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In Video: Large Convoy of U.S. Tankers Smuggling Oil To Iraq

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On January 10, RusVesna published a video showing a large convoy of U.S. takers with Syrian oil heading towards Iraq.

The footage taken by a military aircraft proved that a kilometers-long US convoy accompanied by four military vehicles was moving along the M4 highway towards the illegal border crossing of Al-Walid with Iraq.

According to the SANA news agency, U.S. and Kurdish forces have recently launched an oil refinery at the Rmeylan fields in the northeastern part of Syria’s Hassakah province, from where they are stealing oil and are transporting it to Iraq.

In Video: Large Convoy of U.S. Tankers Smuggling Oil To Iraq

Illustrative Image

According to local sources, the US Delta Crescent company that is working on the ground in north-eastern Syria to process the oil bought loyalty of Arab sheikhs from the Tai tribe, who are now involved in the theft of oil.

Delta Crescent Energy was registered in 2019 in Delaware, according to Opencorporates.

The SDF signed a deal with Delta Crescent Energy LLC without the approval of the legitimate government in Damascus, which called it a “deal between thieves”.

The owners of the company are not named, but Politico and several other Middle Eastern media outlets refer to them as James Kane, James Reese and John Dorrier Jr.

The first is known for being the US ambassador to Denmark for four years under President George W. Bush, and now owns Cain Global Partners, which promotes various brands in the Middle East, including Lego.

Reese, one of the partners of Delta Crescent Energy, has been a strong advocate of US military presence in Syria. In 2018, he declared on Fox News “We own the whole eastern part of Syria…That’s ours. We can’t give that up.” Presumably the ‘Delta’ part of the company’s name comes from him, since he spent part of his 25-year service in the US army as part of Delta Force.

Following his retirement in 2007, he formed TigerSwan, a company that provides security, logistics and risk management services to private businesses and US government agencies worldwide, including hot spots.

Finally, John P. Dorrier Jr. is a former executive at GulfSands Petroleum between 2004-2008, a UK based company that had previously worked in northeastern Syria.

It was at this time that the company entered the Syrian market, obtained a license for the Block 26 site in the north-east of the country and discovered the East Khurbert oil field there, which produced 18.5 thousand barrels per day before the war.

Gulfsands Petroleum later discovered and launched several more fields and was one of the last companies to halt operations in Syria in 2012 due to sanctions.

Northeast Syria, is mainly made up of the province of Deir ez-Zor. It is notable for the fact that it contains 75% of the country’s oil reserves – 2.5 billion barrels.

The company, Delta Crescent Energy LLC, was granted a sanctions waiver by the Trump administration in April 2020. It permitted to work in northeastern Syria oil fields, which are controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Biden administration has decided to not extend a sanctions waiver for a small US oil company to operate in northeastern Syria, Al-Monitor reported on May 21, citing sources informed on the matter. On December 31, the U.S. sanctions waiver granted to Delta Crescent Energy should be expired.


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Lone Ranger

Effin pirates. The days of the crumbling americant empire are numbered. They are losin on all fronts. How low life of a superpower you must be if you scraping the bottom of the barrel, Literally cor a few tankers worth of oil. Its shameful what the U.S. has become.



Chris Gr

Mystery Babylon

Danny Dezponga

These thieving criminals and their tankers need to be blown sky high.


Aggressive War. Illegal Occupation. Natural Resources. Open Plunder.

Only nowadays, the Anglo-US Empire likes to cloak its actions as ‘humanitarian intervention’ in their mouthpiece MSM.

Last edited 1 year ago by Robespierre

Why is Russia and Syria not bombing the oil tankers, they bombed the ISIS tankers.


You think it’s a coincidence that the USA is moving convoys of oil out of Syria in plain sight of Russian aircraft at the same time as a coup attempt in Kazakstan the week before they start negotiations with Russia over NATO forces on their border?

The thing about trying to trick people … or countries … into making stupid moves is you have to be smarter than they are.

In elementary school every Russian studies chess and logic as a core curriculum whereas in the USA “there are no wrong answers” in mathematics and poor students get “social progression” even if they sit in the back of the class eating boogers.

If you don’t understand why the Russians aren’t attacking US convoys at a time when they could be at war against NATO I suggest you take up chess, study logic and quit eating boogers … and yes even your own boogers.

