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In Video: Israeli Military Reveals “Longest, Most Significant” Hezbollah Tunnel

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On May 29, the Israeli military revealed what it described as the “longest, most significant” Hezbollah attack tunnel uncovered during the past winter’s Operation Northern Shield.

The 1km tunnel, which stretches between the Lebanese village of Ramiyeh and the Israeli settlements of Zarit and Shtula, contained railroads to transport equipment, and was equipped with electricity, communication systems, ventilation and ladders.

“Hezbollah has been allowed to roam freely in southern Lebanon and to dig from civilian houses into Israel … We will continue to defend our border, our sovereigntyand most importantly our civilians,” a spokesman for the Israeli military, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, said in a short video showcasing the tunnel.

The Israeli military launched Operation Northern Shield on December 3 of last year with the aim of discovering and neutralizing Hezbollah’s attack tunnels. Six tunnels, including Ramiyeh’s tunnel, were discovered in the course of the operation.

According to the Journalism Post, the Israeli military will fill Ramiyeh’s tunnel with liquid concrete to remove the threat and prevent Hezbollah from using it.

Israel says that Hezbollah had planned to use these tunnels to kidnap or kill civilians or soldiers, or even to capture settlements in the northern part of the country. The Lebanese group has never denied that it has such plans. However, its leader hinted in an interview last year, that not all the tunnels were uncovered.

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2019 is the last year of Israel existence. The Trump and Netanyahu game over. The stolen land of Palestine will become Palestine again.

Zionism = EVIL

Hamas with the Fajr/Badr 330mm warhead airburst missiles changed the rules of the game and decimated a whole block in Zionist hovel of Ashkelon and the Zionist cowardly arseholes sued to peace in mere 48 hours as all the Iron dud failed to intercept even 5% of Hamas missiles. Imagine what Hezbollah will do!


That’s right. There are many other things going on which will take full page to explain here. So in brief the trump and Netanyahu game over.



Saddam Hussein

Hasbara bullshit.

Pave Way IV

Produced in english for [insert your guess here] foreign target brain-dead audience. UN 1701?? Oh, FFS… There would be no ‘South Lebanon’ today if it wasn’t for Hezbollah. And of course it is present there, armed and dangerous.. especially to any potential Israeli land and water theives.

Ceasar Polar

Oh now suddenly is aware of international law?! Where they arrest children and kill pregnant women on sight. Hypocrites.

Zionism = EVIL

Stupid scared Zionist arseholes, they are paranoid that Hezbollah will crawl up their arse and take hold of Northern Occupied Palestine.


Can’t blame to be scared sh*tless after their humiliating defeat in 2006.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I said. The hostile aggressive terrorist organisation Roman Hezbollah build attack invasion tunnels into Israel, planning to loot the silver treasure again in the new Jerusalem Temple III.

Heroic defense forces from IDF, the Zealots, bombed Gaza and Syria, flying over Lebanon with B52 bombers thus defending Jerusalem and its historical jooish right to its taxes.


Hezbollah defends his people from another Sabra e Chatila. The Jews when they looked at the white phosphorus fire in Gaza were 100% themselves and 0% human.


klove and light

ty spot on!!


I would think that after all their military training of murdering civilians, including small children and paraplegic’s in Gaza and the West Bank for decades, that the IDF ladyboys will need to carry spare pairs if panties if they are ever in incontact with Hezbollah.

Oh, and ‘Jonathen’ really needs to go on a diet . Too many bagels have been consumed perhaps ?

Abdul Majeed

poor propaganda …the invaders calling the inhabitants terrorist – with background music effect, the minds of the sick.


Note it, Israel cannot servive on these propagandas anymore. Their game has over.


Fooled me once, shame on you. Fooled me twice, tsk tsk, not gonna happen.

How hard is it to take a seamless video from the surrounding of the alleged tunnel’s entrance and then move in? You know, like the Syrians did with the Douma tunnels? Bastardo is standing somewhere beneath a tree and claims he’s standing “literally” on top of a terror tunnels and shows around, here’s this, over there’s that, blablabla. At the moment he says “let me show you” there is cut/dissolve in the video with a completely different angle and everything. then a tunnel It’s very obvious but I guess that’s more than enough for the consumers of this kind of “proof”.

Maybe something’s wrong with us, our standard for accepting something has gone way high with the video evidences that the resistance produces.

klove and light

1 + 1=

the weather is fine today-


and all the while the squatters are actively advising the saudis how to win the war in Yemen, which won’t happen. what will happen is that mohammed bin salman will wake up one of these nights with some tough cookies next to his bed, houthi cookies and so on, they’re not to too far away and they can get to riyadh with some nice drones for starters.

Wow Israel dug up an ancient artifact. Everyone in the US knows that these tunnels were dug before the 2006 war as counter attack tunnels. (which were never used) After the 2006 war the Lebanese civilian militias abandon these tunnels. As war changes tactics must always adapt. Such tunnels are now useless in this new age of war and defense and they have been obsolete for years. As an American I fully expected Israel to find these tunnels in the year 2007. Why I am not seeing Israel find these till the year 2019 is beyond my understanding.

Lebanon is the only place in the middle east where Christians are not persecuted. The president of Lebanon is Christian. Israel would never have a Christian president, because Christians are a persecuted minority in Israel since the day the Jews manipulated the government to murder Immanuel.

My question is, how does Israel intend to deal with the tens of thousands of Christian civilian militias that will fight tooth and nail to defend churches and hospitals and airports against the coming Israel invasion? The great awakening of Christians across the world has already begun. We know from the Book of Revelation that Lucifer will rule from the new temple and wage war against Christians across the whole world. (Goyims and not even allowed in the temple) Christians are awakened to defending God’s creation from the anti-theist aggressors.


“Attack tunnel” always makes me laugh

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