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In Video: Russian Advisors Train Syrian Soldiers On Close Combat

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In Video: Russian Advisors Train Syrian Soldiers On Close Combat

Screen grab from Russia’s TV5 report.

Russian military advisors have been training Syrian Arab Army (SAA) service members near the frontlines around the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, where several terrorist groups are active.

On August 6, Russia’s TV 5 aired a report documenting a training course that was held recently in the countryside of Hama, a few kilometers away from terrorists’ positions.

During the course, Russian advisors trained SAA service members on close combat and the use of RPO-A Shmel rocket-assisted flamethrowers.


The advisors told TV 5 that the training course was held near the frontlines to raise the morale of Syrian service members as well as to signal high readiness to Greater Idlib terrorists who may be planning to carry out attacks.

Russian advisors have been working nonstop to develop the skills of Syrian service members as well as to improve coordination with the SAA.

In the last few months, Russian forces held several exercises with the SAA in different parts of Syria. A joint training field was also established on the al-Shukifat beach in Lattakia.


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Teach them how to dish out some cold steal.


its actually kind of fire implosion tearing bodies into pieces its kind of destructive as it can be against unprotected targets specially


this things are kind of miniature nukes the flame thrower weaponry russia got is leaving extreme destruction in its path so much so that a ground force outfitted with its light and heavy weaponry can do as much damage as a nuclear weapon in a crazy short amount of time

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Are you referring to thermobaric rockets? They are the modern equivalent of flame throwers, using a devastating fuel-air mix explosion. Russian military doctrine has long seen this ordnance as very effective in ground to ground role. In contrast, US doctrine has only really seen it as useful in air to ground bombing. The reasoning behind the different doctrines really dates to differing experiences of second world war. As the Soviets were the first to be on receiving end of thermobaric artillery – from German Nebelwerfer six barrel rocket launchers. The Nazi-Soviet war was slugged out with big armor and artillery battles – ground to ground, and the impact of German thermobaric rockets was duly noticed by Soviet officials. The US never experienced ground warfare on this sheer scale, or slugged across wide open steppes, so has only ever really seen direct impact of thermobaric ordnance as dropped from aircraft.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard

remember that the saa is made up mostly out of civilian populations around of damascus and aleppo and many of whom are very young and got nothing over the last years but to fight terrorism and that with as much of the professionalism that the saa could have in such a state so the russian training basically creates a complete new reality for syria one that should not be underestimated in fact 3 months of training probably alone will make these forces into extremely competent soldiers

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Denmark is not a significant military powerhouse – it is a NATO minnow – and based on your comments you are likely not ethnically Danish. Be gone.

Last edited 1 month ago by Janteloven

More nonsensical drivel via Jenny From The Block.

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