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JUNE 2023

In Video: LNA Seizes Turkish-Manned Vessel Off Libya’s Coast

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced late on December 21 that its naval forces had seized a Grenada-flagged vessel manned by a Turkish crew.

The vessel was raided off the coast of the Libyan coastal city of Derna, within the exclusive naval zone drawn by the recent maritime agreement between Turkey and the Libyan Governorate of National Accord (GNA).

“The ship was towed to the Ras al-Hilal port to inspect, verify its cargo and take internationally recognized procedures in such cases,” Gen. Ahmed al-Mismari, a spokesman for the LNA, said in a short press release.

The LNA’s media office released a video showing the seizure of the ship by the Fighting Naval Company Susah. The army also released photos of the crew’s Turkish IDs.

Turkey has not commented on the issue, so far. Earlier this month, the Turkish military deployed combat drones in Northern Cyprus to escort Turkish vessels and drilling ships sailing in eastern Mediterranean.

A senior commander of the LNA had warned that the Libyan Navy will seize or sunk any Turkish vessel that would attempt to smuggle “weapons or terrorists” to areas held by GNA forces in northwest Libya.

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Mustafa Mehmet

Nice propaganda

Peter Jennings

The Turkish admin, by helping a corrupt nato/UN puppet stay in gov’t, are creating a rod for their own back. Libyans will never accept a foreign gov’t and the LNA have the will of the people. Turkish forces may enter Libya but exiting may be a different ballgame. Or maybe the Turkish intervention is all about oil? The Turkish admin have been trying to expand their borders of late in order to steal oilfields that at present belong to other countries.

Stealing seems to be getting quite a habit for Erdogan.

Hasbara Hunter

And….? Did they find any Weaponry?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Nice job lna

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