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In Video: Live Fire Drils Of Russia’s Modern T-90MS Battle Tank


In Video: Live Fire Drils Of Russia's Modern T-90MS Battle Tank

A screenshot from the video

The Russian Defense Ministry’s TV channel Zvezda released a video of live fire drills of the T-90MS main battle tank (MBT) developed by Russia for export.

The T-90mS a modernised version of the T-90 MBT designed by Uralvagonzavod. In comparison with the original version, it has improved automotive components, suspension, protection, firepower and mobility. The MBT is equipped with a modular explosive reactive armour can employ various munitions, from common tank shells to guided missiles.

The modernized fire control system allows the T-90MS to identify targets at a minimum range of 2,000m during day and 1,000m at dusk.



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  • Raptar Driver

    Would be nice if they exported some of these to Serbia.

  • Barba_Papa

    Barring having my own T-90ms in my driveway I want a 1/35 model of that thing!!!