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In Video: Massive Attack By Israeli Warplanes Left Syrian Port Of Latakia In Flames Of Huge Fires

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In Video: Massive Attack By Israeli Warplanes Left Syrian Port Of Latakia In Flames Of Huge Fires

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On December 28, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian port of Latakia. A large fire broke out on the territory of the facility, which was not localized for about eight hours.

The attack was carried out at about 3.21 am local time. The IDF warplanes from the Mediterranean Sea targeted a container site at a commercial port in Latakia with missiles. The strike led to fires and important material damage. No casualties were reported yet.

Syrian air defense systems were activated to repel the attack, but to no avail.

Hours after the attack, Latakia Governor, Eng. Amer Ismail Hilal, has confirmed that the firefighting teams were able to control the fires. According to the SANA news agency, the teams of the fire brigade and civil defense, with the support of the vehicles of the directorates of agriculture, technical services and hygiene in the city council were deployed on the spot.

Israeli officials have not yet commented on this issue. Tel Aviv is not used to explaining details of the strike on Syria.

This is the second aggression against the port in two months. On December 7th, the port of Latakia was attacked by IDF warplanes, but with less significant damage.

Later, on December 16th, a series of Israeli airstrikes targeted positions in Syria’s southern region, according to the SANA.

In Video: Massive Attack By Israeli Warplanes Left Syrian Port Of Latakia In Flames Of Huge Fires

Click to see full-size image

In Video: Massive Attack By Israeli Warplanes Left Syrian Port Of Latakia In Flames Of Huge Fires

Click to see full-size image

In Video: Massive Attack By Israeli Warplanes Left Syrian Port Of Latakia In Flames Of Huge Fires

Click to see full-size image

In Video: Massive Attack By Israeli Warplanes Left Syrian Port Of Latakia In Flames Of Huge Fires

Click to see full-size image


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How much longer will this Zionist terror be tolerated without an answer? Tel Aviv should be blasted to hell.


Yea. Who’s gonna go against them?

“Who can make war with the beast?”

There is a reason all we hear is talk from those around them.

But take heart in the fact that when judgment comes on the earth, Israel will be the first one destroyed.


Russia has the power and even Iran has,also Syria has missiles,time to use them.


Israel rules Iranian mollahs . Iran can do j…..sh.. Syria has got some rockets from Toys r Us

paper zion

are you a turkey a monkey or are you a dog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5HCDvEaxSU

paper zion

monkey? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWbTvnwwU2A


There yoiu go again, like most Christians-Waiting for someone else to solve the problem

Sorry my friend No One is coming to the RESCUE. The Lord only helps those who help themselves

Do you remember what happened to the Christians in the Roman Arena?

They too, huddled in a circle, praying for God to come to their aid and the Lions had their best, easiest meal ever.


Israel has been raiding like this on a bi weekly basis for 4-5 years now … that’s longer than WW2. The USA has the road link between Bagdad and Syria blocked and USA occupied Iraq and Turkey block all other road links so there’s no way for Iran to supply Syria with anything other tan by air / sea.

If the IAF was as powerful as claimed why do they have to repeat this every other week and how is it that the SAA have any air defences left … you’d think the first thing the IAF would do is take out threats to their aircraft yet they haven’t and the Damascus airport should be a giant crater but it still operates and apparently Iranian planes still land there loaded with missiles for Hezboullah.

This looks like warfare but it stinks of theater … perhaps the appearance of victory is important to Israel?

Chris Gr

Actually Turkey and Iraq are ok with Hezbollah.


You’d think with all the satellite and surveillance aircraft the IDF / USA have in the region Iran couldn’t squeeze a fart past their borders without them knowing let alone shipments of missiles.

Chris Gr

Now there is not a war with Israel. If war comes then many countries in the region will ally with Iran except for those in the GCC maybe which see Iran as a greater threat.


Indeed , this is exactly what it is. Regular pinprick attacks from outright cowards with no dignity whatsoever, with little to no strategic or even tactical value yet provide ample PR value for domestic consumption + psychological duress on an already weakened nation and people. In pure military terms, they sometimes cost more than what they actualy hit.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor

What they hit was the port,i don’t know of any Country that would let that go without a response.


The axis of resistance is just very patient, remember how long it took for the Shias to make Hezbollah during the Israeli occupation. When they lose their patience, the Zionist won’t know what hit them. Remember how secretive the axis of resistance is, when they surprise, they fucking surprise.

We both have the same question, how long are they going to remain patient. If Israel attempts to destroy Iran reactor if there’s no nuclear deal, our question will be answered very soon brother.

Chris Gr

Look, Iran will surely have a great deal of the Muslim world with them. The question is what will other non-Muslim powers do.


So what if Syria attacks Israel?

Can they defeat them? Not a chance right now … Syria’s massively outgunned by the IDF. They’re fighting a civil war and sanctioned 3 ways to Sunday by the west. There’s no economy and their assets outside of Syria are frozen.

