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In Video: Russia-linked Private Military Contractors Train Pro-Government Palestinian Militia In Syria’s Aleppo


A fresh video appeared online showing the ongoing training of Liwa al-Quds members by alleged Russia-linked private military contractors (PMCs) in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Liwa al-Quds is a powerful Palestinian pro-government militia, which played an important role in the battle of Aleppo. The PMCs involved in its training is allegedly from Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd registered in Cyprus in 2012. The organization declares that it was created and involves former service members of Russian, Ukrainian and Greece armed forces.

Liwa al-Quds:

Russia-linked private military contractors:




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  • Radim Rulik

    Russia has been invited by Syrian people, so no problem unlike uSSSSS paid and armed terrorists everywhere :)

  • Superfly

    Russia would be better off planning a new offensive in Idlib to get rid of terrorists.

    • verner

      mopping up after a civil war is a slow business, but rest assured that it’s being done slowly and methodically and they don’t want to leave anything not done. for russia it’s a question of not spending the farm and the crown jewels but to supervise the mopping up and, by its presence at the table, discourage other ambitious nitwits from haing their own grand designs on the outcome.

      in due course, the kurds will be back as tenants along the turkish, the syrian, the iraqi and the iranian borders and moronistan (aka usa) almost bankrupt, won’t be able to support their kurdish proxies and so that side will crumble, and so n and so forth.

      saudi won’t involve itself in syria any more. the issue is dead although I guess that mohammed bin salman is keeping an eye open for the whereabouts of jared kushner with whom I guess he has an issue so if we’re fortunate, jk will be khashoggied before long.

      • seawolf

        khashoggied hahahaha its about time Ivanka search for a real man !!!

    • jako

      Why would Russia “planning” anything?!
      They are in Syria only to help Assad SAA to liberate country from terrorists.
      Nothing else.

  • Davki

    Pro-Government? What government, You mean the Syrian ‘government’? Didn’t know Palestine belonged to Syria.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      Volunteers. Brothers by ideology and a common enemy.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Palestine belongs to Palestinians.