Last edited 1 year ago by HB_norica

Why would bombing an occupation force stealing oil be astupid move? thats crazy talk.

jens holm

Thats a stupid question making only stupid answers.

Ivan Freely

If the Russians outright bombed the convoy, it would give the US valuable political ammunition to be used on the World stage. They can mold it as Russian’s bombing local civilians (which they are) which will be used against Russian troops in the region. In other words, recruitment of more useful idiots to the American cause.

The situation would further escalate, forcing Russia to commit more forces than necessary. In other words, Russia is reacting to a US action; the US is controlling the narrative where it should be the other way around.

Besides, what does Russia gain by attacking the convoy in the end? The US would continue to find other ways to smuggle stolen oil. So in the end, nothing has changed. Russia loses X-amount of money in operating costs or more should things go south. All for a few tankers of stolen oil perpetrated by useful local idiots.

If you’re going to risk losing assets, the gain better be greater such as total withdrawal of US troops in the region.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ivan Freely

The problem with that rationale (which I understand and mostly adhere to, commitment of forces mut always remain a carefully calculated endeavor in any conflict, for any country) is that it does not consider the fact that such oil smuggling between the SDF/USA is precisely at the core of what perpetuates US occupation and plunder.

So long as such smuggling continues, taxpayers will barely notice the weight of their soldiers’ continued presence in NE Syria. So long as that little thievish affair of their somehow sustains America’s local project financially, it will be long-lasting. And the more it lasts, the more it will grow : well publicized and measurable efforts are already underway by contractors to expand military bases around oil & gas infrastructure and increase the volume of extracted oil by consolidating US-built refineries.

Overall, this is posing a serious threat to mid-to-long term Syrian national integrity, as it increasingly bolsters or at least maintains and de-facto legitimizes separatist efforts by non-state entities in Kurdish-controlled areas to finally carve away their quasi-state. And this is exactly why we’ve seen them literally throw hell on earth on similar activities undertaken with Turkey and its proxies in the northwest a few months back, with ballistic strikes on refineries and convoys similar to this one lighting the night sky with dozen-meter long flames and exposions.

Putting an end to US occupation in NE Syria comes with destroying their ability to sustain it with a lifeline justifying strategic interest and motivating political appetite at home for it to continue, either frontally or indirectly. And I’m guessing that the recent significant increase in active measures by the SAA/Loyalist locals/Russian forces to impede and sometimes outright stop US mouvements all over the NE.

Pressure, harassment, and gradual encirclement through expansion of surrounding areas under their control is indeed is the only way to go if they are not to bomb the hell out of their infrastructure and proxies. The risk of unintentionally killing US Special Forces and soldiers embedded with the SDF is the one key factor preventing direct approaches by the VKS.

Chris Gr

I see that those that dislike SDF are in a radical Islamic bent. Most countries in the world plus Assad regime plus moderate Iraqis plus moderate Turks plus moderate Iranians are ok with it.


And interestingly, most people unconditionally supporting them usually like seeing secular Arab Nation-states being blown to bits and turned into Islamic hellholes everywhere around, and tend to arm or support Al-Qaeda-linked fighters them to achieve that, too. The GCC passionately support the Kurds in Syria and have send financial and political support through regular diplomatic visits, namely the Saudis. They sure are such examples of moderate secular progressives you are talking about.

Well I’m an atheist and actually support the Kurdish struggle for national emancipation within due process and without foreign opportunism turning it into a Balkanisation plan for countries they dislike, so your rational falls flat from the get-go.

Besides the people you call” moderate ” are mostly pro-US opposition among the named societies. And there is no such binary reality on the ground : the Kurdish , depending on the faction and contexte, are either pro or anti-Iran, pro or anti-Iraq and pro, or anti-Assad, and sometimes even fight each other. (namely pro and anti-Barzani fighters in Iraq a few years back). Some, like the PKK, are Socialist bent and pro-Russia, and work in that regard hand in hand with the few NE areas under their control, while most SDF leadership are strident US-supporters and supported by them.

The only common denominator you can find among the entirety of Kurdish population and faction are alignement against ISIS and Al-Qeada, including Turkish-backed genocidal thugs. The same is true of the vast majority of non-Kurdish factions, and so with reason, as there aren’t worse zealots on Earth currently that these nihilistic savages.

