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In Video: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Unveils New Rocket Used In Recent Escalation

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The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) presented on November 14 a new locally-made heavy rocket, dubbed Boraq-120, that was used against Israel a few days ago.

A short video released the PIJ’s media wing shows the group’s fighters assembling a Boraq-120 rocket then loading it into an underground launcher. The actual launch of the rocket was also shown in the video.

The PIJ didn’t provide any details about the new locally-made rocket. However, the group revealed that it was used to strike the Israeli coastal city of Hadera, located more than 100 km north of the Gaza Strip, during the recent round of escalation.

The design of the Boraq-120 simulates that of the 150 km-range M-302 rocket, which is known to be made in Iran and Syria. Both countries are believed to be backers of the IJM.

The PIJ may have teased the new rocket in a video message titled “The Circle Of Flame Will Widen” that was released last May.

With a range exceeding 100 km, Boraq-120 rockets can be used by the PIJ to strike some northern Israeli cities and threaten Tell Aviv.

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Hasbara Hunter

Rothschild’s Balfour-Declaration, Illegal Occupation of Palestine, Apartheid-State, Criminal Freehaven, Beachhead & Steppingstone into the Middle East called ISraHell…will be vanished by 2022 is my guesstimate…

Hasbara Hunter

Hey Jens…you surprise me…finally you come up with some shit that makes at least some sense…

It’s the Elites Jens…The ELITES…The Filthy Treacherous One Percenter AngloZioNazi ELITES… Chop the Head off the Snake…Heads on Pikes…

Luke Hemmming

This time you actually made sense, well it seems like you copied and pasted most of your article but nevertheless. Did you actually stop drinking for a few hours to type all that up? Sheesh how hard would that have been?. The ol DT’S would have been kicking in after 30 minutes of not drinking hey? Lol Because sure as hell you normally post weird nonsense that is like your speaking in riddles. BTW Did you understand anything you posted?

Jens Holm

I never copy paste. I always link from the source apart from 3 times a year, where I take a few lines form a source and always name the source.

Translaters might be nasty and by that You should try to understand even tranlations are not first class.

Its very very much the other way. Turkisk and Arabic are very simple languages – not your fault of course – So You and other commenting like You do most likely is from there.

By that Your result is Your way of understanding and language thinking translated into a perfect “Lawyer and Doctors” english, which dont cover, what the english languge can being very advanced.

That of course includes Your many tabus, traditions, things You dont have at all by good and bad reasons.

Fx most of You only are familiar with random parts of Democrasy and dont see it as a very big an complicated package, where You take Your simplied context and compare with ours. By that You dont understand the vital mainparts are a package and we become some reduced and simplified version of Yours.

Hardly any are able to understand the PYD/SDF program and not even try, because You dont have the Marxist context as well as the semilar Western traditionel democrasy. Most likely most of Your language group see us like a bicycle with no wheels, breaks or like that.

Thats very strange to me. You easy can find all about it. You also see it works very well in the economic sector, where many wonder how we can effort to have so many more or less dirty wars.

I can understand but dont understand the reasons for the religios parts. How can vomen and girls by birth be third class citicens raised for sale. With no women, there would be no children. Why are the vomen and the children by that not important ???

English and Danish are in the same German language group, so we mainly think in the same way and have added a lot of languge into each others down to before the Viking age – meaning at least from the days of old Muhammed.

By that my english is understandable for almost all in Europe as well as North America, Australia and New Zealand.

I am not able to reduce and reform it into Turkish and Arabic even I know some of Your limits and f´differencer. I amnot an will not. My english is much much better then that.

And We see the opposite here in Denmark. People from the ME Regions cen with papers for good english have big problems getting promotions. They think in languages far away from the context, they work in and by that cant be Leaders for the rest. They are not able to order employes well and the employed dont understand the orders, because they are out of their contexts.

Just an example is we never use the word “mixed room”, because its abnormal having such. All are free to go and mix as they wish and never need escorts of any kind anywhere(apart from normal crime and rape in the streerts). Here our free way dont make more rapes then Yours but the openess and equal reghts lower that and other kinds of crime.

I do know parts of the muslims world is very safe for womens and mens rape but I see others being terrible. That point is how men are raised and have gender problems in Leadership as well. You raise boys from start to be on the top of vomen – so to speak. But they are not.

We have vomen in all kinds of jobs. 6 of 12 main policedistricts has female Leaders because they are chosen among men and voemn and the best. Our Premiereminister public elected is a Vomen too. 80% of our women in the age we are able to work actually work and make their own part of the money for a familiy. Its also not strange at all vomen can live as singles as mens does and support themselves or children.

You might not understand, why I write about women according to undertand why my english is not lousy.

The context is, You dont understand we have a tax level above Yours, where high tax actually is given back to an almost free system.

