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In Video: ISIS Terrorists Strom Another Town In Northern Mozambique


ISIS terrorists have pushed government forces out of another town in the province of Cabo Delgado in northern Mozambique.

Amaq reported that government forces fled the village of Muidumbe following several hours of heavy clashes with ISIS fighters. The terrorists captured a vehicle and weapons in the town. Several Mozambican soldiers were allegedly killed or injured.

ISIS’ news agency released a video showing the terrorist group’s fighters wandering inside Muidumbe, which appeared to be abandoned.

Late in March, ISIS resumed its attacks in Cabo Delgado. The group captured the village of Quissanga and temporarily seized the town of Mocimboa de Praia, which is located near a $60bn gas project.

The terrorist group’s fighters pushed further during April, capturing the village of Menquelewa from government forces.

The slow response of Mozambique’s forces may allow ISIS to develop its attacks in Cabo Delgado. Such attacks have been ongoing since 2017. The government is yet to take sufficient action to secure the key province.




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