A lot of true moderate people and political parties support the Kurdish plight and namely its right for self-determination, most of them don’t support this resulting in unilaterally breaking the Syrian state fabric and through outright plunder of their natural ressources by a completely illegal US occupation of their soil and infrastructure.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor
Chris Gr

I am not secularist or progressive. I am conservative. However, Turkey, Iran and the radicals in countries like Iraq or Syria will create problems in the future.

Syria, Egypt and UAE mostly support the Kurdish cause. Other countries like Algeria, Iraq or Saudi Arabia are more neutral to their cause.

SDF is 70% Syrian so the pro-Americans are probably several tribes in eastern Syria that dislike the regime of Damascus and they don’t want Turkish and Iranian influence on them. But I don’t see why they don’t join Iraq for example. Probably because US wouldn’t want a strong and big Iraq.

The other things you write are very correct. Iraqi Barzanis like Turkey and Iran and have helped them against Ba’athists and ISIS.

jens holm

You should wonder why so many dislike Assads getting 91,5% of the votes.

8 of 20 millions are not even in the country – why

And nice to worry about taxpayers money. But they are not Yours. Where we live Our budgets are driven by decidings driven by elections. Nprmally about 90% by that has voted for it.

A country includes all there. The uprisers and the kurds are the low parts in Baathist private property feudalisme.

The Kurds just want or wish, whats very nortmal here. We elect local parlaments for local matters. They get 50% og the tax and spend them well, because they know what they need.

Thats why Denmark for the moment has the lowest corruption in the world. We also are high ranked in police as well as courts. So we do have some KNOW HOW and how not.

Syria is bad runned by few people in Damakus. It not even has an infrastructure for any improvements. The bad livingstandards giving no hope are the base for the need of sober changes.

The opposition mainly are from poor in the town and poor stil in the countryside. Assads has grown them and made Syria open for incommers.


ANd we’ve seen many recognized elections naming the SDF as the legitimate leaders of Northeastern Syria everywhere they rule now. Everybody in the Arab communities agree with them forcefully recruiting their children, of course, this is a known fact. I see that your intellect is as weak as ever.

The fact that the Baathists in their time have indeed abused the Kurds unfairly does not justify separatism backed by foreign occupation and theft of their soil and pillaging of ressources that belong to all Syrians, not just Kurds. It’s all citizen or none, not just “some that the US like”.

8M out of the country because the western coalition hand in hand with the GCC petrocrats decided it was time to use internal strife to their advantage and destroyed most of Syria, while Assad behaved as deafblond autocrat when he decided to quell peaceful protest with bullets. I see both sides of the fence, and do not rely upon selective indignation like you do. You are simply happy that Syria is no more as an integral state. You simply like to see secular states hostile to the western and israeli sphere broken up. Don’t try to posture like you’re interested in the Kurds, if you were so genuine in supporting drive for national emancipation you wouldn’t be se hateful of the Palestinians, you damn imbecile.

Nobody ever decided where you money goes, you are delving in lunacy again : 90% of people in the UK opposed the war for oil and the lies of Tony Blair ==> yet their “elected” government went to war and it was as ruinous as it was immoral, so get the hell outta there with your petty remarks, same with 60% of the US. Taxpayers elect their representative as a whole, they don’t handpick where their money goes, so please spare me the childish lecture.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor
Chris Gr

You are correct on that one. US or UK have nothing to do with Iraq. Iraq can be invaded by countries that border it only.

Chris Gr

Yes because Ba’athism is failed ideology but the West only cares about money and LGBTQIOPBKIG sickos.

jens holm

My version for kasakstan might be, that the Russians created that few uprisers, so they could show the rest of us, how strong they are.

By that the more peacefull demonstators can be kept down hard very semilar to Belarus.

Kasakstan certainly has needed and need sober reforms decided one by one by their parlament and president. You follow the propaganda doctrines well. Locals hardly exist and foreigners do all the damage there.

Thats my version.

USA as well as EU, China, India, Japan a.s.o. wish for stability there and trade both world just as in the Western Economies and its many affilitates.

They collapsed by USSR and not us. Whats wrong in helping them up. That never can be done after any Russian rolemodel even Putin give Lavrov a new hat or some hair.

we of course do it as something for something and by that easy can raise their livibgstandards if the oil money are not stpolen and things are drowned in corruption. And of course its something for something. They have to produce and distribute their stuf. By that they can buy some of Ours.

