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In Video: Nazi Flag At Positions Of Pro-Government Forces In Eastern Ukraine

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It seems that the democracy has achieved a decisive victory in Ukraine after the US-backed coup in 2014.

Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) filmed a Nazi flag at positions of forces loyal to the Kiev regime in the village of Maryinka in eastern Ukraine.

According to pro-DPR sources, the flag may have been installed by the so-called Azov Battalion, a well known detachment of the Ukrainian National Guard. The detachment mostly consists of Nazis of various kind.

A more detailed report on the same topic (in Russian):

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Ashok Varma

Ukraine seems bi-polar as it has elected a Jew comedian as President and also has Nazis running around wild. One confused cesspool. Russia needs to take over and assert control.


Well, what do you expect? The Ukraine is a failed state with no real national identity to speak of. Like any country that gained its independence from a huge neighbor they derive their national identity from opposition to that bigger neighbor. That leaves them only the Nazi collaborators to identify with. These guys are hero’s to some because they fought the returning Red Army, not for any anti-semitic sentiments they had. It’s current day Russia which to them is the enemy, not Israel, or DA JEWZ in general. In that sense Russians have replaced DA JEWZ as the object of hatred.

Jens Holm

Its not correct at all. Its a new state, which was just as mismanged as the USSR being a part of it.

Obviusly they have big problems. Even well descriebed, the facts are diffucult to change. Russia do exact the opposit delaying and sabotaging anything they can.

AM Hants

Russia do exact the opposit delaying and sabotaging anything they can???????

Which is why Russia has the 5th largest economy, can feed her people, with no reliance on GM toxins, plus, provide free healthcare and education, including University level, to her people, owing to their lust for sabotage.

Do believe you are mistaking Russia for the US.

The US, who have only had 19 years peace in total, since 4 July 1776.

Russia, who only defends, never uses her Forces for offensive missions. She was asked to lend a hand in Syria, unlike NATO and the US.

Jens Holm

Russia hasnt the 5`th largest economy at all. That can be shown in many ways. This is one:


Another could be:


AM Hants

Visual Capitalis??????? Can you site them in academic papers?

Realise you cannot cite Zero Hedge, but, being lazy.

Russia To Overtake Germany As World’s Fifth-Largest Economy…https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-16/russia-overtake-germany-worlds-fifth-largest-economy

Projected GDP Ranking (2019-2023) Source International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook (October – 2018)

‘…In 2019, Top ten countries in nominal terms would be : United States, China, Japan, Germany, India, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil and Canada.

In ppp terms, Top ten countries would be : China, United States, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, United Kingdom and France. In top 10, Eight countries are common in both methods. Others two Italy and Canada are in top 10 on nominal basis, while Russia and Indonesia are in top 10 on ppp basis…’



There was no real Ukrainian identity before it became a new state. You can carve a state out of nothing, that does not translate into any actual national identity. These things take centuries of time to materialize. And like I said, the only thing they have to draw upon as national heroes are those dudes who fought alongside the Nazi’s against the Soviets.

I reckon the Ukraine’s biggest problem was that whoever ended up in charge after the USSR broke up just wasn’t as good as some of the others. The guys in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the central Asian republics were ruthless and corrupt, batshit insane even (you should visit Turkmenistan in that regard) , but they ended up being lucky in having shitloads of oil and natural gas to pay for the bills. The guy in Belarus was corrupt and brutal, but he made sure the trains would run on time, people kept their jobs and pensions would get paid. All the guys in the Ukraine did was line their own pockets. But they had no oil or gas to pay for it all, nor did they do their best to keep the show running.

Russia meddling obviously doesn’t help. But of course Russia is not in the business of making the Ukraine safer for the EU and NATO to take advantage of. Russia was fine with letting Ukraine do whatever the fuck it wanted to do, be corrupt, be not corrupt, AS LONG AS IT DID SO AS PART OF THE RUSSIAN SPHERE OF INFLUENCE. Now you can complain about that, but the US does exactly that for the entire Western hemisphere, and is doing the exact same thing now in Venezuela. Whoever gave the US the right to meddle in the affairs of Latin America?

