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In Video: Kurdish Fighters Kill, Injured Eleven Turkish-Backed Militants In Night Attack

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The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) announced on December 8 that its units had carried out a new “revenge operation” against Turkish-backed militants in the occupied area of Afrin in northern Aleppo.

In an official statement, the Kurdish guerilla group said that its fighters had successfully infiltrated a base and several positions of the Hamza Division in the vicinity of the village of Kefer Nebo in southern Afrin.

“7 jihadists of the mentioned group [the Hamza Division] were killed and a further 4 were also injured. 2 positions and guard-posts were destroyed,” the statement reads.

The group also released a video of the night attack showing how its fighters targeted Turkish-backed militants with sniper rifles and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

The Turkish military responded to the attack by shelling the Kurdish-held villages of Meyase, Zirneite and Zirneite in southern Afrin. No one was reportedly killed or injured.

The ALF intensified its operations in northern Aleppo following the Turkish-led attack on Kurdish areas in northeast Syria last October. The group’s fighters have inflicted heavy losses on Turkish-backed groups.

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Damien C

No proof of anything there. It could be anywhere or even faked, a meaningless load of nonsense

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

erdodog should be more concerned about greece rather than some kurds in syria, greece is an actual country with an air force, army, navy, etc

Derek Johnson

Greece is an actual country with an air force, army, navy, etc

Greece is economically fucked my friend, having to sell off islands and its swarming with “rapefugees” from Africa and the middle east, they are too busy trying to put bread on the table to feed themselves, just imagine if Erdogan releases the millions they have in Turkey as he has threatened many times they will swamp Greece lol. They have to deal with Israelis on pipeline projects from Cyprus they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo skint! and you think they are a problem for Turkey?

Besides Greeks don’t harbour YPG – rebranded calling themselves SDF who are really PKK.

Greeks and Turks have far more in common and don’t want to fight each other as some uneducated know nothing “Russia Assad groupie” as yourself would love so keep dreaming.

να έχεις μια όμορφη μέρα


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i read an article on halturnerradioshow.com that libya sold oil drilling rights in the aegean sea to turkey, but they were not allowed to do that since it wasnt their sea to give away, so now turkey is going to send oil drilling ships there, and a greek F-16 achieved radar lock on a turkish frigate recently

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And the ALF still haven’t suffered a casualty themselves, they’re on a veritable winning streak when it come to killing the Turks and their proxies. In Al Hasakah the Turks are inflicting a 1 to 2.9 kill/wounded/captured ratio on the YPG/SDF, so 10 Turks or Turkish proxies killed/wounded/captured for every 29 Kurdish YPG/SDF killed/wounded/captured, but here in Aleppo it’s more like a 1 to 50 ratio in the ALF’s favour, not the Turks, and due to the last few months of successful ALF attacks, I think it might even be getting close to a 1 to 100 ratio. ALF morale must be skyhigh and the terrorists morale practically non existent, LOL, go ALF go. I keep telling everyone to pay attention to syrialiveuamaps, it always shown that whenever the SAA gets bogged down by a ceasefire in Idlib, the ALF in Aleppo ALWAYS seem to escalate hostilities on their own turf [Turkish controlled], possibly in an effort to help to draw Erdogan’s attention away from Idlib. And by my reckoning it’s been happening again for the last few weeks, so I’m taking that as a good sign somethings about to happen in Idlib again.

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