Its world economy instead of walls and landmines west of Berlin. Ksakstan was take by military force by the Tzars.


They have no cojones ^^

jens holm

Syria is divided in a Russian and an american no go zone.

You can only cross over, if there are agreements about it. USA fx use drones against johadists in North West.

Its very impressing You are unable to know and understand how facts are there.


Watch Zion-Wahhabi-Yanuqis supporters show their true face now. And a few days later say the opposite of what really happening. Stealing and setting up corrupt people in power, never happened in Afghanistan as well.

This is not the first time.

Chris Gr

What is your country?


Ask your mother bitch. Rtded kid, I’m not stupid nor did I grow up in a poor country – what I mean by that is as a young man I grow up with the internet and I know how easy it is for “others” to collect your information/data.

I give you free advice kiddo never tell anyone anything about yourself, nothing. On the internet or in real life. Use Brave browser it is “safer” and you should use Brave tor to search the internet. Buy Kaspersky Anti-Virus, it is good to have and buy a VPN.

Chris Gr

This dude is nuts. Basement dwelling side effects.


Not really I have a very nice house, and no we don’t have a basement. I can tell you are young. I don’t need to argue with you or anyone about how clueless and stupid you are.

I’m “nuts”, no you are just stupid. People staying safe are “nuts’ to you? What are you a Karen as well?

I really don’t understand you. Are you one of those people who likes to be the stupid person, the clown? Everyone has anti-virus and uses VPN buddy it is 2022, wait wait wait, do you even work? Have you ever worked in your life yet? It is normal to have anti-virus and some companies like where I work want us to use VPN to have a better… I’m really explaining this to you. No, fuk you.

People aren’t “nuts” you are just rtded, a backward person like you would say such moronic things. The only nuts person here is you and you proved, well-done clown.

jens holm

You certainly has reasons to hide. You are nuts and coconut.

Use gloves. The antivirus might take You.


Jens, you aren’t even funny. I want to have my privacy. The End.

Both of you have some problems in your heads. That kid is just young and you are a boomer.

jens holm

Im fine with VPN and keep up by Avira and several other filters.

I cant see he is a kid. If so he is a bright one. I often disagree with him, but he is not living in decided darkness.


Ofc, both rtded see each other as “bright ones”. Who else sees you two as “bright ones”. I would put that Plastic_zion guy over both of you.

Chris Gr

Am I talking about antivirus? Not. You are stuck in a subject like an autistic kid.

jens holm

I did Chris.


You’re the one to talk, I said I’m no longer care what a rtded kid thinks. Kiddo fuk off to school. Don’t worry Jens from all people called you the “bright one”. I see why people ignore both of you, I going to join them. I think you can understand what fuk off means.

Chris Gr

You make no sense


I have just one question,why the hell wasn’t it incinerated from the air? i don’t know what sort of war this is where the enemy are allowed to steal oil.

jens holm

You has to read much more about it.

This is no childcarecenter. And if I try to explan I always gets minus for it.

You just simply are raised as obeyer. Even You have the whole internet, where You can find it for free, You ask here.

But its safe being You. You by that never is responsibility. But You forget, them above You communicating with You by one way TV by that can do anything to You and do.


“And if I try to explan I always gets minus for it.”

Someone needs to put you in a daycare center first of all. Also, no one would understand you, if you try to explain anything. I think a drunk Irishman could explain better than you.

jens holm

Its as I write it.

You have to be raised to learn and do. Thats power. Knowing Your enemy is a part of it. None should be spendable blindfolder being killed as spendables for any. At least You have to understand why.

And I am a sober Western knowing more about things fx in Syrie then most of thepoeple reading and writing here. I meet the low knowledge level every day.

In my country only the most illiterate cant search themself. The rest of us do even many are not in details for Syria or fx Kasakstan. Thye search for all kinds of knowldge and are in a much higher level.

I see educated people here not able to handle even simple things as they started every day from some kind og ground zero and total memeorylack – Well added total propagandized versions of world.

If we were and are like that, we would have collapsed long time ago.


He was trying to start a conversation and not with you. He is most likely angry as to why the US can just steal Syrian oils and get away with it. He is not stupid and knows how to use google or why the US can get away with it.