The West meddling in the Ukraine with the Maidan change of power was a red line crossing as far as Russia was concerned. I assume that if Bornholm were to secede tomorrow from Denmark and say they want to become a Russian protectorate that would be a red line crossing for the Danish government too. And rightly so. NATO had no business expanding into Eastern Europe. The EU? Probably so, but NATO? It should have been dissolved after the end of the Cold War. Because when you have a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail.

Jens Holm

Of course it will take time and generations. Thats why I think russia should leave them alone and focus at their own part of the old USSR.


They can only focus on their part of the old USSR when the other old parts of the USSR aren’t being taken over by NATO. Could you focus on internal Danish affairs if a hostile foreign superpower were to erect military bases next to Denmark?

And that still doesn’t negate the question that why Russia should mind its own business when America is always meddling with its neighbors and beyond. Russia has valid security concerns along the countries its bordering with. So does Denmark. NATO on the other hand has no business in the Ukraine. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that by meddling in the Ukraine NATO is only unnecessarily riling up Russia. And you can’t say the Ukraine has the right to be free and do its own thing, because then the same thing applies to Venezuela. And all those other countries that the West has meddled in.

Jimmy Flies By

They will have all the problems the US and Uncle Shmuel tell them to have. Hunter and Joe Biden too will give them their orders.

AM Hants

Who created the Nazis?

Do not mistake the biblical jews for the Ashkenazi and Khazarian tribes. Remember, the nomadic Turkic tribes, adopted Christianity, Judaism and Islam, whilst learning Hebrew.

Igor Kolomoisky, Head of the European Jewish Community in Ukraine, funded the Nazi Azov Battalion.

George Soros, the Hungarian born of Jewish Faith, who believes himself to be God, in his own words, found the best period of his life, was when he was a Nazi Collaborator, back in 1944. Watching his friends, peers and neighbours, boarding the death trains, before going round to their homes and looting them.

Look at the kinder fuehrer, of the Nazi and Bolshevik elites, whose parents and grandparents were given safe passage and exile, via ‘Operation Paperclip’ and where they are now placed, both in the EU, US and globalist institutions. How many of them have Zionist leaning surnames?

Jens Holm

If they were that powerfull, You would be in a zoo or just some DNA in a freezer.

When the jews needed a good laugh now and then, they would make a clone and say – At least Comic Ali was funny. Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali. having american tanks in the backgrund.

AM Hants

Do believe they are working on it.

Jens Holm

More like You are. They are forced to be that by Russia to support their collapse as well as they are not able to understand and use the good sides of western economy by having no Leaders, there would likke to understand as much as needed for it.

AM Hants

They have had since 1991, to find their identity, following the fall of the Soviet Union. How come, after annexing so much Russian and Galicia territory, and becoming the 2nd largest nation in the Soviet Union, could Ukraine not handle independence, effectively?


Jens Holm

I take it again. It non of Your business at all.

If You are a Russian and they were a Russian, You collapsed. Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Poland, DDR Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Roumania and Moldavia – in Europe.

In Asia You systematicly collapsed a buncjh of othersas well.

Thats the whole point and not some more or less dirty map of Yours, where You again ignore facts about it and mainly it was a trade who got what.

As a cynic economist, i would say, that if Ukraine should not have Chrimera and parts of the fleets as well as those russian provinces – They should have had something else.

Try it with potatoes on any market in the world. The buyer gets the potatoes and the seller gets the money. And next day one of them take potato or money from the other telling, thats how fair trade is.

What is it ? Russian Economy by Engells or what.

I several times has proposed they should vote about the borderlines here and other places, but all there prefare to fight about it.

No wonder much of the world are kind of sceptic to Astana.

AM Hants

You do know the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire, back in 1917, do you not?

You do know, Stalin was a Georgian, who took over from Lenin and launched the Soviet Union, I believe in 1923?

How many led the Bolshevik Soviet Union, who were not Russian? Including Krushchev, the Ukrainian, who removed Crimea from Russia, back in 1954, when he was leader of the Bolshevik Communist Party, to say thank you to Ukraine for voting him in?

