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In Video: Militants Destroyed Syrian Army Position In Northwestern Hama With Anti-Tank Guided Missile

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In Video: Militants Destroyed Syrian Army Position In Northwestern Hama With Anti-Tank Guided Missile

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Militants from the Turkish-backed Nationa Front for Liberation released a video showing an anti-tank guided missile strike on a position of the Syrian Army near in the vilalge of al-Huwayz in northwestern Hama. This is how the ‘moderate opposition’ spends its time during the supposed ‘ceasefire regime’.


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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Putin stop being a moron and stop making ceasefires with torkis!!!!


And what would happen without “ceasefire”?!
Does SAA has enough soldiers (now when they are spread even more thin, stretched even more along the Turk border) to make decent effective offensive?
I doubt that very much.
But why would you care about the facts as long as you can have escape goat in Putin.
It’s simple Putin, is guilty for everything.
You people sound ever day more like Jew bots by targeting Russians as the easiest target for blame-game since Russia is the only true force there that prevents removal of Assad.
Maybe it is the time that you face the reality that SAA has problem to liberate country completely and that process might take much more time than desired.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

you honestly think that during these ceasefires the rats act like good little boys and dont do anything? they use the time to resupply, dig in, and still attack. that is reality. erdo loves the ceasefires for this very reason. when was the last time SAA was the first to call for a ceasefire?


Yes “Erdo loves the ceasefires”…
Assad loves SAA along the Turk border (which is normal) and SAA presence in many Syrian towns without fighting to liberate them. Syria is one step closer to freedom of the country once US have gone and SAA came in to replace them.
Assad have obtained that without confronting US or Turds or other Turds and without losing soldiers to liberate border or those towns. And all that thanks to the negotiations and “ceasefires ”
But as you have mentioned there is also bad side to it.
Once negotiations start it is most of the time that politics dominates.
It is like scenario of bad movie where one waits for green light to attack.
And I fully agree with you, there are plenty of disadvantages in all that.
But that’s the way things are at the moment

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yes im glad you agree with me, i would like to know what putin tells assad if and when assad ever complains to him about erdogan and israel


And I understand that you speak with your heart first, when you are angry at Russians.
You are very strong supporter of SAA and Assad and you rightly so are impatient that this aggression and injustice and suffering ends.
Since Russians are military world power (but not economic world power) there is always room to ask more favors, weapons or more Russian direct intervention in Syria.
But is it realistic?
Is it realistic to have direct confrontation with Turkey that is still NATO member and in theory able (through “article 5”) to ask for NATO help against “Russian aggression”
Since Russian economy is not strong enough to compete with the sanctions and with simultaneously backing conflicts in Ukraine, Syria as well and having NATO breeding down their neck on Russian border in the same time.
With obligations to keep up with US and NATO in weapons modernization.
There is still not even symbolic, help from China .
Iran is also not helping lately, like they did before.
Maybe it is time now, to try to negotiate more than to fight, to end this war?

“i would like to know what putin tells assad if and when assad ever complains to him about erdogan and israel”

Assad is probably like you, asking always for more help, all kinds of help, because they depend on help unfortunately.
Militarily Russia has capacity to help ending this war sooner but economically without help of the world most powerful economy like Chinese I doubt that to be possible.
Arabs, US and NATO because much more economically powerful can always outspend Russia and ruin Russian economy if that conflict starts to grow out of control.
That’s exactly why Russia is stuck with frozen conflict in Ukraine.


Russia doesn’t have even 1/10 of USA fire power to sustain an intense bombardment for months, maybe that’s all they can do

Free man

You have to pray to Putin five times a day. Only thanks to him is there today a country called Syria.


If this is Allah, you know it’s not a God but a demon, our cause, it’s holly

Rhodium 10

“Spend its time”…Because terrorist have many resources and weapons that Turkey,Israel,Saudi and USA give them!


I see no uniforms or weapons, looks like unarmed people.
Is this really SAA?
Or did i just watch terrorists attack ordinary unarmed people?

Mighty Mongrel

The little sand nigger didn’t kill anyone hahahahaha

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