As I see Your version of taxirs always about You hardly get anything back because its for Goverment purpose as well as high Corruption as well. Its very understandable You deny to pay higher taxes idf You have world records for tax never given back to children, free school and education, medical care and hospitals, pension for all mainly older ones, which cant work and like that.

The result of that is any old one anytime are safe having a roof, food, clothe medical care and if needed at least some for tobaco. By that many children is not needed for their support. Those retired often has saved some themselves and of course family members do help their Grandmothers and Fathers, but its not vital. Its extra. By that old men (and women) are not depended and therefore the children and granchildren are able to be more innovative updating the world and the future. You are stock in traditions(Sunni for SunniIslam).

The Younger ones by that can take risks and sometimes loose in that, because the old anytime are safe. The result is more wining then loosing.

Work is same thing. I wont say its fpr all, butit well known 80% in Arabistan(mainly men of course) work in the family business. We have 80% NOT working for the family business but for private companies.

In that we replace employed after qualifications instead of family relations ship. All also are paid for, what they are worth. We also hardly ever see men paid in cars and women paid in flowers for doing the same job well.

You dont have languge context for that too. You are advanced in internal family hieracy treating Grandpa and Granspa nice, where the old ones often prefare to live in the old days like improving cars with better hay.


Israel will disappear as a Nazi apartheid state and will have two alternatives, or remain a Nazi state for Jews only instead of the Aryans like today, but small such as before 1967, or become a democratic nation with all its citizens and inhabitants, Jews, Muslims, Christians, with equal rights. In any case, the abominable Fourth Reich of today must disappear from the face of the earth.comment image


nah israel has forfeited any right to exist as a sovereign state and must go, be discontinued. moreover, the act by lloyd-george to promise palestine to the jews was an illegal act from the very start and as you know a false contract can never be made whole regardless of the time that passes. and now is the time to send the squatters into oblivion, when the neighbours are primed and armed like never before and rest assured, turkey, iran plus syria and iraq can squash them like you squash something unpleasant under your foot.

Luke Hemmming

Here’s hoping. I got my fingers crossed, my toes, my legs, my arms and my eyes too.


You can hardly see your eyes, given the crimes of ISIS, those like you are perhaps worse than Israel.comment image

Luke Hemmming

Oh dear you have totally missed the mark my dear young padawan. My avatar is to be taken with a grain of salt. Most here know of this except you. But know you do. I’m white Australian and not religious either. Lol


If instead of the Burka you put on an ass face I understood you on the fly. :)

Luke Hemmming

Hahaha your an idiot but I won’t hold that against you. You can’t help that I understand that that’s the way you were born. And your English is as bad as Jens. You both from the same gene pool?


Idiot I am not English nor wasp as you think you are, but now I understand why you hide your face, and in this regard I refer you to the previous post.


And how did it help them exactly? 40-50 Jihadists dead, 0 Israelis. I find their casulties number too low though, should have been 10 times more. That’s something to fix next time.

Jens Holm

Its their own decissions how many dead and wounded, they spend for free :(

Luke Hemmming

Hitler has killed 22 million Russians and then we know how it ended. Nazisrael has only America on its side and the whole world against. How long will America last, with Russia, China, India, in continuous growth, that have every raw material and technology and above all do not give a damn about semitism and anti-semitism?


India is our ally, so keep them out of it we help them vs Pakistan. Russia and China can’t handle the U.S not now and not in another 50 years, the dollar is still the strongest currency in the global markets and it’s not going to change, no one is buying Rubles or Yuans. Palis will never get a state as long as they do terror, that simple line is all you need to know.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

the Chinese, Russian, and Indian economies are growing fast. New trade deals and currency agreements will limit and subvert the US dollar. The only reason why the USD is dominant is because of endless wars. That will change, Rocket Nose Lover :)


Is that why China is crying to Trump after he put tariffs on them? or Russia is having a hard time selling its’ oil because of the U.S sanctions? even Iran begs to the U.S to lift up the sanctions. Face it, the U.S is not going anywhere, and so does Israel.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

lol actually China’s tariffs hurt US economy worse XD
nice try though

Luke Hemmming

Spot on there and also it has created a pool of large population countries with improving economies and a class shift to create trade agreements amongst themselves ie BIS and moving away from the US dollar as a trading currency and moving to using the yuan and local currencies. Also China and Russia have set up an alternative to the zionist dominated SWIFT system to circumvent US sanctions on themselves and Iran. Basically the US has isolated itself from a large swathe of the global population with it’s sanction action. The blue dot scheme will never be as profitable for the US as they say and will always be the poorer cousin of the BIS.

Luke Hemmming

Nordstream 2 is due to go online in early 2020. Denmark this week signed off on allowing the pipeline through their territory therefore Europe will buy most of Russian gas instead of the expensive US gas that Trump tried to bully Europe into buying.