Did you miss the fall of the Soviet Union, in 1991, when 15 independent nations emerged?

Why did so many, with begging bowls, and professional victim status, gallup over to the Soviet Europrean Union, run on exactly the same ideology as to which they pretended they could not handle?


How many of those old Soviet Professional Victims are debtor nations in the EU and how many actually pay their 2% GDP contract fees to NATO?


Meanwhile, Russia, glad to be free of the shackles of her ungrateful neighbours, moved on and made many friends and partners with the nations in the emerging economies. She just went from strength to strength, once she got rid of the oligarchs, controlled by Rothschild and friends and came under the protection of President Putin.

Jimmy Flies By

The US congress and state department are full of Jew comedians. They are perhaps khazars and not real Jews but have a grinding hatred of all things Russian.


I guess this vid was intended for use on Russian TV. No intended use for Western consumption intended, because an English speaker, or some subtitles would have been of far greater use.


Western MSM would not show this anyway, so why bother…..


Harder to do cause its in Russian, which nowadays sounds nefarious after years of anti-Russian propaganda. And now they can add whatever subtitles they want. After all, it’s not like the MSM is averse to ‘twisting’ the facts to suit its narrative before.

Jens Holm

Propaganda is not needed to descriebe Russia of today.

Several danish companies has given up joining anything productive there and retreated as stripper does, when the spectators has stolen their clothe and raped them.

AM Hants

Can you translate?

Dutch and Russia, the DSB report on MH17 says it all. Together with how much have the Dutch lost out on, with regards sanctions on Russia? Especially Royal Dutch Shell.

Royal Dutch Shell vulnerable to Russian sanctions…

‘…Europe’s foreign ministers announced further restrictive sanctions on Russia, a scenario many analysts fear is being perceived too complacently by the market, as a sharp spike in oil prices could trigger a growth shock to the global economy. Many blue-chip companies rely strongly on trade with Russia, such as BP and Royal Dutch Shell, with the former warning this week that further sanctions could harm its business there…

…The impact of US and EU sanctions on companies operating in Russia is uncertain, although it is likely to effect the energy sector. Royal Dutch Shell (Epic: RDSB), which reported quarterly earnings on 31st July 2014, could be impacted by sanctions on the importation of equipment for artic, deep-sea and shale-oil drilling…’

‘ https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/columns/trader-talk/15128/royal-dutch-shell-vulnerable-to-russian-sanctions-16708.html

China stepped in, to help Russia, with the Siberian Gas Fields, whilst Russia, simply produced their own equipment for arctic, deep-sea drilling. Worked really well, as the Yamal Fields have shown. Even exporting gas to the UK and US, when they had problems, owing to the cold weather.

Jens Holm

So what, and You forgot BP.

AM Hants

Did not realise British Petroleum was Dutch. Clue in British.

AM Hants

Why did Ukraine Secret Intelligence happen to be on board the ships that were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the Azov Sea? What were the ships carrying and why were they so intent on upsetting the Russians?

DETAINED UKRAINIAN SERVICEMEN CONFIRM THEY PROVOKED BLACK SEA INCIDENT WITH RUSSIA UPON ORDER FROM THEIR COMMAND… https://southfront.org/detained-ukrainian-servicemen-confirm-they-provoked-black-sea-incident-with-russia-upon-order-from-their-command/

Jens Holm

We see things like that as well as war and non devellopment and You have to pay corruption for anything.

In one way Ukraine is far away, but its also rather big. Its not forgotten or ignored even being mismanged. We do hope for smaller improvements by the new President but not miracles.

AM Hants

You hope for a lot, considering who his mentors and financial backers are.

Ukraine gained independence in 1991, but, apart from professional victims status and a never ending begging bowl, what else have they achieved? What do the oligarchs get out of Ukraine and what do the people get?

Jens Holm

Thats completly irrelevant and non of Your business, if You are a Russian or anybody else.

Maybee focus of Yours should be low productivity in Russia and fx results like they cant even pay a fair pension.

AM Hants

LOL. Please tell me when the people of Crimea voted to return home to Russia, what was the increase in their social benefits, and pension?

