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In Video: Moment When Cruise Missile Hit Abha International Airport In Saudi Arabia


This video shows the moment when a cruise missile launched by the Houthis hit Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia. The incident took place on June 12.

In Video: Moment When Cruise Missile Hit Abha International Airport In Saudi Arabia

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  • Wolfgang Wolf

    fake video.. they copied in some people on the left side of the video

    • BE712

      So the rebels say they hit the airport with a missile – and the Saudis confirm it by making a fake video ?!

      • Human kind is doomed

        Rebels say they hit military airbase, if i’m not mistaken? Saudis are telling us that rebels hit civilian airport.

        • Tommy Jensen

          The important thing in the video is the Houthis hit women, children and elderly with their hypersonic missile because they were in the way.
          Therefore it doesnt matter whether the video is from a military base or a civilian airport.
          The Houthis were going after peaceful civilians, especially Americans who were living on their own soil in Saudi Arabia.

          • FlorianGeyer


          • Ronald

            “Their own soil in Saudi Arabia”, some days Tommy is better than ever.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Even funnier when one appreciates that ‘Soil’ in English can also mean human faeces :)

      • Wolfgang Wolf

        fake video to claim that innocent civilians were hit

  • Floderé


  • Nick Sobkowiak

    Nice shot! Keep it up

  • Shy Talk

    those signs are well made, they didn’t move

  • World_Eye

    Hmm first they say the strike the Control Tower, which is high tower and its been used for air-traffic and radars.Here we see doors opening automatically which indicates its not the tower, and judging by the amount of the explosive that’s’ not a 450 kg warhead, usually the Cruise missile are destroying whole complexes or whole buildings. This was more like a mortar attack or something like that! How accurate is this video that is the very one on the airport thats been targeted. By the looks of it, 1 casualty and some material damage?

    • goingbrokes

      Yes, this could be anywhere. What is there to say that this footage is from Abha? None.

  • georgeking

    Now imagine thousands of them coming from Iran in a real War with the US in the middle east.