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JUNE 2023

In Video: Kurdish Rebels Target Vehicle Of Turkish-led Forces Near Ras Al-Ayn Wth Guided Missile

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In Video: Kurdish Rebels Target Vehicle Of Turkish-led Forces Near Ras Al-Ayn Wth Guided Missile

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It seems that both the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkish-led forces have a strange understanding of the ceasefire. The SDF-linked news agency ANHA released a video showing how SDF members targeted a vehicle of Turkish-backed militants in Tal Ward near Ras al-Ayn with an anti-tank guided missile.


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alejandro casalegno

Another Konkurs “Lost” by the SAA……………”Found” by the kurds……………..


Now that the NSA front is somewhat static in NE Syria. Appears the Turkish/NSA vehicle losses will increase in this open terrain. :)

alejandro casalegno

Yes……..and with the static front line will be more easy “find” lost things in the M4………

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Most of us would love to know what sort of weapons and vehicles the SDF does or doesn’t have in their arsenal, and the only way to get an idea of what they do or don’t have is to read Turkish and Syrian opposition news sources. The US informs the Turks of all military shipments and lists all contents according to a prior agreement, and then Erdogan leaks the info to his own news outlets and Syrian opposition groups, which means we can also find out what’s really in the Kurdish kitty. Iran repeated this opposition news article 6 months ago with no disqualifiers, so it’s not something they doubted as being credible. ———— “The pro-militant Arabic-language Al-Khabor news agency quoted informed sources as saying that the US-led coalition has delivered new military and logistical supports through Simalka crossing to its allied Kurdish fighters in Eastern Syria.

It noted that the said military shipment included advanced missiles, US air defense systems, Israeli anti-Tank Spike missiles, shoulder-mounted surface-to-air Stinger missiles and drones.

The advanced weapons delivered to the Kurdish fighters were transferred to a clandestine depot near Ramilan Airbase in Hasaka province which is guarded by the US marine forces and Kurdish fighters.

In a relevant development last week, the media reports said that the US dispatched a large number of trucks packed with new military aids to the SDF in Eastern and Northeastern Syria”.


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