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In Video: Kunduz, Sari-Pul Capitals Fell Under Taliban Control

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In Video: Kunduz, Sari-Pul Capitals Fell Under Taliban Control

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On August 7th, the Taliban launched an advance in the city of Kunduz in the north-eastern Afghanistan.

Following the night-long clashes, the Taliban fighters declared the complete capture of Kunduz. According to the group’s representatives, the militants managed to take control of the police department building, the residence of the provincial governor and the prison building.

The Taliban released video showing the Kunduz police headquarters under the complete control of the militants.

According to the local reports, the Afghan security forces are now surrounded in the airport area, where they may receive reinforcement and accumulate forces, preparing for a counteroffensive.

At the same time, the Afghan Defense Minister announced the launch of a counteroffensive by Commando Corps units in Kunduz. Afghan commando saied the National Security Forces had been conducting coordinated operations in the province over the last 24 hours, denying the loss of the city.

The last hope for the Afghan government forces in Kunduz seems to be the air support from the U.S. The US Air Force provided assistance to the Afghan army in repelling the militants’ offensive in Kunduz. The U.S. B-52 bombed targets in the city.

The clashes and airstrikes caused major fires in the city. During the day of fighting, from 50 to 70 civilians were reportedly killed.

This is the 3rd time that the Taliban has taken control over Kunduz, the 5th largest city in Afghanistan. The provincial capital fell in one day.

The same day, on August 8, another provincial capital fell under Taliban’s control. The Taliban has recently proved the capture of Sari-Pul in northern Afghanistan with videos showing militants in the city center and near the main administrative buildings, including the governor’s house.

In Video: Kunduz, Sari-Pul Capitals Fell Under Taliban Control

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Thus, at least 4 provincial capitals have fallen under the Taliban’s control in the last two days.

Since the fighting in major provincial capitals, such as Herat and Kandahar, has been going on for more than a week, the Taliban militants do not wasted their time and are capturing other provinces with less effort. This strategy allowed the militants to gain new income sources in the border regions, deprive the government of the opportunity to send reinforcements to the regions, as well as distract Kabul from fighting in large strategic cities.

In Video: Kunduz, Sari-Pul Capitals Fell Under Taliban Control

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Islam collapse

No wonder ur a$$hole channel was banned by disqus because of your bias behaviour against USA and its allies.You are nothing but a pro Muslim channel which only reports talib victories while it doesn’t report talib losses.Meanwhile in other news a Pakistani soldier was dispatched 2 h€ll in waziristan attack

Hindu Fungus

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Islam collapse

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Last edited 1 month ago by Hindu FUNGUS

Its the Other way round Piss drinking shiteater – Shia resistance has served israel. Now pig Modi is cosying upto Taliban ‘cos he knows who owns Afghanistan. Fkoff idolworshipper. All over the region Muslim armies are sticking it to the colonialist dogs while cow worshippers suck yankee dick LoL Viva Taliban – The world’s greatest Soldiers. Kicking Hindu ass since the 1200’s

Last edited 1 month ago by noZioP1gs
Diaper Hasbara Dan

Breaking News

The Saberin News reported in breaking news today that a US military logistics convoy was targeted in Nasiriyah in southern Iraq.

Iraqi companies carry US army requirements through the joint border with Kuwait into Iraq.

US occupation forces logistics convoys are targeted daily by roadside bombs, sometimes several times a day, so the US military has outsourced equipment transportation to Iraqi private companies at a huge cost as US military personnel are refusing to drive on these Highways to Death.

Islam collapse

Meanwhile in the real world half of he Islamic world turned to dust in Muslim vs Muslim violence 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😎😎thnx to cia and Mossad 😂😂😂😂


Meanwhile in real world minus Bollywood, a good article by Pepe Escobar in Asia Times on how the Persians and Chinese are shaping Eurasia with the One Belt and increased trade and cultural influence.

