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JUNE 2021

In Video: Russian Airstrike Purges Dozens of Turkish Backed Militants In Southern Idlib

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At least twelve militants were killed and fifteen others were injured in a Russian airstrike on a military position in southern Idlib on July 26.

Pro-government activists said that the airstrike targeted a key headquarters of Turkish-backed Jaysh al-Ahrar in the town of Tahtaya.

Jaysh al-Ahrar acknowledged that five of its fighters were killed in the airstrike and identified them as Abu Hamza Kassibah, Abu al-Hassan Sheikh Idress, Abu Basir Taoum, Abu Ottoman Tahtaya and Abu Nadir Seikh Idress.

In Video: Russian Airstrike Purges Dozens of Turkish Backed Militants In Southern Idlib

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Majed Alomari, an opposition activist, released a video showing injured militants screaming and asking for help while being trapped under the rubble of the destroyed headquarters.

Jaysh al-Ahrara is a member of the so called National Front (NFL) coalition, which was formed in 2018 with support from Turkey.

The Russian Aerospace Forces stepped up their airstrikes on Greater Idlib recently. In last few days, Russian airstrikes wiped out a headquarters of Malhama Tactical, a group of Jihadi mercenaries, and hit a senior radical scholar.

In Video: Russian Airstrike Purges Dozens of Turkish Backed Militants In Southern Idlib

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Hahaha nice one Russia you buried him alive under tons of concrete. If these Jihadists have proper gear they might take him out in about 2 days or so. But it’s Highly Likely that they have and he might die there.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Am sure the White Helmets will dig him out… :P

Jim Prendergast

Perfect “surgical” strike. Costly but worth it for the peace of Syria.

Brother Ma

Fck them ,Turco- allied rats ! Destroyers of Nations!

Wolfgang Wolf

bomb them twice…

Human kind is doomed

Why not double tap?

Alejandro Bonifacio

I remember when terrorists blew up a building so they were filming and laughing because syrian soldiers were asking for help and dying,now terrorists cry

Tudor Miron

Payment time.

Toronto Tonto

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Wolfgang Wolf

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Toronto Tonto

And you may never again diklik .

The Fool

Fuck you you Ukrainian Zionazi faggot.


Your computer has been hacked, Toronto. Obvious symptom: Each time you press the full stop key on your keyboard, it adds a space in front of it. It was probably the Russians. It also messes with your spelling: It turned “Maidan” into “maiden”, unless you really are suggesting that Red Square will soon be filled with pretty young Russian ladies?

Concrete Mike

Dream on shit head, go back to jerking off to sears catalogue for you!!

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