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In Video: Kurdistan Workers’ Party Attacks On Turkish Army In Southeastern Turkey


In Video: Kurdistan Workers' Party Attacks On Turkish Army In Southeastern Turkey

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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) media wing released a video showing a recent series of PKK attacks on the Turkish Army in southeastern Turkey. The video shows how the PKK uses anti-tank guides missiles and IEDs to target Turkish positions and vehicles.

In response to these attacks the Turkish Armed Forces carry out special operations and airstrikes against PKK targets in northern Iraq, the region used by the PKK as a foothold for attacks in southeastern Turkey.

On July 13, the Turkish Defense Ministry announced that 64 PKK members had been “neturalized” since Turkish troops, supported by artillery strikes and air raids, launched Operation Claw in the Hakurk region of northern Iraq on May 27.




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  • Harsha

    is that radar station?

    • occupybacon

      looks like it is

      • PZIVJ

        Appears to be a Turkish communications relay center, with satellite up link. This PKK hit might irritate Erdogan for sure.

        • occupybacon

          Can’t wait to see Trump with half face red from Erdogan’s ‘ottoman slap’.

  • verner

    time for erdogan to shed the silk gloves and crush the kurds – they are begging for it and erdogan can deliver.

    • Pavel Pavlovich

      But can he? Bombing runs are not a great way to subjugate a rebellious populace fortified in the mountains.

      • verner

        of course he can with the second largest military force in nato but it isn’t necessary to eradicate them just subjugate them till the state they were in before the disunited states of A set off the syrian regime change operation (which backfired to an extent they could not fathom), which more or less was that of squatters on someone elses land. and then they can proceed with what they did before, smuggle drugs and weapons and other contraband from the east to the west.

        • Pavel Pavlovich

          We shall see. This issue will not end with the end (hypothetical as of yet) of the monopolar world. Iran and Turkey would become key players in the region then, possibly with Egypt staking smaller claims.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    kurds have no friends, except the CIA—-they r disliked among Arabs, Persians and the Turks