Jens, you say all these things but you do know that no one is forcing you to be here, right? Please by all means don’t waste your time here.

jens holm

He is not trying to start any conversation with me. And You are right. I have decided to be here, because I have followed ME well from my first bible lessons in School.

You hopefully are not forced to read my writings and might be able to ignore them.

I understand Your oil crap comments well. I disagree and my argumentaion count as well. You have no patent.

This is not about oil at all but about Assads plundring the country from oil and gas money too. They cant even see more devellopment and higher incomes can give them even more money drowned in corruption.


Jens, I know you and I blocked your ass when we had Disqus on SF. I would block your ass again and so would many other people if they could. You are just childish and wouldn’t change no matter what. No matter how many times I prove you wrong – you say the same thing again and again. That’s fine, you do you.

Also, that “Chris” guy is a kid, I’m not joking I talked to “him” many times over the past 3-4 days. He is rtded, he can’t even understand English and try so hard to argue with anyone and talk out of his ass 99%. You want proof go and read our conversation. Even the one here, what is wrong with him? I don’t know.

But now I understand why so many people just ignore him and would even try to reply to him, I understand. But I have a problem, I can’t really ignore people and I see it as rude to not reply back.

P.S. Jens, I’m going to say it again, I know you and your point of view on many things, it is not hard to guess tbh. So, I’m not going to argue with you, I do agree with some things you said and disagree with a lot of other things you said.

jens holm

The only ones having a plan for the future are the Marxist parts of the Kurds. They are among the poorest and even so, they are not even allowed to try some very needed economic and social reforms.

How many sheep are a bought and sold girl or women in Syria in lira. Even thats collapsed. And You support it.


Yankee thieves and pirates, nothing new.

jens holm

And You work hard to remain as the best victims. Ha ha.

Not a single golden bathtub in Damaskus is sold yet. Thye now buy in silver and some in zink.

jens holm

That transport is not smugling and has been known for years. If You dont like it name it theft or something else.

They of course hide to portect themaself against attacks.


Do you even understand what you are saying? Okay, those oils belong to the Syrian government, not locals, BTW the Kurds never belong there in the first place. So, it is theft by definition.

If someone breaks into your house and steals, what is that? They are not hiding if they have done it for years. Who is going to attack them? ISIS that are in US payroll? What drugs do you take?

jens holm

Those oilfields belonged to the private property namede the Baathist and it highest representatived named Assads.

The rest got nothing but had to pay for it as anyone else adding extra to the corruption.

Then ISIS stole it from the theives.

Next SDF and its coalision took it to reduce Assads as well as ISIS.

Syria has been kept as private property since Nasser was there. Those are the facts. The characteristics are like the communist party in USSR or maybee some kind of “new Feudalisme”.

Those people are not Syria and its inhabitants.

Chris Gr

If Assad falls Syrian would be run by radical Sunnis.

jens holm

I dont think so. They might take but they cant keep.

I dont play the game, that the only solutions are Assads, Radicals and kurds are bad.

The rest of the world has many solutions different from Assad and Jihadists. Thats the whole point. No what might happen, there will be even more loosers.

So far 400.000 or more are dead. There are new destructions every day.

Ill never send a single lira for Assads. The only ones having a structure for devellopments are the SDF Kurds. The rest systematicly are kept in the dark.

Chris Gr

Yes it will happen. Look at Afghanistan.

jens holm

You should wonder why 8 of 20 millions has left Syria. You should wonder why so many 1000 mainly non muslims has left. Jews has.

The reasons are easy to see. The Baathist has not included all citicens. Its named as Arabic. same kind of thinking as in Turker, where 20% actually are kurds and moderate ones too.

How can Assad have 91,5% of the votes. That was no election at all. Parts of the country are out of control because people now can shoot back. Nothing else counts. So the ones being there are the extremists or radikals, which are not afraid to die.

Try to add them to the 8 million outside “Syria”. You should wonder how so many has become extreme instead of uonly fighting.

You should wonder why so many – even not welcome – prefare to live among christians, sekulars and infidels here in my Denmark.

And even worse: If we try to send them back the Assads wont have them and after that, they are forced recruits and forced to kill Syrians.

Thats a no go for someone like me.

My wish has no hopes. Realisme is a fence around with oil out and food in to fair prices.


