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JULY 2020

In Video: Kurdish Snipers Kill, Injure Several Turkish-Backed Militants In Northern Aleppo


The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) announced on July 27 that its snipers and sleeper cells had killed five Turkish-backed militants and injured one other in a series of new operations in the occupied area of Afrin and its surroundings.

According to the Kurdish guerrilla group, the operations, which took place between July 24 and 26, targeted positions of the Ahrar al-Sham Movement, the Sham Legion and other Turkish-backed groups in the district of Sherawa and near the town of Marea.

A video of one of the attacks shows Kurdish snipers hitting at least two militants stationed in a position near Marea in northern Aleppo.

Earlier this week, six fighters of the Sham Legion, including a commander, were killed and three others were injured in a well-executed attack by the ALF’s cells in southern Afrin.

The Turkish military and its proxies in northern Aleppo have lost dozens of fighters since the beginning of this year in attacks carried out by the ALF and other Kurdish guerrilla groups.

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  • Mustafa Mehmet

    Go on kurdi bastard you can do it 🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • dutchnational

      They will. Doe not fear.

  • dutchnational

    YPG forces out of Afrin were evacuated successfully march 2018. Over 8k YPG and YPJ transferred to Tel Rifaat region. They are now resupplied, retrained and ready for action. They must have been recruiting under the Afrin refugees and might now number over 10k. Their number are sufficient to execute an incursion into the region whenever TSK is distracted in numbers.

    • Jens Holm

      I dont believe in numbers like that. Its more like both has vey small recruitments and the fightings are limited into skirmishes like that.

    • Hos Ng

      recruitment? theyve used mossad commanders and blackwater disguised as isis up to now. Probably the same thing with kurds. we all know who is desperate for a fake kurdistan.

  • verner

    ok erdogan, full scale attack on the kurds and you will soon find out who the dysfunctional states of A(rschlosch) will support -my guess is that turkey is a too valuable party to nato to be let go of and that means the kurds will be in second place, back as tenants in the borderland.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Turkey is a shitthole like Moscow .

      • KarlTheExecutor


    • Hos Ng

      to me it seems that traitors are running the us because leaving the jcpoa was a huge mistake for the us. just as iraq

  • Toronto Tonto

    Just in Russia will collapse in 2019 , red square maiden coming soon .

    • Pia

      a yew from No kraina.

    • Bob

      1.) it is spelled MAIDAN.
      2.) it is an actual physical location, the central square of Kiev, actually called Maidan Nezalezhnosti.
      3.) rather obviously for above reason, there can never be any such thing as a ‘RED SQUARE MAIDEN’.
      4.) your trolling is both ignorant and deeply fantasist.

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    Muslim Brotherhood goons are the first cancer of majoritarily Muslim countries. You can’t build a strong and long lasting muslim/arab nation if you don’t cleanse it first from MB brainwashing.

  • SnowCatzor

    That second guy was a complete moron, just stands there shooting wildly after his friend gets sniped. He behaved like an NPC in FPS game.

  • Hos Ng

    by kurdish sniper they mean mossad-isis terrorist.

  • Johan

    Great job, love you noble Kurds.love the subtlety, accuracy and mature communication while attacking, those other ones are like wild idiots always shouting allakhabar etc.