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In Video: Russian Aerospace Forces Tirelessly Pound Militants In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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In Video: Russian Aerospace Forces Tirelessly Pound Militants In Syria's Greater Idlib

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Early on July 26, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out an air strike on a terrorist facility in the area between the village of Kansafra and the village of Al-Bara in the Syrian province of Idlib. Presumably, the airstrike targeted an underground terrorist facility.

The Russian Aerospace Forces are striking militant positions in Greater Idlib on a daily basis in response to regular ceasefire violations.

In Video: Russian Aerospace Forces Tirelessly Pound Militants In Syria's Greater Idlib

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Bomb the jihadists when you want, how you want……Turkish guppu moghal don’t care…..lol…..they want em gone in batches, cuz the next contract batch of jihadists brings in new US dollars no?😝….body shop anyone? Bastard Sunni would sell his daddy if he could get away with it👍👌

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson
Superpower China

Dead russians and muslims?

Superpower China

50 million russians dispatched during ww2 worry abt that a**hole

Superpower china

Fk off drunk russian

Lone Ranger

Fk off drunk Shlomo troll…

Superpower china

30,000 Russian soldiers dead in afghan war and 50,000 taliban killed in afghan war

Lone Ranger

58,000 Americants died in Nam.
40,000+ in Iraq and Afghanistan…
Soviet losses were 14,000 by the way.
About the same as Israels against Hamas and Hezbollah in the past 40years.
Oy vey…


Russians didn’t fight Taliban, they fought the Mujahedeen.

Taliban weren’t formed until after the fall of the Najib gov in 1992.

Stupid troll degenerate. Sucking cock ain’t good for your mental health.

Lone Ranger

You spelled 100million Chinese wrong tho…

Lone Ranger

Dead Shlomos…*

Whack a Terror-mole

It is wonderful to see these primates expire one strike at a time. Indeed the countries benefiting from the primate culling are the greater powers sending the rats. The rat will always crawl out of its dark recesses if it can breed more rats. The only path to fully cull the primate rat is to eliminate its genetic breeding. If the rat gene can continue to populate among the humans then the rat will never be gone. The womb from which these rats crawl out and the rat that puts them in the womb must all be targeted. Or else, this like before will be an endless war of bankruptcy for the civilized nations.

Last edited 1 month ago by Whack a Terror-mole

russia so poor they never use guided missiles, and even when they do their “guided” missiles are super inaccurate compared to the west’s. FAIL!

Lone Ranger

You spelled the crumbling pedonazi americant empire wrong tho shlomonazi…

Isisrael is a terrorist fag state

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The end

I propose you join the bomb test dummies on Russian military poligons and seek the truth for your self.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators.
May they rest in pieces…

Lone Ranger

Shlomonazis will cry and rage 🤗

L du Plessis

its not enough!! Russia, Iran, Syria, iraq & Hezbollah cant win against Turkey and the US proxies.??

Last edited 1 month ago by L du Plessis
Icarus Tanović


Chess Master

If it was Azeri with new tech drones instead of WW2 Russian bombs, Idlib was done in one month.

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