You Zionists lie, you are the ones who terrorize not the Palestinians, what do you call the 350 deaths and 20,000 wounded in the Gaza concentration camp in just over a year? Balfour and the UN have predicted two independent states, not the big Israel. Your Jewish lie is exposed throughout the West, that’s why the BDS pro Palestinian movement is. It will not be the end of your apartheid state in 50 years, but much, much earlier. Start preparing your bags. https://twitter.com/i/status/1156120841173778437

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Guess what, PIJ have recovered a fully intact Iron Dome Missile. It will be reverse engineered to make home-made rockets evasive :)
Now Iran will have access to both David’s Sling and Iron Dome missiles


Yea Yea, stronk Islamic Jihad, very stronk. You cry about HTS and support those guys instead, what a m0r0n.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

u still sad that david’s schlong and plastic dome missiles are confiscated? lol


I’m only sad that my leader is Bibi, I can’t stand his face and his corruption. That mistake will be fixed soon, an operation will eventually happen.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

please start an operation in Lebanon, Hezb would smash the IDF again. lots of video footage would be there to :)

Jacob Wohl's Nose

just remember that Hezbollah’s missiles are not unguided and outdated like Gaza’s old rockets. Hezb has GPS guided precision missiles similar and better to what was used in Aramco by Houthis :)


I have no problem they can shoot their rockets, but in return we should use our maximum firepower against Lebanon and its population, whatever the cost they may have. Deal?

Luke Hemmming

Finally something that we would all agree with you on.


it’s a matter of time before the squatters are kicked all the way to hell on behalf of the world and once the illegal occupation is terminated the world can rejoice and see a peaceful future which the squatters can’t ruin with their thievery and murders and genocide and the incessant raping of underaged boys and girls und zu weiter. nice guys occupying a piece of land which they’ve stolen with the help of uk and france and the unhinged states of A plus the embedded/entrenched squatters in various cities around the world.

pls note, no one will miss the squatters once they’re gone – not even donny the potus despite his scumbag son in law.

Jens Holm

Verner von brown named after, whats comming out from his behind and mouth.


Man, the hasbara trolls really stepped up on this one :) PIJ must really have done some damage!

Debunking Arrogance

A lot of people here talk about kicking Israel out of the middle east. This is a very idiotic opinion. Israel cannot be kicked out of the middle east without a serious loss of life in the gulf countries. Israel is nuclear armed for God’s sake. Who in his right mind would want to drive all the Jews from Israel when they are nuclear armed? Not even the Americans can.
The only way to deal with Israel is to surround it with well-armed hostile forces. Forces strong enough to annihilate Israel if they nuked any Muslim country. That is what Iran has done and is still doing.
Israel is fighting hard to stop the encirclement by Iran. I mean being encircled with sophisticated weaponry.
Iran does not aim to annihilate Israel. it seeks to weaken Israel to such an extent that an independent Palestine is achieved. Then it will train and arm Palestine in order to level the battle field with Israel. There will be constant war between Palestine and Israel, just like what is happening between India and Pakistan. Only this time, the fight will be on an equal footing, at least conventionally.

Debunking Arrogance

Israel always claims to be strong militarily. but in reality, their military is one of the most ineffective. In fact it is too weak to defend Israel in an invasion. This may seem unbelievable to those who have been exposed to the propaganda about Israeli air strikes, but I will explain.

First of all, Israel relies too heavily on air power. Modern technology has all but negated the unfair advantage once enjoyed by the air forces of the US and allies. The doctrine of A2AD makes it nearly impossible for any stealth fighter to operate even from a distance of more than 2000km when fighting a country that has long-range precision missiles like Iran. Air fields, flight decks, control towers, and command centers are highly vulnerable to the kind of weapons wielded by Iran. The US/Israel air force will be completely ineffective without these facilities. Their stealth technology will then count for too little. For example, the F22 cannot fly for up to 1000km without refueling. its combat radius is also less than that. The US tries to circumvent this through mid-air refueling by tankers. Tankers stationed on Diego Garcia which is itself within Iran’s missile range, let alone Israel.
With its long-range strike capability, even the US forces in the region are not safe from Iran’s missiles talk less of Israel. In an all-out conventional war with Iran, Israel doesn’t stand a chance. How many planes does Israel have? How many air fields? How many carriers? very few. And how many missiles will be required to put these out of action? few as well. So a war between Israel and Iran will not be fought in the air for up to 30 minutes.

