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In Video: Russian Airstrikes Wipe Out Large Underground Ammo Depot In Idlib

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A large underground ammo depot of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in northern Idlib was wiped out on October 31 by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

According to local sources, the ammo depot, which was located in the outskirt of the town of Darkush near the Turkish border, was targeted with precision-guided air-to-ground munitions launched by a Russian warplane.

Opposition activists released a video showing smoke rising from the underground depot, that was devastated by a large explosion a few seconds later.

A member of the White Helmet named Ahmad Qibah organization was reportedly killed in the secondary ammunition explosions. The group was apparently trying to put down the fire in the ammo depot, that was built by HTS terrorists right next to several civilian buildings.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that Russian warplanes carried out more than 20 other airstrikes on southern, eastern Idlib and northern Lattakia.

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John Marston

Good job!


its raining Hell in idlib today.


otlichna! :)

Luke Hemmming

Looks like BBQ’ed jihad is back on the menu again boys.

World Wisdom

My question would be how those pigs – Opposition activist – know where Russia will hit so that they can video cam? I HOPE RUSSIA ANNIHILATES IDLIB!!!!!


Let us wait for Russia to support and help SAA offensive on Idlib. Still Putin need to stop pleasing Erdogan.


AH …Where the hell you been. You don’t even need to go far. SouthFront has MANY a report of Russian actions in the North and Northwest. Even the “bad guys” are bitching about Ru Spetsnaz Teams running around Idlib zapping a bunch of “high level” terrorists. RuAF has conducted many sorties as of late, bombing weapons depots (see THIS video), communications, control/assembly areas, launch sites and its ALL in Idlib. So Im not sure what you are unhappy with. This is EXACTLY what the RuAF and SAF did prior to ground operations in Hama and Homs. Putin is NOT “pleasing” Erdogan… anyone watching the latest press conference with these two KNOWS who is the Boss. Erdogan looked pissed. Hardly happy. You do realize the SAA has crossed the Euphrates, something ‘no one’ predicted just weeks ago.


Its getting easier nowadays since gopro knockoff and android phone with very good camera are getting cheaper now.

World Wisdom

One more evidence that the white helmets pigs are AQ. US and UK support AQ. We all know that.


but torki stronk they have 14 ObSeRvAsHuM pOzT

Wolfgang Wolf

yeah baby… more of this pls!


Excellent job.


Or was this a weapons depot of the white helmets?


WH Chemical weapons depot? FM Spokesperson M Zakharova had some interesting things to say yesterday AT THE PODIUM. Not on her SM site. Calling out the “white helmets” for preparing to launch a False Flag chemical attack in the very near future. Putin stated something similar a week ago.

J Roderet

Wonderful news! The world becomes a better place each time a “White Helmet” al-Queda terrorist bites the dust.


Them children’s eye hospitals are some explosive sh$t eh

Peter Jennings

Maybe if Mr Qibahhad, instead of choosing US/nato PR/fake news programs, he attended some firefighting, search, and rescue courses. He may have realised sooner that all he was accomplishing was dousing his seventy virgins for a wet hijab competition.


A ground pounder’s dream – bullseye on a jihadist arms depot! Smiling all the way next two weeks! Great job RuAF!


A member of the White Helmet named Ahmad Qibah organization was … killed in the secondary ammunition explosions… trying to put down the fire in the ammo depot, that was built by HTS terrorists

So, WhiteHelmets were ONSITE of a HTS ammo dump, and were ‘trying to put out the fire’ = trying to SAVE a TERRORIST AMMO DUMP. Well well well. In a court of law that would be considered VERY compromising evidence.


Exactly what the aircrew is looking for (or the forward observer)… “secondaries”. That must have been a rather large weapons depot… the shockwave was impressive (from the 2nd video) How nice a vile, disgusting, chemical weapon using, child raping-baby killing “white helmet” terrorist was killed in the explosion. If only there wasn’t more of them. Just a thought…I wonder if this depot was one storing the ‘white helmet’ chemical weapons the Russians were accusing the ‘white helmet’ terrorists of planning to use in NW Syria in the near future. FM Spokesperson Maria Zakharova spoke of this yesterday. Hope so!

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