Jens Holm

Westerns here in west already has known from before WW2, that Ukraine tryed to avoid Bolsjevism and by that became right wings in conservatisme as well as nazis.

We are not chocked seeing nazi flags as well as Ukraine today partly are ruled by oligarcs, mafiosa and corruption. So we already know and understand the context.

Only better inviroments for the population there can decline the extremisme. We try to help, but they have big problems in the top.

And we can put most TVs here on automatic translation. By that we can read, what its all about – even the translations sometimes is not perfect.


Ukraine is unfit to govern itself and is an artificial state that is now a laboratory for US and NATO destabilization of Russia. Ukrainians collaborated with Nazis in the great patriotic war too.

Jens Holm

True Ukraine has big, big problems. Hard to see the solutions in Russia. Even retired people gets less and less, and now internet gets controlled, so You KGB can see everything there.

You make the contrasts by Your communisme, and You hardly has changed. You dont let them alone and do anything to make them worse then they are even they are like You, and at least You should understand that.

We dont want You back as neocolonist as before WW1 and after WW2. UNDERSTAND THAT = NEVER.

We have no reason to attack You. You have nothing – NOTHING – we need apart from oil and gas – And You already sell it to us by fair prises.

By that logic sense, we protect Ukraines and others from someone like You.

Those and many others dont see You as some great patriotic father. Even russians themselves had removed Your greatest father Stalin.

It would be very strange to me, if most Ukrainians would like to be with You as You demand as little gay boys for candy. I will pee in my pants, if You dont obey.

You totally ignore how many million Ukrainiens You let kill as well as wasted in WW2 as well as the deportations and Gulag foreveer. No wonder some parts becomes Nazis after that.


Retarded nato-nazi moron, so called Ukrainains should be grateful to commies, they should worship bolshevism, not nazism. Commies created that fake ‘nation’ (along with Poles and Austrians), they forced ukrainization of russian population, they gave russian lands to ‘Ukraine’ (whatever that fake shit is), commies twice completely rebuilt infrastructure and factories, invested more in ‘Ukraine’ than in Russia. Nazis just plundered and destroyed entire Ukraine, planned to enslave and exterminate them all. But these pathetic insects are too stupid, indoctrinated with bullshit lies, they are laughable cretins just like you are. Go join Hitler (and Lenin) you dumb piece of shit.

Jens Holm

If we had many like You in western europe, we would not need to import gas.

Jens Holm

Nazis are no majority in Ukraine as well. Let me remind You that even hardheaded Russians has removed Stalin and his version of being a father as evil as he was.

Millions and millions lost their lives in Ukraine and in WW2 because of him and his suporters, but here – of course – You blame jews and nazis.

AM Hants

A few Ukrainian (well US) bio-chemical labs, whose personnel have complete diplomatic immunity, that have popped up, since 2014.


Just remembered this old video, which shows the Ukrainian Far Right, back in 2014 and their supporters.

Ukraine Crisis – What You’re Not Being Told… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWkfpGCAAuw




Jens Holm

Thats a very big improvement. Before that Ukraine had the whole USSR arsenal of nukes covering all western Europe at least twice.

AM Hants

Who had the codes? Who had the carriers? Who just kept the nukes in storage for their masters? Who paid the bills?

Jens Holm

Of course EU and Nato had them, and Yeltzin and Gorbatjof had to pay for using them using a fingerprint from the museum of Kremlin.

If You should add something, it could be, where sport fishing is available or can be arranged.

Tjernobil probatly is a kind of Ukrainian self detonation as well as a kind og guerilla uprize by nazis.

AM Hants

How did the EU have the codes for the SU ICBMs? I know Obama gave the Russian Federation the codes for the UK deterrent, plus, routes, when he was trying to get President Medvedev to sign the SCART II Treaty, but, did not realise the EU had the codes for the old Soviet Union missiles.

Sport fishing, never interested me, so will leave that to you. Chernobyl, you would have thought Ukraine learnt their lesson there. However, the idiots, post 2014 decided nuclear safety was not that important to the nation. Which is why Yats sacked the nuclear safety team and gave the contract for the nuclear reactors to the bankrupt Westinghouse Group, which also had the Fukushima contract (now what happened there) and allowed them to place the wrong shaped rods into the reactors. Now what on earth could go wrong?

