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In Video: Russian Helicopters Make Low Pass Near Turkish-Occupied Jarabulus In Northern Syria

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Early on August 27, Russian military helicopters made a low pass near the Turkish-occupied town of Jarabulus in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo.

Opposition activists shared a video of the Russian helicopters, a Mi-8 and a Mi-35, passing near Jarabulus, right along the line separating the town from Kurdish-held areas to the east and the border with Turkey to the north.

The Turkish military and its Syrian proxies occupied Jarabulus and its outskirts in August, 2017 after a fierce battle with ISIS.

Earlier this month, a delegation of the Russian military visited the villages of Shukh and Buraz, which are held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), east of Jarabulus. The delegation inspected a number of sites shelled by Turkish forces.

Attacks by Turkish forces on SDF-held areas east of Jarabulus increased following the withdrawal of U.S. forces last year.

Russia may be planning to establish a foothold in east of Jarabulus in cooperation with the SDF. Such a move would limit Turkey’s influence in the region.


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The SDF are part of the problem


A huge part at that, Kurdish terrorist invaders and the SDF/US terrorists control about twice as much land as the Turks/ISIS/al-Qaeda in Idlib and the north.


They ARE just another subhuman Proxy ‘Terrorist/Mercenary’ faction sponsored groomed and armed by the AmeriCunts their NATO-Mafia + ZioNAZI/IsraHell, like AQ, ISIS + White Helmets, with the goal to destroy Syria and destabilize the Region on behest of their Pimps.


Indeed, history needs to be taken into consideration and the Ottoman empire is the former great power of the Levant but adjusting Russian policy to accomodate neo-Ottoman terrorists when they haven’t even broken NATO, ordered the US and its nukes to GTFO of Turkey, stopped supporting ISIS/al-Qaeda types or tried to join with Iran to achieve a Sunni-Shia consensus in the Muslim world against Ziocorporatist petrodollar Wahhabis serving Ziojews and Anglo-Western globalist designs just proves even further Turkish scum is not to be trusted as reliable geopolitical partners.

That’s why I found it quite good that Turks discovered major gas reserves in the Black sea, Erdogan said they’ll be net exporters soon, and the Kremlin won’t be able to use the “business and trade” bullshit to justify giving Turks so many geopolitical advantages a large swathes of Syrian land.


In modern warfare nothing is more valuable than intel A satellite recon and snooping around with the drones or choppers after that. Verifying around suspicious places, located over the satellite already.

Mustafa Mehmet

Superman Ali baba you can do it https://media0.giphy.com/media/VypD1FdewCoQU/giphy.gif

Christopher Petrov

but i thought stronk torki have no fly zone over TFSA omg wtf how is thiz happenings?

Servet Köseoğlu

you can only talk…

Servet Köseoğlu

wash your mouth you are too disgusting too talk…they are all loyal to Turkey…you have long-range missiles,what makes you stop pulvirize idlip? answer me…ı dont want to mention about your heroes…if you respect them ı am good…you have to thank russia otherwise,you would be already whacked..this is a fact…

Servet Köseoğlu

you cannot trigger anything..you cannot get idlib by using military…(its not because of we are superious)..its not weak russian thing.. its a fact…your suleimani calls russia(ı can understand that without air-support you cant go too far)..no problem with that..shias alevis are loyal to Turkey..in case we feel something wrong we will shut down..we are allowing your assets to operate and make money for the sake of neighbourhood..Turkey with a good motivation can give a golden hours to any country in the region..we are not saudi boys

Servet Köseoğlu

ı am not talking about yemen..yemen is your concern…ı dont love saudis and uae..you can do anything you want ı am ok with that.. we are in idlip not to allow more refugees..thats all there is nothing special there no oil,gas,,its in the middle of nowhere..ps:ıf we engage idlip seriously iran+syria can only dream to take it back…

Servet Köseoğlu

its your wishful thinking,pink elephant….you can not infiltrate a well designed state…but dreaming,creating what if scenarios free..

Aleks Noir

Thats their way of saying fuck around and find out

Porc Halal

with each passing day I realize that Russia has in fact betrayed Syria in terms of Idlib as Syrian territory

Porc Halal

from the beginning of the mongol invasion and the formation of the evil ottoman empire on the former Byzantine territories, we have a turkish problem (question) … until this problem is eliminated this region will not enjoy peace and prosperity ….

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