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In Video: Locals Throw Rotten Tomatoes At Turkish Vehicles In Northeastern Syria


In Video: Locals Throw Rotten Tomatoes At Turkish Vehicles In Northeastern Syria

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Locals in Syria seem to be happy to see Turkish military equipment in northeastern Syria. Earlier on November 1, Turkish and Russian forces conducted their first joint patrol in the framework of the Russian-Turkish ‘safe zone’ agreement. The patrol took place east of Ad Darbasiyah.




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  • Derek Johnson

    I bet they are Kurds right?

    • Mike

      I bet your an ass.

    • xTheWarrior22

      No, these are people who don’t want to see turkish soldiers in Syria. I can understand them, just watch what Turkey is doing in Syria, supporting the Jihadis since the start of the war, letting the terrorists use Turkish territory to attack Syria from different areas, providing shelter to them. Remember when the Jihadists attacked Kassab from turkish territory or how ISIS members sold oil to Turkey?

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        Remember how y. p. g.. pkk. bastard firing from Syria to Turkish Towns killing innocent people.. we have to come to Syrian side to secure our border in way a turkey help assad to gain their lands from terrorist. don’t be ungrateful now

        • xTheWarrior22

          Turkey did the same like the YPG. When Turky kills civilians, everyone ignores it, but when the YPG does it everyone start screaming about that. Turkey doesn’t help Assad. See how they blocked the Idlib offensive. Everything they do will backfire in the future.

  • Mike

    Nothing about Russians, therefore no solomon kupek no I mean toronto tonto enlightening post.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Just observing simpleton.

  • Taz T

    Russia encouraging occupation so they can sell its WMD to crazy Erdogan.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      That’ll be a tough sell as the USA is their primary WMD dealer and they’ve even gone as far as sanctioning Turkey for buying from the Russians. The ME used to be Russia’s corner in the 60’s and 70’s but they were muscled out by the USA in the 90’s. I don’t think these 2 cartel …er countries will go at it head to head …. they’ll do like the Hells Angles do and use wanna be proxie gangs to do the dirty work.

    • Issam

      Assad did an interview yestersday and answered everything about the the recent developments. the interview is translated in text

  • occupybacon

    Throw some pork to show respect

    • Toronto Tonto

      I love BACON . lol

      • Concrete Mike

        We know you love him, but thanks for coming out of the closet, well done chaps!

        • Toronto Tonto

          When is my party cement head .


    To score this sport correctly, a center hit on windshield in front of the Turkish driver is worth 10 points. :)

    • John Wallace

      To cause the driver to swerve and go off the side of the road and roll is a bonus 100 points..

      • ArcAngel

        PZIVF and John Wallace
        Thanks for the laugh.

  • Hanny Benny

    this tomatoes are in turkey unpayable….
    Take it with you for your jihadfamily!!!!

    So you have to eat, poor turkish soldiers.. Nobody likes you.. WHY?!?

  • Toronto Tonto

    I thought this was tradition wherever the ruskie and friends this week went , no ya maybe . losers

    • ArcAngel

      Hey hey, it the idiot ‘is-ra-hell’ troll with its comedy show.
      A perfect example of a sociopath.

    • Mighty Mongrel

      hmmm, last time I checked, the Turks were part of NATO, Muricas lil ally and friend. guess you missed that huh ? basic cunt

      • Toronto Tonto

        Turks are losers like ruskies .

  • ArcAngel

    OK- now I see why the Russian MP/VPs requested the Turks to remove their flags and digital license plates from their vehicles prior to heading out on patrol.
    Too funny.
    “Winning the Hearts and Minds”

  • World_Eye

    nasty ottomans