S Balu

Islam collapse
You mean Nagas in Nagaland killing Hindus
Ie Hindus killing Hindus in India
Maoist Killing Hindus in jerakgand in India

S Balu

Hindu priest and accomplices gang-rape, then murder nine-year-old Dalit girl

Dalits in India live in extreme poverty. They are discriminated against at every level because they are considered ‘untouchables’ but raping their young girls and women is common without the culprits facing any legal consequences. The latest outrage occurred on August 1 when a nine-year-old Dalit girl was gang-raped and murdered by a priest and his accomplices at a crematorium. Will the family be able to get justice is the big question

Of late, Hindu priests in India have been extremely busy performing the last rites of those that died due to covid.
There is also another activity they have been involved in: rape of young Dalit girls.
In the latest outrage perpetrated on August 1 in India’s capital city, Delhi, a 55-year-old priest at a crematorium, and his friends, gang-raped a nine-year-old girl and then murdered her in cold blood.
The girl had gone to fetch water from the crematorium cooler but when she did not return after an hour, her mother wentlooking for her.


NO Talib losses are worth reporting ‘cos they are taking OVER and OVER and OVER again LMFAO . Go back to eating your own shit in the Toiletless shithole of India


Translation: You cannot handle reports about what is REALLY going on in the current and chaotic power vacuum created by NATO failure in Afghanistan. Go back to your safety blanket of CNN propaganda.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard
Islam collapse

Russia will collapse by the end of decade when putin dies


Throughout the nineteenth century Great Game, over central Asia, British empire officials liked to repeatedly declare the impending collapse of primary competitors the Russian empire. The US, as the modern day heirs to British global expansionism, like to do exactly the same. It is all rather reminiscent of the Mark Twain quote, ‘The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.’

Last edited 1 month ago by SevenUps
G2 man

The British maintained their empire by stealing from almost half the world for better part of 250 years, India and Africa being their jewels of kleptocracy by East India Company. The Americans are rather childish and idiotic in contrast and burnt rather faster in a mere century. They have lost the “great game” at all levels to a very shrewd civilized China and Persia. The Russians despite the set back of Afghanistan and USSR break-up have largely recovered. The US is literally bankrupting itself with endless neo-imperialistic wars with the Zionist Albatross hung around its drowning neck. The US does not have much world left to steal from to maintain the 800 military bases around the world. US is on a irreversible decline and a Eurasian power belt is taking shape.

Diaper hasbara Dan

It is quite obvious that the Taliban are on a roll and Afghan puppet regime will fall soon. Ashraf Ghani’s Virginia home beckons, back to the backroom CIA job.

G2 Man

As SF has correctly reported, Taliban captures Kunduz, third provincial capital in three days without too much resistance. Almost a billion dollars worth of Humvees, small arms including 10,000 M-4 assault rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, Toyota Hi-lux and 81mm and 120mm mortars have been captured from the defecting or fleeing ANA. At the current rate of ANA collapse Kabul will be besieged in a few weeks. Very poor performance by ANA and low quality US training.


As conflict gets more intense what is likelihood of Afghan Air Force pilots fleeing in their helos and Super Tucanos across the borders?

G2 man

The options are rather limited now. At its peak in 2012, the Afghan airforce had about 75 rotary and fixed wing aircraft. These included Super Tucanos for ground attack role and MI-17 and Blackhawks for improvised COIN and helo transport. Even in such a small force, the maximum operation capability was around 50%-60% and by 2020 had dropped to 35%-40%, mostly due to spare shortage, and lack of experienced pilots. The US and India trained a few, but major problems plagued the AAF. About 15 were shot down or had crashes. So that does not leave much.

The remaining 100 or so pilots and about 250 trained ground crew and mechanics will surely be killed by the Taliban. Since the educated Afghans thoroughly dislike the Pakistanis for radicalizing and destroying their country, the only route left for defection from the last remaining airbase in Kabul is a hopping trip to either Tajikistan or Iran, if refueling is possible in the shrinking government controlled areas, the training base in Shindad in western part near Iran is still active and government hands as of the last reports I read yesterday. So that can be used for a refueled trip to Iran or Tajikistan, where Farsi is spoken. If the pilots need to defect to save their lives, they should do it soon or it will be too late. 2 Blackhawks have already been shot down.

G2 man

For some reason there was a duplicate post. Happens occasionally..

