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In Video: Russian Attack Helicopters Support Syrian Army Offensive In Northern Lattakia

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On August 21, the Sputnik news agency released a video of the ongoing Syrian Arab Army (SAA) offensive on militants’ positions in northern Lattakia.

The short video shows a Russian Mi-28N attack helicopter providing close air support to Syrian troops around the key town of Kabani.

The SAA resumed its operations in northern Lattakia on August 9. The army managed to secure the al-Zuiqat and 112 hills, which overlook Kabani, within a few days. However, its advance was halted later by the effective resistance of the militants.

Kabani is controlled by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) and the so called Ajnad al-Kavkaz (AK). The terrorist groups launch rockets from the town at the Russian Hmeimim airbase and civilian areas in Lattakia on a regular basis.

The SAA will likely intensify its military operations in northern Lattakia in the upcoming few days. The recent advance in southern Idlib freed many army units.

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stupid is as stupid does

New victories would build up the momentum of advancing, unstoppable SAA.
Which would boost even more moral of all SAA troupes and bring fear into the ranks of terrorists.

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan rape the dust bloody human slaughter.He must be castrated now.


good news!!comment image

Tudor Miron

“Keep on working brothers”(c)
Kabani will fall fairly soon. There’s no point in jerky moves which may lead tro exessive losses. As it shows, SAA’s tactics implemented within last several weeks gives exellent results without sacrifying too much. SAA can’t afford waisting manpower so patience is the key.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

C’mon Xi, you offered to help Assad clean out the Turkistan Islamic terrorist last year, how about now. Since they’re really your responsibility you should actually be the one to clean out the Chinese terrorists, they’re still blowing up heaps of your stuff all over the world, and the longer you leave them here in Syria the more experienced they’ll get, now’s a good time to help solve some of your own domestic problems and help Syria at the same time, go the double whammy and jump in too.
And what about you President Putin, this is where you should be setting the dogs of war loose first, this is where all those Russian hating Muslims from Ajnad al-Kavkaz are operating, they’re the Russian killers aren’t they, sworn enemies of the Russian people and state, how about you let Xi deal with the Uighurs and you deal with the Chechens, sounds like a fair deal.
But what about the Turkmen, they’re operating there too, who should deal with them, who would have the most reason to go after them for what they’ve been doing, ahhh I know, that would have to be Assad, because they’ve killed heaps of SAA and blown up heaps of equipment over the years, and they’ve also fought long and hard to stay where they are too, they’ve been the proverbial thorn in Assad’s side for way too long, I’m sure he’d love to be the one to finish them off.
And what’s that, did someone say something about HTS, LOL, 10,000 fighters spread from northern Hama all the way up to the Turkish border, that’s spread pretty thin I’d say, how many HTS fighter per square KM would that work out too, not many I suspect, and besides, unlike the other 3 groups HTS doesn’t have any shiny new Turkish weapons, equipment or vehicles, as a matter of fact they don’t have too much of anything left now, not that they had that much to start off with anyway, HTS, yawn.
But wait, hang on a minute, this will be among some of the hardest fighting of all to take back the northern territories, shouldn’t they be leaving the hardest places for last, I know I would be, I hope they don’t head this way at all, I instead hope they head to central Idlib, the softest and juiciest part of the northern territories, and also the easiest to roll over if they put their minds to it.
C’mon President Assad, go the easy route first, give the SAA a bit of a break before they take on the bad boys, let them warm up on the uncooperative and confused terrorists that haven’t been getting any sleep for the last 3 months, let the SAA give them a wakeup call first, because they really need to be waken from that wet dream they’ve been having for way too long, wakey wakey hands off snaky the SAA are here, c’mon, wakey wakey the SAA are here, C’MON THE SAA ARE REALLY HERE, GET OUT OF BED, too late, Bang bang bang. LOL LOL LOL.

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