

    Thank you Russia.

  • Lone Ranger

    Russia is love, Russia is life.

  • Lone Ranger

    A friend in need is indeed a friend.

  • Lone Ranger

    Glory to Russia.

  • SnowCatzor

    Weird to see this happening. Interesting times.

  • Me&Myself None

    If ever, or whenever they(US) return the favor, I hope it is not infected supplies they’ll send to Russia. I will not put it pass them, US have no moral compass, no humanity in them, they simply see competitors to their throne.

  • Jim Bim

    While Russia is delivering aid to the US, the US delivers threats, war, sanctions and misery to others.

  • EmilyEnso

    Now the salt should be thoroughly rubbed into the arrogant USA.
    A 1000 fully trained Cuban doctors turn up….
    What a pretty picture that would make.
    Sadly the USA isn’t worth one Cuban life.
    Keep clear……

    • HONDA 1234

      Trust you are keeping safe.

    • OldBootneck

      Hi Em,
      God be praised, Michael’s back! See my profile for details.

    • George Evans

      harsh,,,but true, Emily…

    • Bonce

      Good to see you back posting Emily. I was missing your contributions.
      Brother Anthony was banned from Breitbart last week.
      His article on it is here: https://gatesofvienna.net/2020/03/brother-antony-silenced-on-breitbart/

      The censorship is getting worse and worse online everyday.

      • EeeYepBlowing Whistles

        Hey Bonce and emily – and i was banned from Breitbart on the 13th March … i was bang on with many many comments the previous three weeks – way ahead in predicting the dirtiest of rat-things the globalists would be up to.
        p.s. i am flattered by the ban – it proves one thing – even BB is now subverted.

    • OldBootneck

      Hello Emily,

      I hope your trip to Orlando went well and your back in the saddle – you’ve been missed!

      Some good news: Michael is back in incommunicado – please see my profile for his latest posts.

      Hope all’s well and you’ve escaped the worst effects of the ‘Chinese Clap’

      Luv and best wishes


    • rogerinflorida

      That is a very unworthy comment Emily. There are not 1000 properly trained doctors in the whole of Cuba. It is amazing don’t you think that Cubans will risk all to cross the straits to Florida, thousands die in the attempt. If Cuba was the paradise you seem to think it is, would not the traffic be all the other way? Americans desperate to get to your socialist paradise?
      How many British would apply for residence in the US if the the US opened the gates to everybody in the UK? There would not be an able bodied person left in England. There are thousands of Brits in my county, all grateful that they have escaped the UK clusterf*ck and got into the US.

  • goingbrokes

    Russia helping US and NY, and leftist media in meltdown. Trump promised hospital ship Comfort to dock at NY harbour, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said its weeks away. Then USS Comfort docks in NY – LOLLL!