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 man

No post problem – reads a single post from here. Good response – agree these pilots will likely be targeted individuals in future, and flight to Iran or Tajikistan is serious option if Kabul is going to collapse anyway, irrespective of air force actions.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard

Afghanistan becomes more and more like Pakistan. I wish that Afghanistan becomes more like Tajikistan, a peaceful and stable country. Death to Taliban terrorists.

Last edited 1 month ago by John
Geopolitician and Terror Expert

So technically the Afghan Army by retreating or just ran away from places such as these ones is arming the Taliban, with more weapons caches, vehicles, and other equipment and gear. LOOK at that map, at the beginning I thought that RED on the map was Afghan Territory, but then I saw Kabul and when I read it, that GREEN is government control LOL man, that is a disaster, by my calculation Taliban have around 60-65% of the whole country under their own control, including the grey areas where Taliban have them surrounded that means will be theirs at any time, maybe it is just a waste of desert and there is no contesting there. But when the time comes to make more land, they would take those too. It is just incredible to fight these Taliban terrorists because it is not a group or mass of people, it is actually the people like half of Afghanistan is 19.000.000 Taliban and you cannot fight against half or more than a half country, that is millions of people, that’s why everyone has failed in Afghanistan, in order to kill the Taliban you need to cleanse the people because 50% of the people and more are Taliban, that’s why the Soviets in the 80s were doing it that very same thing if you want no Taliban or no Taliban accomplices you need to kill them all, Soviet Union was doing it just that, and they were very successful until the Yankees had to fuck it up with stupid stingers and tow missiles, I mean they didn’t kill women and kids and elderly but everything else was classified as Taliban and must be taken down. And what is worst,
now too many cases of defection are spotted = reported, see the Taliban goal was we want the Americans out and then we can leave in peace, Americans are now gone and Taliban new goal is set! Now when Americans are gone, we want the whole country to become under Taliban RULE, LoL. So they want to overthrow the current government, convert as much as possible of the current army and civilians and they want to install their government preceded by Sharia Law.
Yes, those are the words of the Taliban commanders, VICENews.com was in Afghanistan soon and made a documentary from both sides, they went to the Taliban side, talk to commanders which they express their opinion that now Afghan gov, is US puppet and must be taken down and the other perspective was from the Afghan Army chiefs like we are doing everything we can but the Taliban is much more in size, poor guys, they even have hope you know, words like WE WILL WIN THIS WAR, etc.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Well look at the map again, and ask how many people live in “Taliban control / Wahhabi Paksitani” areas.
Not many – most of them are very backward Sunnis in first place or Pashtuns, speaking about Pashtuns, Taliban is a code name for backward Sunnis and Wahhabi Pakistani Pashtuns.
BTW the Taliban had 50%+ control of the country before the yanquis leave, Pashtuns are backward Sunnis and get aid and support from SA and ISS.
Again, you need to understand how the Taliban “government” works, they don’t have court or anything like that, they send one of their own Pashtuns leaders to hold that “area” as the governor.

That map is wrong, don’t take it as if that’s real. Remember SF isn’t a well-funded group or anything in that level most of the time they rewrite reports from other sites and add their own tail to it be it anti-yanquis most of the time. Any map that tries to cover Afghanistan is a joke. Both the Afghan “government” and Pashtuns Taliban lost and gain control of areas on a daily basis.

How much do you know about the Taliban? You seem to not know much about them.
45% of Afghanistan are Pashtuns and there are a lot more in Pakistan. I don’t understand in what world you live in that makes you think all Pashtuns fight for the Taliban. That just not going to happen.
Taliban at some level work like ISIS/Al-Qaeda Wahhabi Sunnis terrorist groups, they force their rules, by that I mean forcibly make men fight with them and make civilians give their women to their “fighters” Pashtuns leaders, not their “fighters” LOL. Like good old ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
You really need to look into them yourself, I say few things;
Taliban loves Wahhabi Gulf states, they hide in Pakistan and they get more troops and men from Pakistani Pashtuns and they were funded and created by Pakistani ISS with Suadi Arabia, I’m sure you know which groups Saudis pay before.

