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JUNE 2021

In Video: Russian Forces Inspect Villages Shelled By Turkish Forces In Northeast Syria

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On August 16, a delegation of the Russian military inspected villages in northeast Syria which were recently shelled by Turkish forces.

The delegation visited the villages of Shukh and Buraz in the northeastern Aleppo countryside, that is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The two villages were shelled on August 13 and 14 from the nearby Turkish-occupied town of Jarabulus.

During the visit, Russian officers inspected the targeted areas and the remains of three shells fired by Turkish forces at the two villages.

The Russian delegation also met with some locals, who called on Russia to step in and put an end for Turkish attacks on their villages. These attacks have been ongoing for seven years now.

In the last few months, Turkish forces intensified their attacks on SDF-held areas in northeast Syria. The attacks were not limited to artillery shelling, combat drones also carried out a number of strikes on the region.

Turkish forces attacks on northeast Syria are a violating two separate de-escalation agreements Ankara signed with Moscow and Washington last year.

Earlier this year, Russian forces established a number of new positions in northern al-Hasakah to stop Turkish attacks on the region. A similar approach can be followed in northeast Aleppo to protect civilians there.


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Surely this flow of a lot more Syrian blood in these villages must continue, because of South Stream & to convince Erdogan to keep Bosporus open so the Russian warships can be resupplied via Sea route and if Russia evaporated the Turkeys from Idlib the CIA would install the Devil’s Cousin instead of slimy worm Erdogan in Turkey anyway.


Eta shit you son of whore.
Go and defend them you big mouthed son of bitch instead of always accusing Russia!
Russia did plenty for Syria and Russia and her own problems.
It is up to Syrians to defend their land and population, nobody will do that for them instead.
I don’t see anybody else there except Russians so they at least try to do something for those people ! There is nobody else put them there you effing pig !

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