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JUNE 2023

In Video: Israel Launches New SAR Spy Satellite Into Orbit

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In Video: Israel Launches New SAR Spy Satellite Into Orbit

Israel’s Ofek-13 reconnaissance satellite takes off from central Israel on March 29, 2023. (Israeli Defense Ministry)

On March 29, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that it has successfully launched the Ofeq-13 synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) spy satellite into orbit.

“The Ofeq-13 satellite is an observation satellite with advanced capabilities,” the ministry said in a statement after the launch.

SAR satellites are used to provide 24-hour all-weather Earth observation, as they rely on radio waves that can penetrate clouds.

A second statement from the ministry said that the spy satellite “successfully entered orbit, has begun transmitting data, and completed an initial series of inspections in accordance with original launch plans.”

The development of Ofeq-13 was led by the ministry’s Space and Satellite Administration. Several units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), including the visual intelligence Unit 9900 and the air force, were also involved. Israel Aerospace Industries was the main contractor for the satellite, which is the latest in a line of IDF observation assets in space.

An upgraded Shavit 2 launch vehicle delivered the satellite into orbit from the Palmachim Airbase at 2:10 a.m. local time. The launch was attended by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and senior IDF officers, including deputy chief of staff Major General Amir Baram.

Gallant praised the successful launch of the Ofeq-13 as “yet another important example of the Israeli defense establishment’s groundbreaking innovation.”

“Israel has already proved its diverse space capabilities many times and is one of very few countries to possess such capabilities, capabilities that we continue to develop and strengthen,” the minister said.

Once fully operational, the control of the new spy satellite will be handed over to Unit 9900 of the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate known as Aman.

Israel launched 13 spy satellites into orbit as a part of the Ofeq program over the past four decades. The IDF keeps the capabilities and tasks of these satellites classified. The new launch came amid heightened tensions with Iran, which will likely be among the main targets of the Ofeq-13.


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Christian Chuba

“Israel launches military satellite to provide more targeting info for strikes on Syria.” When Israel does it we marvel at their technical prowess, when Iran launches satellites, it’s the end of the world.


Not too advanced British Zircon sattelites were better. The AL Gore Era stuff radiums were also good. Israeli space force has to obey certain UN regulations where others can slip round them with exotic technology the Israelis can work with through the Pentagon, WHitehall or the Kremlin. Bizzare shit from Japan. Likely it will have a target and I’d fear their singals ability activating 5G systems and causing Kinetik Cyber attacks…

The KIlls – Sattelite


as the spy comes over Iran, it should be shot down. Iran can also go to space, so go afther that parasite. And in the same take out a few yankee spys.

Peppe il Sicario

Are we supposed to bend over in awe of Israeli tech prowess???


It’s all cartoon tech from Hollyweird.


Like why they crashed the silicon valley so the full extent of tech theft by their Russian Jew ops. there dont come to light


This KhaZar space cartoon production, must have cost a load of USSAN tax cattle shekkel$. Iran will probably have to shoot this thing down at some stage…if of course it ever went up.

Palestine will be free of the welfare warfare squatters that nobody wants anywhere.


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