V. Mecki

a Nazi flag? Someone has stolen it from the moon!!!

Rhodium 10

Nothing special!..Nazis gangs &Jew president in Ukraine…ISIS/Al Qaeda serving and protecting Israel in Syria….Guarimbas (thieves,rapist, drugs gangs,murderers of the underworld) fighting to the service of the rich catholic Oligarchy of…Venezuela!…..Machiavelli have been hired by CIA&Mossad…

Jens Holm

Nothing special from You as well.

You forgot western economics as well as jews probatly wrote the Choran as well :)


Sod off dumb bitch

Jens Holm

Jews probatly wrote Muhammed economics to keep arabs down.

It was written muslims could be rich fast by stealing from others, tax the ones which obeyed and taken their women for swifes, konkubines and slaves.

Isnt it what muslims blame jews for doing….And its written.

Kenny Jones ™

Can you stop crying now?

Jens Holm

I can read facts. They even in danish in the Holy Choran, The Hadditts and You more then 100 years old Sharia too.

We are not like You. 500 years ago we uprised and got our christians biblic verses on our own languages insted of Latin.

So we give equal rights to Your Islam and can read, whats written.


What if is catholic?

Tudor Miron

Europe loves (deep inside) this democracy loving ukro-nazi. They are not ready to admit it openly so they prefer to pretend that they don’t see it.

AM Hants

Do you remember the UN voting, both in 2014 and 2016 to ban the Nazi Party, thanks to the Russian Bill?

US, Canada and Ukraine voted against the bill. In other words, fully supported the Nazi Party. The wonders of ‘Operation Paperclip’ and Allen Dulles providing safe haven for the Nazi and Bolshevik Elite.

2016, it was only the US and Ukraine, still supporting the Nazis. Wonder, why Christina Freeland, could not persuade her Prime Minister to support her grandfather’s party of choice?

Jens Holm

Very bad describtion. Like if You have bad tires on a car, You throw it away.

AM Hants

Lost in translation.

Allen Dulles, did not throw the Nazis away, now did he? Instead they simply changed their identities and settled over the pond.

Jens Holm

According to You I probatly only know Allen Dulles as a name of an airport.

AM Hants

Yeah, if you insist. Good mate of Reinhard Gehlen and the Grandpa Bush. Now how did Grandpa Bush get started?

What was the CIA originally set up to do? That is going back to their previous days, around 1939 and before they got going, around the same time as ‘Operation Paperclip’. Wasn’t Mueller good mates with Dulles and his cronies?

Jens Holm

I actually are more focused on today and the future.

If You want to know about what was going on in details in WW2 and after that, You should ask someone like me.

AM Hants

Same old crowd, different faces, same narrative. Now the kiddies are trying to run the script.

Jens Holm

Thats totally incorrect.

AM Hants

Takes us back to Biden, Ukraine and corruption.

Kolomoisky, now didn’t the Head of the European Jewish Community, Mr Igor Kolomoisky, finance the Nazi Azov Battalion? Didn’t the same Mr Kolomoisky, also provided jobs for Boy Biden, Kerry’s step-son and Kerry’s financial mentor?

True Lies: Poroshenko Sells His Business to Dmitry Firtash, the “Party of Regions”, and Vice Presidents of the United States… https://www.stalkerzone.org/true-lies-poroshenko-sells-his-business-to-dmitry-firtash-the-party-of-regions-and-vice-presidents-of-the-united-states/

Nikolay Azarov: Joe Biden Admitted to Committing Crimes on Maidan in His Memoirs… https://www.stalkerzone.org/nikolay-azarov-joe-biden-admitted-committing-crimes-maidan-memoirs/

Borris Kutzyanutzoff

we muricans and our Ukrop + Zionist allies will conquer the universe and install mcdonalds in every corner of the galaxy! murica!

Real Anti-Racist Action

More Mi6 psychological games played through their SAS stooges stations all along the Ukrainian frontier.

Make sense

Seig Heil

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