No, you don’t need to kill them 50% of the country buddy, what is wrong with you, I tell you some funny things, so who draw/created Pakistan? British and they “fuked up” again ofc. There are more Pashtuns in Pakistan and the Pakistani government can’t stop them to travel in and out of the country (Remember when the yanquis bombed the mother of Pakistan to the point the Pakistani made a deal with yanquis? Who were they bombing Pashtuns Pakistani). Nor the now “government” of Afghan nor Taliban agree with Pakistan-Afghanistan borders I must say. The last time the Taliban “control” most of the country it was fully done so by Pakistani soldiers and Pakistani Pashtuns under name of Taliban to you know control Afghanistan.
The best case is to cut the country 50-50, North Afghan for civilians and South Pakistani-Afghan Pashtuns, Pashtuns might as well fight and take their land off Pakistan.

“Soviets in the 80s” oh boy, okay Taliban aren’t Mujahideen – Mujahideen were Afghan at less.
But Pashtuns and Pakistani did help Mujahideen in the fight against the Soviets, that is true.
Remember this, the Taliban is controlled by Pakistani Pashtuns – not the Afghan Pashtuns – The money of SA goes to Pakistani Pashtuns and ISS supports Pakistani Pashtuns.

“The Soviets then attempted to eliminate the mujahideen’s civilian support by bombing and depopulating the rural areas. These tactics sparked a massive flight from the countryside; by 1982 some 2.8 million Afghans had sought asylum in Pakistan, and another 1.5 million had fled to Iran.”
Soviets didn’t kill mainly Pashtuns A.K.A Taliban tho and also, hmmm when was the fall of the Soviet Union?
SU – Afghan war ended: 15 February 1989
Dissolution of the Soviet Union: 26 December 1991
Mujahideen’s leader was Tajik not Pashtuns and it is a fact that Tajik were the best fighters of Muiahideens, not Pashtuns.

I don’t understand why some people believe Pakistani Pashtuns so much, no one believes them, buddy.
Also, don’t worry Afghanistan fall right into another civil war.
Mostly like this,
Anti-Taliban: Iran – Russia – China – NATO
Pro-Taliban: Pakistan – SA – Qatar – ISIS – Al-Qaeda

Pashtuns Afghan = 11 million and Pakistani = 20 million – T= 31 million Pashtuns
Afghan population without the Pashtuns = 27 million

I’m telling you a 50-50 is the best case, they can’t live with Pashtuns, just kick them out and let them fight Pakistan failed state and take their own land and make a new country under Pashtuns.

S Balu

Taliban could not advance this fast if they DID NOT HAVE POPULAR SUPPORT
Only with popular support Taliban could sustain this campaign
Civilians are feeding,clothing and providing logistics to Taliban

S Balu

Comment from Afghani woman
I have heard this nonsense about “women’s rights” and children’s education from the western hypocrites regarding Afghanistan, but it’s America and its puppets that murder the Afghan women and children, not the Taliban.

The Taliban don’t harm/kill the Afghan women and children, they protect them instead.

The Afghan women and children see the TB as heroes, while they see the weak, cowardly American scum and their puppets as terrorists and devils, whom they are terrified off.

There is no greater violation of women’s and children’s rights than to murder women and children, and this is something which makes the white westerners, especially the white western women, literally laugh and happy when it comes to the Afghans.

The west would have much more credibility preaching about women’s rights and children’s education if the US and its puppets didn’t murder Afghan women and childrenand if the west didn’t turn a blind eye to and support such crimes.

S Balu

US Airstrikes Destroy Health Clinic, School, Kill Civilians in Helmand
Security officials said that the US strikes hit areas where the Taliban were hidden( US is lying ). This left Shaheed Anwar Khan High School and the government run clinic totally destroyed. Locals described street-to-street fighting in neighborhoods, which was also endangering civilians.
Airstrikes have done substantial harm to Afghan civilians for decades, and the latest US strikes show that hasn’t changed. At the same time, there is no indication that these strikes are changing the situation on the ground, and the Afghan government seems fine being an apologist for the strikes, claiming that the Taliban were there.


Looks like all of that inclusivity training didn’t help US Army and ANA one bit.

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