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MAY 2021

In Video: Militants Shot Down Myanmar Mi-35 Helicopter

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In Video: Militants Shot Down Myanmar Mi-35 Helicopter

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On May 3, militants of the “Kachin Independence Army” shot down a Soviet-made Mi-35 helicopter of the Myanmar Air Force in the city of Momauk, Kachin province.

“They used jet fighters and helicopter gunships since eight this morning to attack our troops. Our troops fired back and this was how the helicopter was shot down,” said KIA spokesman Colonel Naw Bu.


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  1. John Wallace says:

    The Kachin have been fighting in the north since the early 60’s and the Karen in the east bordering Northern Thailand since early 50’s. I was in Chang Mai 1982 when I first heard about them. No progress seems to have been made either way.

  2. Fog of War says:

    Seems someone is giving the ” rebels ” AA missiles. Wonder who ?

    Yet, the Taliban has been empty handed in that dept for years because Russia and China are scared of mean Uncle Sam. Just pathetic.

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