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In Video: Large Reinforcement Of Iranian-Backed Fatemiyoun Brigade Spotted In Syrian Desert

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In Video: Large Reinforcement Of Iranian-Backed Fatemiyoun Brigade Spotted In Syrian Desert

Members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade during the Palmyra offensive in December 2016

A video showing a large reinforcement of the Afghan Fatemiyoun Brigade arriving in the Syrian desert was spread in social media. The Iranian-backed formation was reportedly spotted in the vicinity of Jabal al-Bishri region on the border between Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa and Homs governorates.

Liwa Fatemiyoun is an Iranian-backed Afghan group that has operated in Syria since 2014.

It reportedly has up to 20,000 fighters in Syria and was mainly active in Aleppo, Homs and Deir Ezzor. The Afghan group was reportedly funded, trained, and equipped by the IRGC.

Back in 2020, Liwa Fatemiyoun fighters carried out combing operations in the southern countryside of Deir Ezzor, targeting ISIS cells.

The Afghan group may be preparing to launch a new combing operation in Deir Ezzor, or to participate in a military operation by the Syrian Arab Army against ISIS remnants in the nearby Homs desert. Their reinforement may also be linked with the on-going escalation between the Iranian-backed forces and the U.S. in Syria and Iraq.


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A clown like you

I think it is the first time seeing SF talked about the Afghan Shi’a groups that get pay from Iran.
Now let’s talk about Pakistan Shi’a… then some morons might understand most of the soldiers who died in Syria and Iraq aren’t Iranian.


Who cares. They are doing the job no Sunni states have ever done – getting the US out of the Middle East

Chess Master

Sunni states are just collonies :) edit: exept Turkey

Last edited 18 days ago by Chess Master

turkey is a project state its worse than a colony its similar to the usa or the zionists in fact it even corrupted its language into this miserable backwards “turkish” dog language and atleast it had some kind of high culture in the past when it was speaking farsi and wasnt full of dog excrements

Last edited 18 days ago by farbat
A clown like you

“exept Turkey”
ahhaahahahhaahahahahahhahaahah, good one


I don’t understand your comment, what you want to say or imply?

A clown like you

I know, I should have given more info about what the fuk I was saying and I’m sorry for that.
I wasn’t comparing Shi’a and Sunnis, nor was I saying Afghani Shi’a are toys of IRGC.

All I was trying to say was Afghani Shi’a play a role in Iraq and Syria in the fight against ISIS and other terrorists.

A lot of people think/believe IRGC fighting in Syria and Iraq…which is not true and most of the time people don’t talk about what Afghani Shi’a have done and what they could do in the future…let say the Afghani (people) ask Iran for help.
Who do you think would be the best group to fight the Taliban? These guys with full support from IRGC.

A clown like you

“A lot of people think/believe IRGC fighting in Syria and Iraq”
Let me be more clear, a lot of people believe IRGC, Shi’a Syrians, PMUs, and Hezbollah are called Iran-backed militias, they don’t know about the Afghani or Pakistani who are a big part of Iran-backed militias.

When Wahhabi terrorists, Zion, or yanquis attack Iran-backed militias they believe Iranians are hurt or killed every time.

The truth

Iran and the Afghan Shia fighter lost around the same number of fighter around 2000 each even hezbollah lost around 2000 fighters paki fighters lost around 300 fighter according to reports all in all the Shia lost around 10 thousand fighters up to may 2020.

You do understand Iran didn’t force anyone to join these groups The Afghan Fatemiyoun Brigade was formed in response to the formation of isis and same with the paki Zainebiyoun Brigade these men that decided to join these groups understand what they are getting into and this is the path they chose. And it’s not like Iran only sent military advisers to Syria and Iraq they sent well over 10 thousand of their own people to these countries.

Last edited 18 days ago by The truth
A clown like you

1. No matter how hard you try we wouldn’t really know how many people died from which side, be it Iranian, Afghani, Pak, etc. I didn’t say how many troops there are or how many of them died, but it is known there are fewer Iranian than Pak+Afghani going by that fact less Iranian died in Syria.
Here is the thing a lot of people don’t talk about Afghani and Pak Shi’a groups who are fighting in Syria and even Iraq. I was glad SF did talk about them.

2. “You do understand Iran didn’t force anyone to join these groups”
You do understand I never said that right?
I said this before but I got Afghani Shi’a friends, one of my best friends is Afghani Shi’a, and one of his family members fight in Syria. Being Afghani living in Iran is not easy, sure he wanted to fight ISIL but it was clear to my friend and me he also needed money. It is a normal thing Afghani don’t get that many jobs in Iran. Before you say stupid things let me be clear (good jobs that pay well). Also, yes it is understandable to get pay for being a soldier.

Again with the number of troops…you wouldn’t know and again don’t put words in my mouth, I never said Iran sends “only” military advisers or whatnot. If you think that’s what I meant you wrong.

