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JUNE 2023

In Video: Russia Deploys Bal Coastal Defense Missile System Near Kerch Following Escalation In Black Sea

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In Video: Russia Deploys Bal Coastal Defense Missile System Near Kerch Following Escalation In Black Sea

A screenshot from the video

Russia is deploying a Bal coastal defense system near the Crimean port city of Kerch, according to a video appeared online on November 27.

The video shows at least one Bal launcher on the road linking Kerch with another Crimean port city – Sevastopol. According to reports, the launcher was moving in the direction of Kerch city, located near Kerch Strait.

The Bal coastal defense missile system employs Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missiles. Every launcher carries 8 containers with missiles, which are capable to strike targets within the range of 130/260 km (depending on the modification). The Kh-35 is equipped with a 145 kg High Explosive Fragmentation warhead. It’s designed to defeat ships with the displacement of up to 5 000 t.

The deploment of the Bal coastal defense system near Kerch follows the November 25 incident in near Kerch Strait when 3 Ukrainian warships violated Russian territorial waters and was detained by Russian coastal guard after a live fire incident.


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Just Aman

NATO (UK) may have failed during their recent Spec Op / Black Op attempt to bring down the Kerch Bridge to Crimea (with a ‘special Christmas present’), but clearly the Russians are expecting another attempt at some point and they are arming up – heavily, perhaps for something a little ‘more overt’.

Likely from now on we will see ALL Ukrainian bound cargo ships inspected or monitored ‘Israel style’ before they get close to that bridge. These days it is way too easy to conseal and shield on a cargo ship something that ‘glows in the dark’, shall we say, ask Israel how they do it, LOL.

Any suspect cargo vessels not stopping (or any UK ships with film crews aboard making propaganda to prepare the ignornat Brits for a war with Russia) will likely just be treated to a clearer view of the sea floor (to join the hundreds of Roman, Spanish, French, British, Ottoman, and German warships already on the bottom of the Black Sea off Crimea).

Remember, it is all about Crimea, The Coup in Ukraine, NATO aggression, Sanctions, propaganda against Russia, etc.

‘Who ever controls Crimea controls the Black Sea, and whoever controls the Black Sea controls Russia (old naval saying apparently).

Expect to hear more calls for that bridge to go from NATO puppets and mouthpieces: The Crimean Bridge must go (UK)

The Ukrainians should bomb the Bridge (Washington Observer)

The Russians must go (Ukranian Government)

NATO ships in the Sea of Azov – a Russian and Ukranian ‘inland sea’ by the way – to protect freedom of navigation, etc (North Atlantic Council)

Its getting all too serious now and Russia know it.

The UK seem to be leading this, and the propaganda from them is getting to levels of child-like-hysteria and fantasy (but dont worry UK ships acarry 48 surface to air missiles, so everything will be over quick, lol).

Feudalism Victory

Yes its good to see proper military preparations.

But I think the ukranians know theyll be abandoned eventually holding the russian tiger by the tail if things get hot. Seems clear to me their role in strategy is to be cannon fodder and then dismembered wherever the battle lines freeze.

Brother Ma

Haha. You are so right!

Wolfgang Wolf

NATO ships in Azov Sea will not be – because the water unter the Kerch bridge is just 7 metres shallow…. so who cares what those idiots gonna try. Crimea is Russia´s rocky aircraft carrier. die trying…


Don’t tell the Atlantic Council! Let them find out!! ;)


Nato is testing new technology that Zapped the USS donald cook. A Russian airplain built in the early 70’s flew over a US destroyer and all but 4-7 people stayed in the US Navy Service. This was old Russian technology that put truth into that girls heart. American ships have a 30 second timer, and the Russians have a sense of Humor. That destroyer limped away at 2-4 knots away from Russian land. It maneuvered like Crazy away from the Russian Coastal batteries.

Brother Ma

I love the imagery and want it to be true. I heard about the mass desertions after it limped back . Yet,how do we know it is not an urban myth.


Why are you redacting your past comments?

Just Aman

I am not. I did not know they were being pulled. Looks like my account was hacked as ALL my comments have gone on all sites not just this one. I never noticed. Thanks for telling me, I have changed my password now and using a secure connection – so the latest comments should stay up. Thanks again.

Just Aman



bye bye

Mister Mister

He say account hacked and writings delete but will be back with new account soon.


An action through the Discus software ? But why keep on posting nothing. :/

Brother Ma

Is Discus Jewish controlled? I know that a Russian News service in English- who had problem in the US of late -has comments run by an Israeli firm . They censor quite often.


….ukraine is acting on strict orders by the british….there will be no “war” at crimea or donbass any time soon…..the plan is to weaken russia through east, west north south attack “probabbilities” its enormous territory is on one side a strong side of russia and on the other side makes russia “strech” all its assets and logistics and manpower to such an extent , where no probable succesfull defense can be acieved any longer!!!! hence, in this sense u should all listen to putins press conference beginning of this year were he clearly states russia´s dilema as mentioned above and the way russia intends to master thus.

“if russia feels its territorial national security threatend by CONVENTIONAL weapons and attacking groundtroops it will reserve the right to use TACTICAL nuclear weapons as defense”

i have no idea what goes on in the minds of folks such as trump or may or macron or merkel………conned in believing that THAAD and ARROWS and PATRIOT will save them???

the first time in history that an “opposing” leader of a nation declared their newest, state of the art weapons to the whole world, with graphics,tech data etc…. that was putin declaring the nuclear powered nuclear armed cruise missile with no range limit, the ICBM that flys in a “plasmacloud” with speeds up to mach 15+, nucleararmed torpedos and the various missile defense shields such as the new S-500.

All to make them understand that once they attack and threaten the territorial national security of the russian state, all options are on the table, and there is little to nothing you can do about it.

and they still keep fucking around


No, there is no plan. The deep state is salty about letting the Russians access to the black sea, therefore they got influence with turkey and Finished the deal by saving face and Syria. Crimea was a golden door for Russia. it was an open door that Saved its very existence.

Brother Ma

Wonderful putin logic. If pressed too hard we will just burn with tactical nukes. Any war to Russia will be taken to the death as it did in the 1940s. Bravo!

Денис Черкасов

Its not Bal system lol. Its machine to reload Bal system’s missiles.

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