Israel will just knock the shit out of them from the air and leave them for the Turks and terrorists to pick the bones.

Russia isn’t going to defend them … they don’t want to pick a fight with the USA by attacking Israel. Russia can win a war against the USA in Russia but they are vastly outnumbered in Syria. It’s just a matter of time until their ships and air defences run out of ammo. Either they accept defeat and lose everything they gained in Syria or they escalate and WW 3 is on with no winners.

Despite the posturing neither side wants a wider war in Syria. It’s now a war of attrition … they’re trying to bore each other to death.

Israel keeps to pinprick attacks to keep the home front happy, Russia allows this, the SAA limits itself to swatting missiles and the USA sits on their side of the desert and patrols occasionally. Everyone’s waiting for the other guy to give up and leave.


Destroying the nuclear weapons facility at Dimona would seem to be within the capability of Syria. I guess they havent yet done that as it would irradiate the surrounding nations. PS Beruit was a WMD not a pinprick


If Israel launched an all out attack like you say i believe thats when Iran would go all in,the Israelis wouldn’t like that.


Well put again. If I may add, there is also a political-ideological parameter to be taken into account : Putin is overtly friendly to Israel (as opposed to “neutral” contrary to what the Kremlin publicly said for some time), especially in that theater. And so despite all of his country’s core interests going technically against at the moment and more traditionally in the middle-eastern sphere, where Russia remains globally closer to Arabs in terms of weapons and infrastructure deals and project and remains de-facto excluded from any such endeavors with Israel.

So even if Russia has ample means to severely restrict or even outright put a complete end to IDF airplanes from conducting further attacks on Syrian assets, he will always choose to look to the other way, so long as these attack don’t change the military balance on the ground, which they don’t one bit as they are more symbolic that relevant.

Plus, there is another , more geopolitical dimension to it : by giving Tel-Aviv such a permanent free pass, they maintain pressure on Iran which ever since the stabilization of the main military front and the end of core reconquest campaign of the SAA, Tehran has become a liability since it is directly wrestling for influence and contracts. Moscou wants to be the kingmakers and a miserable Assad with exactly zero sovereignty over his own people and country living in constant fear of either Turkish or Israeli attacks is the perfect tool for their goals in that regard.

Iran for its part, plays the long game. And in that regard does not care whether some proxy Iraqi or Afghani soldiers or even unlucky SAA guards or Syrian civilians sometimes die here and there in the process of their slow, but solid entrenchment. Mossad itself admits on air that what is taken out is only the tip of a large iceberg and Iran otherwise manages to funnel critical shipments to both Hezbollah and the SAA when determined, losing a few on the way is even considered in their total costs every time they decide to mount a transfer.

That sad little “game” will keep on going back and forth until Syria somehow reached the level of military aptitude to take on IDF planes again, like it had during pre-war levels. But they are obviously not there yet and so not by a long shot, so notoriously brave Israel will keep on using Syria as a punch bag for everything else they cannot touch in Iran and Lebanon.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor

If Hezbollah destroys haifa, and they can, Israel will be screwed economically and it will be outright war. There is a time for everything – no-one could have imagined Assad surviving this apocalyptic onslaught, but he did. One morning, we’ll all wake up and Israel would have been turned to glass, as smug and powerful as they claim to be


Its the their Gay Kike leadership scoring PR points from the settlers, thats all – pure theatrics – The Syrian war is won by Assad despite the very best efforts of the most wealthiest , powerful nations on earth and there’s Fckall the Kikes can do about it – every ticking hour is closer to judgement day for kikestan LMFAO

Chris Gr

Western nations didn’t invade Syria like Iraq or Afghanistan. Saddam or Najibullah lost very badly.

La Rata

Were are the Iranian Missiles ??? only civil target by IDF …


Izzies really held a grudge against Nestle CoffeeMate and assorted pasta. Last time they murdered a lot of them in Latakia, like 2 container worth of them. . Since food can’t shoot back, it’s completely within specialty of the brave child-killers.


Iran will retaliate very soon


Wrecking containers with US-taxpayer funded ammunition at a commercial port owned by a sanction-ridden,war-ravaged and partially occupied nation with a battle-fatigued army without the ability to respond without inviting an outright onslaught that would destabilize the remaining fronts with jihadists. Wow,look at the achievement. Iran should be scared by now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor
Michel LeBlanc

Yup its like punching a dude with 2 broken arms. Ouuuhhh how mighty!!

Dont worry, the little occupiers will get crushed in due time. Look at how pathetic they have become, ON THEIR OWN MIGHT I ADD.

We just have to sit back and watch them swirl around the toilet drain, watch them flail to get out, around and around.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Russia and iran is absolutely pathetic for not stopping or immediately responding to this, im sorry but the truth needs to be said

Michel LeBlanc

Nah this is nothing. Another useless PR attack by Israel.

