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JUNE 2023

In Video: Russian Forces Destroyed Network Of Underground Tunnels Used by Terrorists In Idlib

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In Video: Russian Forces Destroyed Network Of Underground Tunnels Used by Terrorists In Idlib

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Russian forces uncovered and destroyed a network of underground tunnels that militants had equipped for the use as a field hospital.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV reported that it was created in 2015 and militants used this underground hospital until 2019. Thick, several tens of meters of rock ceilings reliably protected the facility from artillery and air strikes.

The underground network was captured during the large offensive by the Syrian Army with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces in southern Idlib. Militants took most of the medical equipment and medicines – all foreign-made – with them during the retreat.


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Don’t anyone tell me a bunch of bearded Apes built that complex.


I was thinking the same thing. This has all the signatures of NATO military engineers. We saw the same military engineering expertise in the terrorist tunnels under the Syrian National Hospital in the jewhadi occupied North Damascus after the SAA liberation of the province.

The Hospital was and still is a working hospital and NATO personnel are quite aware that to hide military use tunnels for their jewhadis under a hospital is a WARCRIME.


LaFarge, (French) Concrete Mike revealed this more than a year ago.

Terrorism Financing Charge Upheld Against French Company Lafarge – The New York Times


Yes, and the Western MSM are experts in burying reality. The Western MSM will be so shocked if ‘missiles of truth’ are posted through their letter boxes, as a response to all their black propaganda lies :)


I remember that,also Toyota must have a good leasing deal with the terrorists.


We also saw a complex like that after Duma was liberated,big enough to drive trucks through.


And also a 24km tunnel that joined 2 rebel towns in the DUMA pocket. There is a video of a pickup truck being driven from end to end by a reporter after the liberation by the SAA.


Maybe they used slaves to build them.


daesh is american and zionist irregular armed force its the answer to iranian hybrid warfare and no they dont lift a finger themselves the usa and zionists fly them in food experts and all they need which is why they wasted so many billions

Servet-i Funun Literature

Serakib:2 Saa soldiers were killed by Hts snipers.

Liberal guy


Assad must stay

great job RuAF keep smoldering their tunnels!


daesh is the american answer to iranian hybrid warfare and its amazing to see how far the usa goes in trying to perpetuate this wasteful mess of theirs and i expect another attempt of a caliphate by the usa

Supreme Blyat

Daesh is the Saudi answer, aproved by the US and UK. But they became too independent and had o be destroyed. USA is giving kurds everything they need but not the money.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators. May they rest in pieces…


The Machines are digging!

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