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MAY 2021

In Video: LNA Eliminates Syrian Militant In Tripoli Security Operation

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) has eliminated a Syrian militant in a security operation inside the country’s capital, Tripoli, the al-Marsad news outlet revealed on March 5.

Sources with knowledge on the matter told the outlet that the operation was carried out in cooperation with personnel of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Interior Ministry, who oppose Turkish military intervention in Libya.

“A cooperation with Libyan elements affiliated with the GNA Interior [Ministry] who oppose the presence of the Syrians, ended up with the capture and interrogation of the militant … valuable information was obtained from him,” the source said.

The militant, reportedly a commander from the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, was first captured by LNA agents. However, he attempted to escape which forced the agents to shot and injure him. After a few hours in captivity, he died of his wounds.

Al-Marsad shared a video of the operation. The short video shows the militant confirming that he is from Aleppo as he bleeds from a bullet wound in his chest.

Turkey deployed thousands of its Syrian proxies in Libya over the last few months as a part of a military intervention meant to support the GNA.

Facing this escalation from Turkey, the LNA stepped up its operations against Syrian militants in Libya. Earlier this week, the LNA-affiliated government restored full relations with Syria, which is also facing a Turkish intervention in its northern regions.

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You can call me Al

What was that SF ?, bollocks comes to mind.

Saif Imam

I was just saying about Hafter!! ??


I hope Ansar Allah Yemeni fighters will be join in Syria against Turkey and jihadi noobs.

Mighty Mongrel

The Yemeni fighters are all Salafist’s … Salafists hate reform, therefore hate modern day Syria


I mean Houthis (Shia Yemeni)

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