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In Video: Kurdish Forces Kill Two Turkish Soldiers In Occupied Afrin

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In Video: Kurdish Forces Kill Two Turkish Soldiers In Occupied Afrin

ALF fighters, illustrative image, By: Hawar News Agency (ANHA)

On April 8, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced that two of its soldiers were killed in the northern Syrian area of Afrin.

The Turkish military and its Syrian proxies occupied Afrin following a heated battle with Kurdish forces in 2018. Since then, an insurgency has been ongoing in the area.

In an official statement, the Ministry of National Defense said that the soldiers, identified as Ahmet Akdal and Gokhan Cakir, were killed in an attack on April 7. The ministry didn’t provide any further information on the incident.

The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) claimed responsibility for the attack. The group also released a video showing the two Turkish soldiers being targeted with an anti-tank guided missile during a well-planned ambush in the village of Gobele.

The Kurdish guerrilla group went on to claim that its fighters killed nine Turkish soldiers and five Syrian militants in a series of operations between March 19 and April 7.

In response to the ALF attack, the Turkish military shelled positions held by Kurdish forces south of Afrin. The shelling targeted the town of Tell Rifaat and its outskirts. The Turkish Ministry of National Defense claimed that three Kurdish fighters were “neutralized”.

The ALF has been active in Afrin for nearly three years. The group’s operations slowed down in the recent few months. The Gobele ambush was the group’s most successful attack this year.


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Oooof minced meat a bit of a waste of a ATGM on just 2 soldiers but hey their is not kill like overkill i guess.


Shredded Turks – lol

Kenny Jones ™

Nice double tap strike,
Rest in pieces

76 mm Super Rapid

same goes for yor miserable family..ı hope they will experience the same thing this year hopefully… amen.😍

Blas de Lezo

They died for Erdougan. Their parents will feel so proud when they watch the video.


Yeah they should play it in slomo

Kenny Jones ™

Hopefully they will be able to watch it

Rhodium 10

I dont like Turks…but this an attack made by scoundrels….also I have seen another similar where Azerbajan forces hit an entire Armenian Mdevac while they were caring for the wounded soldiers…

76 mm Super Rapid

This attack has a long story,expected.These are Pkk’s so called elite groups from north Iraq-qandil mountains.Afrin-tel rıfat is kindergarten for them.

Blas de Lezo

Was he wearing a Red Cross? Did he not have a weapon? Was he a Chaplain? Looks like a good kill to me. Double tabs are sweet specially when they’re done to invaders.

Supreme Blyat

That was in the last part, whe there was no military hardware left, to be hit and the drones had to keep rolling.

Blas de Lezo

Poor cannon fodder dum basterds. No sympathy for secessionists and occupiers.


Were the Kurds in Afrin not also secessionists, blinded by the dream of disintegration of the Syrian central state, they refused the protection of the SAA when the Turkish land grab was looming. Right?
Regardless, I have to admit that it is easy to see the fate of occupiers as just, even if these soldiers could not choose where they were stationed.


Turksa and kurds both are occupiers ,Turk is a terrorist state ,the others are thieves and rats ,and opportunist ,that were very close to joining alqaeda linked groups to fight syria . As a matter of fact the isis enclave in syria ,was captured ,when kurds allowed them to cross deep inside central syria ,passing through their own zones , So at the request of NATO major powers ,they cooperated with all jihadist groups from time to time to fight syria legitimate government. kurds will be the biggest losers of all ,because all those lands they stole from syria will be now taken by turkey, so have not much sympathy for kurdish thieves either . they are brainwashed idiots , that have destroyed their future ,
and when americans leave syria ,they will be on their own fighting turkey. and unlikely syria or russia or iran will come to their aid ,until they give back all their stolen lands and the backstabbers in their government hanged in public.


Ja Ja Ja, the mighty ottomans are big fellas when they drop nasty bombs with their drones and kill tens of tens and hundreds, well to tell you I really loved the pieces of dead bar b q ottoman flying 5m in air and cooking itself. Good kills Kurds.

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