This is a reply to both comments you have made. First of all, it started with Arab Spring, which then led to civil war after that Wahhabis-Zion and yanquis came in and start supporting ISIS. Which countries called ISIS “freedom fighters”? Israel, US, and EU. Which country said we should accept ISIS? Israel.

Washington created and supports ISIS, along with other anti-government terrorists in Syria and elsewhere. NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other regional rogue states supply them with weapons and other material support. So does Israel. In June 2015, the Times of Israel quoted former Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon, saying “(W)e’ve assisted (anti-government terrorist groups in Syria on) two conditions. That they don’t get too close to (Israel’s) border, and…don’t touch the Druze.”

Israel provides hospital treatment for hundreds, maybe thousands, of terrorist fighters, calling it “humanitarian assistance,” according to Ya’alon, adding it’s “not in their interest” to publicize Israeli aid – including weapons and munitions supplied, along with Israeli air strikes, he failed to explain. On April 24, FARS News reported increased US/UK/Israeli aid to al-Nusra terrorists – aiming “to create an autonomous region in Southern Syria, but the plan is confronted by Iran and Russia’s intensified intelligence and military operations.”

You are just wrong and can’t accept that. You want to blame others and try so hard to wash your ugly face of what you have done to these people. There are more Syrian coming back and if it wasn’t for the EU and US sanctions a lot more Syrian would have returned to their motherland.

Lying to yourself wouldn’t change reality. Ignoring facts and cherry-picking wouldn’t help you. You can use google, can’t you? But you also damn well know what the West-Zion and Wahhabi have done to Syria.

Chris Gr

Do you know that HTS have Iranian weapons? How did they get them?

jens holm

Now Afghanistan is free, You can go on summerhollydays there too. HIP HIP.

Remember bringing Your own food and Your wife should not look like a manequeen.


Grow up manchild.

Danny Dezponga

Why haven’t these murdering Americunt criminals not been attacked and the tankers blown to hell?


Where is Russia to bomb them……??????

Jim Allen

Is it Russia’s job to babysit for everyone ? What exactly do you expect Russia to do, every damn time you ask “where’s Russia.” You, and a couple other dull, and inarticulate clown’s are forever “where’s Russia” ? Or, “Russia should,” or “Russia need’s to.” Y’all just can’t grasp the concept of strategy. It can be explained to you in a manner a 3rd grader will understand. Within 24 hours, or 15 minutes whichever occurs first, you’ll be asking, “where’s Russia”…. again.


Where is Russia Jim boy ?


They doing your mother and they need backup.


Look behind you enjoy it

jens holm

Its easy. Russia has their own aganeda keeeping Assads safes and by that have bases there.

It better for them to have a reduced Syria with less opposition. But its also very visible they have problems. Tooo many Assad areas actual only are daytime military control and the rest is gone – and now by Turks as well.

So they have their succes but its limited.

And Jim Allen is right. Tooo many here think Assad is or should be commander of the Russian army. They deny to understand, they wasnt even there, if Russia, Hesbollah and Iran was not there too.

Jens boy.

L du Plessis

Why are the iranian proxies not destroying them ??? 😠

jens holm

They dont dare. Revenge will come. They dare to tax USA.

Jim Allen

It won’t be long, and the thieves will require new equipment. Again. But first there’s “talk’s” in Geneva to attend. Where Russia spells everything out, then the West lie’s. Rinse, and repeat. When these exasperation’s are completed, then the tanker’s can be visited.

jens holm

A western I dont think we lie. We disagree and want Russian – whatever kind – to rule where they live.

No more west of berlin. No more balticum is no well integrated and affiliated with the rest of the Baltics.

It seemes ignored, that the russians has taken Caucasus, and the new regained nes of them by systemticly military fortres and wall buildings.


Those areas has to be connected to the rest of the world. They decide that themself. No threatening pressure by the collapsed outdated Russia.

No more single countries, which Russia for the third time witin 100 years can take by force again. Thats why so many there prefare affiliations with Nato, USA, EU, China, Japan, India and some even prefare Turkey.

Its about the same for ME. Even we mainly dont like whats going on in several of them, we and they prefre to dislike Russia more.

Chris Gr

Russia has not too many allies. But they are having a resurgence and they can find allies in the Orthodox and communist worlds.

A Howes

There will be blood on the streets of Britain for these actions.

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