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In Video: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Unveils New Rocket Used In Recent Escalation


The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) presented on November 14 a new locally-made heavy rocket, dubbed Boraq-120, that was used against Israel a few days ago.

A short video released the PIJ’s media wing shows the group’s fighters assembling a Boraq-120 rocket then loading it into an underground launcher. The actual launch of the rocket was also shown in the video.

The PIJ didn’t provide any details about the new locally-made rocket. However, the group revealed that it was used to strike the Israeli coastal city of Hadera, located more than 100 km north of the Gaza Strip, during the recent round of escalation.

The design of the Boraq-120 simulates that of the 150 km-range M-302 rocket, which is known to be made in Iran and Syria. Both countries are believed to be backers of the IJM.

The PIJ may have teased the new rocket in a video message titled “The Circle Of Flame Will Widen” that was released last May.

With a range exceeding 100 km, Boraq-120 rockets can be used by the PIJ to strike some northern Israeli cities and threaten Tell Aviv.

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