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In Video: Kherson Residents Tell About Russia Before And After “Invasion”

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In Video: Kherson Residents Tell About Russia Before And After "Invasion"

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Amid the ongoing hostilities on the battlefields, the media battle is ongoing. The Kiev regime and the Western MSM have been always hiding the pro-Russian sentiments of the population throughout Ukraine, including in the Kherson region in the south of Ukraine, which entered the Russian Federation in September 2022 but was later left by the Russian military.

A lot of residents of the Kherson regiment supported the struggle of the Donbass republics against the Nazi Kiev regime. For example, the following interview with a woman from Genichesk, Kherson region, showed that the locals clearly saw the essence of the ongoing conflict before the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine:



After the Russian military took control of the Kherson region, Ukrainian and foreign journalists declared that the local population was oppressed, tortured by the Russians and the region was destroyed. However, the Kiev regime did not allow a lot of them to come to the region to see the truth. After Russian forces withdrew from Kherson, the locals revealed that they were not happy with Russian retreat.

A Kazakh blogger came to Kherson and interviewed a local resident:



The war in Ukraine is ongoing. Civilians are still waiting for peace. However, even during a short period when the region of Kherson was mainly under Russian control, people saw the difference.


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Hypersonic Tsar Bomba 2.0 locked on DC and London!

Ok, so NAFO will fight Russia till the last Ukranazi. When the last Ukranazi is dead, NAFO will then sign a peace agreement with Russia. Pollacks, Romanians and Hungarians will get a small piece of the cake. Russia will get the Rest – den Löwenanteil. That country formely known as Ukraine will cease to exist. And it is their OWN fault. I have no mercy with Nazis.

Last edited 14 days ago by Hypersonic Tsar Bomba 2.0 locked on DC and London!

All lies. Better check for how the crimea annexion took place. Referendum ? Votes ? No, just oppression and forced fake-votes at gunpoint, see:

Igor Girkin (Strelkov) talking openly about how the Crimean regional authorities didn’t want to separate from Ukraine so Girkin and other Russian soldiers forced them to vote for it under gunpoint. See: https://t.me/EternalMuscovite/46578

Last edited 14 days ago by Svetlana
Michel LeBlanc

Strelkov is a FUD peice.of crap.

No better than you bitch.


You do realize that there were thousands of international observers who claimed that no one was held at gun point. Only people at gun point were UAF soldiers held up in military bases across crimea who were then released back to ukriane. Also a note that between 15-20% of these UAF soldiers detained defected to Russia shortly after their release. Also a reminder Crimea is better off now than before. Economy standard of living etc. Only issue is homicidal and genocidal Ukrainian Nazis.

Ian Patrick Beddowes

Who is this fascist troll?


A Victoria Nuland admirer, most probably.


He (yes -he-) is some nazi degenerate psychopath polluting SF for years with his insane, deranged crap from random insane, deranged ukro-nazi shit sites for loser morons like him.

Now he adopted another schizoid persona pretending to be Slavic woman while spamming the same insane, deranged nazi crap. Hopefully he’ll die soon from all his countless mental diseases.

Johannes Ekhman

I only need to see the name of that filthy dumb ukro-propaganda channel to conclude what kind of sick, moronic dirty lying degenerate you are. Just drop dead you revolting skunk.

Last edited 14 days ago by Johannes Ekhman
The Truth

Shitface scum, everything you vomit here are 100% lies… and not even believable, plausible lies but utterly idiotic lies.

First, Strelkov/Girkin is a narcistic crook and a pathological liar like you, most of his fantasies are debunked long time ago. But he never actually said what you claimed, so yeah you are full of shit. Finally, whoever claims that Russians in Crimea (vast majority) preferred to live under Maidan junta is not just a pathetic liar, he is a total and absolute imbecile with no brain at all. Yes, sub-human creatures like you.

Last edited 14 days ago by The Truth

@The Truth

Great argument. You started your sentence with quote “Shitface scum, everything you vomit … absolute imbecile with no brain at all…sub-human


so that is how you talk to your mother ? Is that the wording you use in russia to make a point ? Please go on, drink another vodka and yell and call your own mother names. That’s the truth indeed. Your are with every single sentence you write testifying for everybody to see that you are the lowest subhuman life-form, aligned to the jews and are pathological liars like them, and therefore deserve the destruction you are facing now.

Last edited 13 days ago by Svetlana
Nasty Nato Shitface Svetrana

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and btw fuck Jews, you serve them you dumb piece of shit, you repeat their lies from CNN, they own your shithole mutant country: if you hate them so much — find the nearest synagogue, or any of your politicians, or just go to Palestine and do something about them… instead of mouth-farting and spamming your lunatic crap and sick lies here all day long.

Last edited 13 days ago by Nasty Nato Shitface Svetrana
Porc halal

But weren’t the “regional authorities” representatives of the Ukrainian Nazi occupation regime that ruled Crimea at the time? Of course they were not happy! Why don’t you refer instead to the people of Crimea?

Same thing, the representatives of the Ukrainian Nazi occupation regime in the Romanian territories of southern Bessarabia and northern Bukovina do not represent the population living in these Romanian territories temporarily occupied by the Ukrainian Nazi regime…

Last edited 13 days ago by Porc halal

You just lied yourself. Crimea was given to ukraine by the Soviets in 1955 but it was give a special constitution (just like Texas in America) that it can declare at any time to be independent. You say maiden revolution and i say Maiden coup! Victoria Nuland phone calls prove a lot. So you see the little green men were there to ensure a peaceful vote rather than it being fire bombed by Soros types that you saw in Odessa who burned people alive.


Also u lie about Strelkov too. Let me remind you that in 1955 Russian went to bed and in the morning woke up as Ukrainians. Ask Strelkov about Kosovo and see what else he says. Crimeans were treated to 4 times the salary due to the Russian Rubles value.


Keep in mind they overwhelmingly voted for Yanukovych who was due to be replaced in an election in less than 12 months! But no, here came the violent western backed “revolution”. You took away these peoples vote! You told them we dont care who u voted for we are replacing him through force.


if the crimean regional authorities didn’t want to separate from ukraine, it’s because they were corrupt as well.


irrelevant western propaganda. crimea was part of russia. crimea was given illegally by the ussr under kruschevs order. crimea is now back in the russian federation. ukronazis with western puppeteer thought they could steal crimea using this guise of independent kukraine. fortunately crimea is not kosovo.

Miki Miric

Živela velika RUSIJA,smrt fašistima iz Kijeva i širom Evrope i sveta,do pobjede braćo,neće vam biti lako,Srbi su uz vas,osim pojedinih smradova koji troše smrdljivi novac zapada i pokušavaju Srbiju da otruju.


Un nou front in Bugeac ar ajuta f mult. Pe fly radar 24 vedem avioane de spionaj apriape zilnic. Da… Sa le dea si T 55 cu sisteme de bruiere adiacente…. Bun orice daca e o gura de foc…

Johannes Ekhman

These people are so brave… I hope degenerate Maidanazi terrorists don’t attack them for telling the truth in UkroISIStan

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