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JULY 2020

In Video: Massive Explosion Rocks Oil Refinery In Philadelphia


In Video: Massive Explosion Rocks Oil Refinery In Philadelphia

A screenshot from the video

On June 21, a massive explosion erupted at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in Southwest Philadelphia. It’s the oldest continuously operated refinery on the East Coast.

According to reports, the refinery processes 335,000 barrels of crude oil every day. The incident reportedly started in the Point Breeze section – one of the two plants in the complex.



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  • Christian S

    Houthis drone swarm finally reached their intended target

    • FlorianGeyer

      Or was it a US attack that was intended to hit Iran and the Pentagon planners got their Google Maps coordinates confused :)

      Its welcome news anyway.

      • chris chuba

        Pompeo and CENTCOM already blaming Iranian proxies and making Iran accountable.

        • FlorianGeyer

          At least its not Russia’s fault :)

          • goingbrokes

            Not yet!

        • goingbrokes

          OMG, the Iranians attacking US mainland already – they are powerful beyond belief!

        • Pave Way IV

          What’s striking about the US reporting here on this is that not one single talking head mentioned the possibility of terrorism. To those outside the US, you have no idea how often this is suggested by the media in any disasterous situation like this. It’s usually followed up with the obligatory repsonse by some unnamed public official that denies the event had any relation to terrorism and everyone is safe (Thanks, .gov!). As stupid as it sounds, I simply EXPECTED the usual suggestion this time around with hints about ‘possible Iranian motivation’. Instead, n o t h i n g… That’s damn odd in and of itself. I’m not arguing about what happened at all, but the odd way it was reported THIS time, of all times. I don’t know what that might mean.

        • Xoli Xoli

          Pompeo will accuse Hisbollah.Bolton will whisper in Trumps ear and says it is Russia hackers.Lets wait for fake news.

        • Tommy Jensen

          You guys missed it. Maduro finally gave US a red arse.

  • Rob

    If Trump destroy whole America still he cannot make any excuse to invade Iran. Its well known. LOL

    • adzsiam

      I honestly think US and Israel are getting sloppy in engineering their ‘book of dirty tricks.’ Or am I assuming they are so deluded and arrogant, they believe they can get away with anything they want?!

  • JustPassingThrough

    clean up the city a bit.

  • Xoli Xoli

    USA,Israel,Saudi and Turkey bomb oil refinery with sea mines which jump.Now their goes ballistic insanity has take over.Accused number one Iran,accused two Venezuela accused 3 Syria or maybe Mexico did a big mistake.Everything from USA is Temporary just to eye blind the whole world.

  • Lazy Gamer

    i hope this is just an accident. i think America has a lot of stored stocks and can immediately ramp up production for short term purposes. This wont disrupt or give pause to trade deals or war . But can America afford to strain its economy further without being overtaken by the Chinese? Too much fire incidents in America

  • 1691

    What if it was mossad’s message to Trump for failing to start the war?