Afghani: “Approximately 10,000-20,000 Afghan men, mostly from the Hazara ethnic group, have fought in Syria in support of the government of President Bashar al-Assad. They have gathered under the banner of the so-called “Fatemiyoun” Division.”

Pak: “Law enforcement agencies in Pakistan do not have any official statistics about the number of Pakistani Shia youth who have participated in the Syrian conflict but they believe the number varies between 3,000 and 5,000”

Iran: “2015. The Wall Street Journal reported on 2 October 2015 that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (the IRGC) has had some 7,000 IRGC members and Iranian paramilitary volunteers operating in Syria”

Do I believe those numbers? No, no one really knows.

The truth

I don’t understand why they(resistance axis) wouldn’t know the exact numbers I’m pretty sure hezbollah gives accurate numbers because once a martyr falls his photo is hanged up in his village im pretty sure they do the same in Iraq because i have been over there.
Even though I haven’t been to Iran yet I’m sure they do the same thing there too.

“then some morons might understand most of the soldiers who died in Syria and Iraq aren’t Iranian.”

And also I’m not putting words in your mouth but your statement seems to imply Iran is just using these people so they don’t have to use their own people. And also one more thing most of the soldiers who died fighting for Al Assad government were Syrian and most soldiers who died fighting isis in Iraq were Iraqis.

A clown like you

I’m not going to talk about how many Iran-backed militias died or how many there are and from which country.

I should have been more clear about what I said and fair point, my bad.
The last thing, I was talking about Iran-backed militias not Iraqi or Syrian who lost their lives fighting against terrorists.
Ofc, Iraqi and Syrian soldiers lost the most fighting Wahhabi terrorists.


@Southfront – They are there to invade Israel since the Sunnis are kissing Yahudi Butt.


I see Toyota is still doing very well in sales of pickup trucks in all of the illegal wars that the US is involved supported by its little worm lapdogs.

Peppe il Sicario

You stole my comment!!! 😁 Yeah, it seems that the dirty Jap elite only like $$$$$ and is devoid of all morals like the good Murican bitches they have become. Karma, however, will be paying this fagged out feminized country a visit soon, Fuku Shima style.


The toyotas are affordable and available, simple as that. They are not “best” of anything. Show any soldier the Russian made GAZ Tigr light armoured fighting vehicle and ask them if they would like a toyota pickup instead.

The SAA and Chinese both use variants of the GAZ. Any group using a consumer grade vehicle for transport or as a technical is simply limited in their budget restrictions and by extension combat capabilities.


Hazara Shia Afghans should go to Afghanistan to fight for their homeland against the Sunni Taliban, instead of fighting for a foreign country, which doesn’t even recognise them as its citizen.

Last edited 18 days ago by John
Faisal al Al-Mahdi

God Bless the Liwa Fatemiyoun,
They are volunteers, many of whom are motivated by a duty to serve God (swt), they are motivated to fight the forces of Satan, America the antiChrist and its vassal devils like the UK and the zionist occupation entity the abomination of desolation. The sartanic forces include the America vassals, the takfiri ISIS and alqaeda, the American militia causing so much destruction.
The Taliban is a nationalist afghan movement who have apologised for their earlier sectarian mistakes against the Shia Hazara. The Taliban have disavowed sectarianism and do not attack the Shia. The Taliban are effectively fighting America and its afghan vassal callaborators. It is not holy and not sanctioned by God for the Liwa Fatemiyoun to fight Taliban..
This is a holy struggle to fight America and its vassals , America are the satanic forces on earth.
All believers , muslims christians and real jews (those that obey Moses(AS) and Isiah(AS) and all good humans should fight and struggle against the satanic forces of America and the UK.
These are the end times and imam mahdi (AS) and his 313 prophets(pbut) have returned to earth, Angel Michael gathers the believers to fight Satan and his agents the Americans and their vassals. The eyes of the universe and countless beings all watch the epic struggle to save Humanity. Satan (curse him) and his followers believe they can win and America, Satan’s agent plots , but God is the best of planners.
Glory to God, God is greater, God is greater.


You are fooling Afghan Shias. The Taliban are No. 1 enemy of Afghan Shia and already killing them. You are using them for your puposes. I hope Afghan Shia soon wake up. This has nothing to do with defending shrines or fighting for Imam Mahdi (a).

Last edited 18 days ago by John

Either you are ignorant or try to play smart. Last time the Taliban attacked Ghazni, whih is part of Hazarajat, was 2018. They massacred the Hazara there. This time they will extinguish Hazara once they rule over Afghanistan and abandon their Taqiyya. The Taliban don’t care for Shia and are worse than ISIS.

Last edited 18 days ago by John

for all farsi speaker a piece of mocking jews for their failure and them basically accepting their defeat to their own people explaining to them that they have no hope to defeat iran and that they started to fight iran after they understood that america is a loser and has no chance either

Last edited 18 days ago by farbat
L du Plessis

The Taliban will get the US to leave Iraq, just like Afghanistan 😂


Toyota four wheel drive: seemingly the universal choice for a soft skinned desert terrain vehicle.

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