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In Video: Locals Intercepted U.S. Military Convoy In Syria’s Hassakah

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On October 24th, the locals blocked the U.S. military patrol in the Syrian Hassakah province.

Local residents threw stones at a US Air Force patrol that was passing through their village. As a result of the incident U.S. vehicles were forces to turn back.

Earlier the same day, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intercepted US military convoy of six military vehicles in the village of al- Damkhiya village in Hasakah northern countryside. The convoy was also forced to return.


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Peter Wallace

They don’t care. They go out , drive as far as they can and go back to base , report what happened and do the same tomorrow . Showing their presence .

Christian J. Chuba

Does it take a toll on them after the get home and people say, ‘thank you for your service’.

I hope that it bothers them a little bit to see the locals angry as they watch us ship their oil and wheat out of their country. Especially when they hear Sean Hannity brag about how we are hurting ‘the regime’. I hope watching people shiver in the cold winter months has some impact on them. If it doesn’t then that would explain some of our night club shootings.

Tommy Lee

Nah, it’s all good in the hood for them. They get their dicks sucked by the community for going overseas, and they don’t have to deal with the consequences of actually seeing combat. It’s the guys who didn’t actually fight who usually have the biggest egos.

Peppe il Sicario

Americans need to break from their elites’ old tried and tested “rally around the flag” propaganda gimmick. They’ve been falling for it generation after generation. Just remember what happened after the false flag Boston Marathon bombings when swarms of federal agents swooped down on the city forcing into a lockdown and all the nimwit, drugged-out and alcoholic American college students began chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A……” like the simplistic morons they are. All to the elites content seeing how easy it is to manipulate them!! The Plutocractic empire moves on.


Still babbling away , incoherent rubbish as usual.


Next time they should throw an RPG at the bastards.

jacob woah

don’t you mean fire it?
why throw away a perfectly good weapon, some American might pick it up and play with back in the base. Hell might blow up a barracks killing a number of his buddies.

Last edited 1 month ago by jacob woah

LOL!! correct,but you could say they would be throwing a rocket propelled grenade at it.


Wallace you are on the ball. Or balls if you were a homo. Who cares as long as amerofags in service to zionist pigs are gone.


It must feel great to be the most hated nation on earth…it takes some going to surpass the Brits and the Zionists but the Yanks have achieved it !!!


you really are a sad excuse for a human.

pappa gone

beautiful vision, soon they will leave. and if they come home in plastic bags will be better….. they don’t go in future anywhere

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