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In Video: New Desert Style Of Russian Spetsnaz

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The Russian Army and the Special Operations Forces (SSO) have recently held several exercises in various regions, including in Central Asian countries.

The newly-released staged video shows how Russian special forces are preparing for combat operations in desert and semi-desert areas. It’s nothing new that the Russians have been studying the successful operations of other forces in similar conditions, including mobile raids, ambushes, rearguard covers, enveloping attacks, carried out by different militant groups like ISIS in the Middle East and Africa, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the French Foreign Legion, the Turkish Army, IRGC forces.

The footage of use of very light cheap vehicles by the Russian spetsnaz to rapidly deliver soldiers to desert, semi-desert combat areas deserves special attention.


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Damien C

Those dinky toys are just silly the wheels are way way way too small to function in sand effectively


True, but the emphasis is on “cheap,” as well. The U.S. might be able to spend endlessly (for now) b/c of world reserve currency status for U.S. dollar, but most countries have to be careful with spending. This is not as good as the U.S. Light Strike Vehicle, but you can build lots of the Russian versions for one of the U.S. versions. My guess is the Russkies have the better version, as well.

Peppe il Sicario

The US armed forces use many of these Light Strike Vehicles made by Polaris and General Dynamics. Their costs are as once can presume ridiculous, but everyone by now knows the Pentagon’s modus operandi. I can guarantee you the Russian vehicles are tougher and much more durable than the American over-priced junk. However, one of those LSVs looks more like a golf-cart than an actual light attack vehicle!!! Looks too small and top heavy.

This is what the Joint Italian Special Forces Command uses and it’s made in Italy.


Last edited 1 month ago by Peppe il Sicario

Bigger wheels means slower!! Engineering is all about trade-offs.


Look at any farm – in warm or cold climate – what is best way to get around one fast and cheap? Trail bikes and quad bikes. If heavy sand topography you just alter tire pressures – to increase surface area contact. Its really not rocket science. From video is also clear these small vehicles are intended for use with air delivery – to be dropped by aircraft or helo – do pay attention.

Last edited 29 days ago by YepItsTrue

Immediately reminded me of the WWII Long Range Desert Group (LRDG, “Desert Rats”) that operated in North Africa.

And I’m glad the lizard got away :/


Agreed. The operational concept seems
like a mix of WW2’s LRDG and Rhodesia’s Selous Scouts.

Bringing it to the present day, I feel it’s an added and effective way of monitoring, intercepting, surrounding and destroying leg/motorcycle bound guerilla groups who may want to stir up trouble along the Afghan / Central Asian border area.


The LRDG were recon and they inserted SAS forces behind the lines.

Peppe il Sicario

Sorry Raghead, but the Italians actually built a better vehicle the “Sahariana” a modified Ansaldo/Breda 41 armoured scout vehicle and named it the F/A AS42, which was revolutionary in its design and armaments and specifically created to counter the British LRDGs in the Libyan desert. The Italians invented desert tank warfare in Libya in the early 30s, that is a historical unarguable fact. They were the pioneers not the Limey cunts. The Limeys just lie and appropriate everything from us like they did with “football” and rugby which is actually Calcio Storico Fiorentino and goes back to Roman.-Etruscan times.

here’s the proof!



Well that Italian armour was reduced to scrap metal when it came up against the 8th Army LOL!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Cromwell
Peppe il Sicario

It’s so easy to troll and bait you Limey cunts, Cuntwell. The fact is that you limey fags lost 1/3rd to 1/2 of all your tanks in the Second Battle of El Alamein in the fall of 1942. It’s a historical fact, you inbred fish & chip munching ass clown. The Folgore parachute Division gave you quite the licking. Was it our fault that the German lines broke and retreated in the north??????


Calm down asshole,its not my fault if your tanks only had reverse gear LOL!!

Jim Allen

The German’s made them go forward. Maybe it was the German markings painted on captured armor that made them do that…

Jim Allen

It was the German’s that caused those losses, and captured most of the British armor. The German’s went out at night to retrieve their shot up panzer’s, and picked up the knocked out British armor, dragged it back to their shop’s, repair it, paint German markings on the captured armor, leaving the British markings on the tanks, and they’d start the offensive in the morning. Rommel started the day with 60 tanks, would end the day sometimes with 3, or 4 still running. And start the next day with 60 tanks. Every day. Most of his armor was captured British. Rommel couldn’t get supplies from Germany, ships kept being sunk. He fought with a division, and a half of panzers, the 90th Light panzer division, a half division of heavy armor, and two Italian infantry divisions. With which he had no complaints. He did borrow some heavy armor from another panzer division to go give the US Army some experience at Kasserine Pass. No tigers.
Interesting story of the German retreat, and the eye tie paratroopers. Never heard about that. Strangely.

Jim Allen

The German’s then perfected it.


I have been saying for a long time this is whats needed highly mobile special forces with the right weapons that can operate deep in the dester where the rats fester,and as you say these tactic are just as relevent today as the LRDG and the SAS used in the western desert,i actually knew an old man who fought with Paddy Mayne 1st SAS regiment in WW2,very interesting man,they hit the Afrika Korps many miles behind the lines and Luftwaffe airfields.






This is how a country that spends its money exactly where its needed without excess or wastage looks like. If it works, use it.


My Dad was a mining engineer. He had decades of experience of working in the deserts of Egypt and Sudan. Once, around 1967, I suggested to him that the soldiers of Egypt should use trail motorbikes. It largely defeats air power if the riders disperse and don’t bunch together. My Dad did not agree. :)

L du Plessis

Good start but need little bigger wheels and bit broader to avoid rolling in rough terrain.

Corrupt Ukrop SHITHOLE

Most excellent Comrades 🤗
CIAtrolls and Ukropnazis will cry and rage 🤗


Some excellent concepts there! The vid doesn’t show it but it looks like that dinky vehicle would fit in the Mi-8 hold, which’d be quite excellent. Their experience in Syria has shown that small light vehicles are mostly all that is required in many kinds of missions, and the lighter they are the further they go – v important in desert. Heavy mg is mounted on the top bars which is very handy, and if all the heavy stuff is low down then stability is not a huge issue. It may even dodge an ATGM if it doesn’t hit anything but goes straight through the bars! It’s pretty good on first glance.

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