Dont open another front, let idlib rot more!


Idlib isn’t rotting thats the problem,its infested with head hacking terrorists,thats another mistake Russia and Syria made,agreeing to a so called ceasefire when the SAA were on a roll over a year ago,and what good has it done?its just given the bastards and the turkes to get more organised and dug in.


Putin is a self-affirmed staunch supporter of Israel, he finally stated that verbatim on record a couple month ago while on an official meeting with Bennet. Is Russian air-defenses and CAP wings let such a close calls pass completely unimpeded, it is simply because the Tzar wants that to happen. It allows more control on a pathetically dependent Assad and additionnal bargain at every political juncture to come.

Iran for its part quite understandably won’t ever take that bait to avoid providing crazy-easy casus belli to the US coalition by drawing first blood against Israel . Khamenei himself repeatedly said that it is Tel Aviv that has the power to start war with Iran, whereas it is up to Tehran to finish it on its terms and timeline once mayhem begins.

All the pieces are waiting to fall into place if the Zionists in power go full retard without anybody with sanity stopping them like late Peres did in 2010.

And you can bet the Sepah’ missile artillery groups at Tabriz and IRIAF’s strategic bomber wings from Shiraz AFB with custom-developed Su-24 avionics and sensor suite will take their sweet time synchronizing attacks between MRBM and LACM volleys taking to the air with Dimona’s targetting data inputed in their INS,optical seekers and TERCOM (and possibly Chinese Beidou for course correction and trajectory updates,as US-controlled GPS or Putin-controlled GLONASS would not work).

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor

Israel will not stop until Syria attacks them back, I don’t think Russia will allow it.


I only hope Iran gives Israel a Reason to remain within their own borders. Any American with Children should hope for this too. Otherwise your children will bleed into the Sand for the State of Israel. Israel’s loses or young Americans will again die in the sand 3000 miles from american territory.

Last edited 1 year ago by gfy

Israel’s action will continue to result in the death of many Americans. 9-11 was in response to the support the US provides to Israel. This support is at a cost to the American Taxpayer and the young Americans that bleed into the sand fighting in countries that border Israel. US citizens have NO vested interest in the area. Signed a US Vet.

Last edited 1 year ago by gfy

If Israel only existed in the Bible at this point the world would be much more peaceful with less death and destruction. As a bonus there would have been no child rape of American Children on Epstein’s/Mossad Island if Israel did not exist.


Another cargo goes up into flames, along with the Syrain port.

I wonder, isn’t it better for the Iranians to spend these resources for their own people instead of trying to hurt us? I guess not, that’s the problem with people who wear dresses and believe in their own fairytales.

Doesn’t really matter though, that is all the prelog for what’s about to come. Gryzor, I wish we hadn’t come to that situation but you can thank your regime for it. I read what you wrote on the last topic, it’s not our intention to kill innocent Iranians. You want to avoid the war? then you go out there and hang the mullahs from the tallest trees in Tehran, or else they will bring destruction to your own people.

Israel will not back down on that issue, Iran will not get nuclear weapons. When the zero hour comes, rest assured all of your ballistic missiles won’t save you. Make peace with us and disarm yourself, or get ready for something you will not forget for decades to come.

Saying to you loud and clear – we Israelis are not afraid of a war against you. It’s all or nothing, place your bets.

Peter Wallace

So again Israel does as it pleases in Syria with no response too its acts of war. Syria is well within its rights within International law to attack Israel but by not shows their inability to do so .Israel and the US and partners have successfully incapacitated Israel’s no 1 foe from all the Arab- Israeli wars. Remember the six day war where Sadat did a deal with Israel to be defeated straight away and Israel sent its main force into Syria taking the Golan Heights in 1967 . Sadat was later assasinated by his own troops for his treachery 1981. Iran has never attacked Israel in those wars probably because the US had the Shah’s balls in the vice.


What Syria needs is some loitering munitions of it’s own that can stay slightly out of air-defense range, yet pose a threat of unknown exactly when and where they will strike.


Israel is imposing the rules – it decides who, what, when and where ^^

Christian J. Chuba

Didn’t Syria get a a squadron of modern Russian fighters about 2yrs ago? I recall they were at least Mig-29’s, or hopefully something better, that should have been enough time to train Syrian pilots. Syrian pilots are allowed to go into ‘international airspace’ to defend Syria. The U.S. and Russian pilots meet each other there all the time. I bet just seeing Syrian aircraft would disrupt these attacks.

Karl Wolfe

While the Israeli government is busy Genociding its own people, it needs convenient distractions to occupy their citizens minds so they don’t have time to think about and act upon those who are really out to kill the Jewish People: the Israeli Government FM elites themselves. Well done Comrades, yet again you keep the People off base and divided. Such brilliant divisive Chutpah. Clap 👏 for yourselves.

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