Debunking Arrogance

Iran will force Israel to fight on the ground – something Israel will want to avoid at all cost if it could. This doesn’t mean that Israel cannot hit Iran without using ground forces or the air force. Israel too has long-range precision missiles that can hit military targets in Iran, Lebanon, and other parts of the middle east. The main point here is that Israel’s air force will be grounded. Iranian and Hezbollah targets are deeply buried and widespread. This will be a war of missiles, at least initially. Israel will not risk targeting civilians directly for fear of a retaliation on its own civilians by Hezbollah and Iran. Hezbollah will disperse its forces in sizable formations and invade parts of Israel. A significant portion of Israel’s forces will be diverted to stem this invasion. Will Israel use nukes in this case? Maybe, but highly unlikely as it will be nuking its own soil. the consequences of a nuclear strike will last generations. Israel will use ground forces and attack helicopters to fight the invasion. with today’s advances in weapons technology, and considering the fact that Hezbollah will be armed with sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons, the Israelis will take massive casualties. Drones and guided anti-tank missile will leave hundreds of Israeli tanks in ruins. in 2006, Hezbollah destroyed one-fifth of Israeli tanks.

Debunking Arrogance

To be frank, Israel is weak conventionally against Iran and Hezbollah. This is no longer 1973. Their only strength is America’s support and the Israeli nuclear arsenal. But for this two, they will be crushed by any war with Iran fairly quickly.
But why don’t the Iranians respond to Israel’s strikes in Syria? Because these air strikes represent next to zero threat to the overall goal of strengthening the resistance forces. Iran is not preparing for a war with Israel, but with the USA.

Israel is going through the nightmare of watching Iran grow increasingly stronger by the day. To Israel, the only way to stop the emergence of a powerful Iran is to start a big war that weakens the Iranians. But this big war is just too big for Israel to handle alone. It has relentlessly pushed the US to start this war. the US knows it will suffer irreparable damage if it attacks Iran. the US resisted this pressure, driving Israel nearly insane with desperation.

Since it could not get the US to start the fight, Israel figures it should at least try to get the Iranians to start the fight. Israel knows that if Iran attacked it directly, it will draw the US in. if the US hesitated, Israel will escalate the fighting to give the US no option but to fight in defense of Israel due to the inevitable Iranian retaliation.

This is the reason why Israel has attacked Iranians in Syria. to goad Iran into retaliating directly on Israel. If Israel attacked Iran directly, the American public will blame Israel for starting the war and the US government will have no domestic support to get involved. People will instead push for peace, especially if America sustains large casualties to Iranian missile strikes. But if the war were to start due to Israeli attacks in Syria, Israel could sell it as a preemptive strike against weapons transfer to Hezbollah.

So Israel has failed to get both the US and Iran to start the fight. What next will it do? I think a highly sophisticated false-flag.

Debunking Arrogance

About the US and Iran, some people will argue that aerial refueling of the F22, F35 and the long-range B52 and B2 bombers can fight from ranges beyond the reach of Iran’s missiles. I will cross-examine the F22, which is the best fighter in the US arsenal. Then look closely at the Bs in light of today’s anti-aircraft systems by Russian, China and Iran.

The claimed operation range of the F22 is 2000 miles. Let us assume this to be true. It means for the F22 to deliver sorties in Iran and come back, it has to be stationed at a distance of not more than 1000 miles from iran. that is about 1700km. Iran’s Toqyan missiles have a range of at least 5000km, bringing Diego Garcia squarely in range. US aerial refueling tankers will mostly be stationed on Diego Garcia. if the F22 were to fly from Diego Garcia (about 5000km away) it wont make it to Iran before running out of fuel. For them to make it to Iran and back, the F22s must be accompanied by tankers taking off from Diego Garcia and refueled at least three times. This is very difficult considering the vulnerability of refueling tankers. Plus the current tankers in the US fleet are about 50 years old and lacking a lot of tech for modern day battle fields.

The US air-force is currently trying to build modern tankers with capabilities to defend themselves with laser weapons, but this ambition is proving too difficult to achieve. But even with advanced tankers, Diego Garcia still remains vulnerable. If the US decides to base its airforce farther from Iran, the IRGC forces have only to increase the range of their missiles. This is one reason the US is worried about the Iranian Missile Program.

Iran is making the US pend hundreds of billions on long range systems. But everytime the US manages to build one, Iran simply increases the range of their missile at a very low cost. I think they will keep pushing the US farther until America is forced to fly combat missions from the continental USA. I will discuss the B52 in the next comment.

Debunking Arrogance

The B52s and B2s can fly from bases beyond the reach of Iran’s missiles, like from the US itself. The problem with the B series is that they are very large planes with far less maneuverability than their F22 counter parts. They are stealthy, but their large size and little maneuverability makes them far more vulnerable to air defenses like the S-300. The question now is, can the Bs defeat the Russian S-300, S-400 or Iran’s Bavar 373 and Khordad 3 or Khordad 15?

Karen Bartlett

Go, PIJ!

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