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In Video: ISIS Terrorists Strom Another Town In Northern Mozambique

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ISIS terrorists have pushed government forces out of another town in the province of Cabo Delgado in northern Mozambique.

Amaq reported that government forces fled the village of Muidumbe following several hours of heavy clashes with ISIS fighters. The terrorists captured a vehicle and weapons in the town. Several Mozambican soldiers were allegedly killed or injured.

ISIS’ news agency released a video showing the terrorist group’s fighters wandering inside Muidumbe, which appeared to be abandoned.

Late in March, ISIS resumed its attacks in Cabo Delgado. The group captured the village of Quissanga and temporarily seized the town of Mocimboa de Praia, which is located near a $60bn gas project.

The terrorist group’s fighters pushed further during April, capturing the village of Menquelewa from government forces.

The slow response of Mozambique’s forces may allow ISIS to develop its attacks in Cabo Delgado. Such attacks have been ongoing since 2017. The government is yet to take sufficient action to secure the key province.


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Raptar Driver

Not ISIS but NATO Mercenary shock troops.


These guys are wearing bathroom slippers.

You see, the CIA, Mi6, Mossad are doing a replay with misguided youth of Africa, as they did in Syria and Iraq, but we’re foiled.

Mozambique is targeted to be made an example out of that if you sign on with China’s gargantuan, game-changing OBR(One Belt – Road) initiative( the largest endeavor in the history of the world) , you can expect turmoil, proxy wars, ISIS, more ISIS, coups, destruction on one’s economy, and outright genocidal sanctions and invasion if need be.

Syria’s Basher signed on in 2010, uprising in 2011. Libya signed on in 2009, again, revolt(armed one, and mysteriously well coordinated and organized. As Gaddafi was well entrenched in power). Leading to the brutal killing of Gaddafi, after 42 yrs in power.

Now we see Venazuela( a great friend and ally of China) with Chavez signing on to the OBR, but got I’ll of a brain tumor and passed. Now Maduro’s Gov. is carrying along with the OBR initiative. Now Venezuela is under brutal sanctions, the country in turmoil, the seizing of Venezuela’s State run oil company assets worth $160 Billion in the U.S. Assets and accounts the people of Venezuela will never, ever see again. After exerting all pressure they could, the U.S. put a $15 Million bounty on President Maduro. Presently, the U.S. and its idiot savant Gov. allies, Colombia and Brazil are preparing an invasion. Honduras too signed the paperwork for the OBR, and saw a coup, with a very unpopular Gov. take hold run by a brutal dictator.

South American countries, Central American, African, and Middle Eastern countries have all been put on notice. If you sign on with the Chinese onboard the OBR initiative, you can expect terrible devastation.

Mexico is under extreme pressure, with CIA, Pentagon meddling, arming of violent drug cartels, and the pullout of General Motors, Ford, (the U.S.pressured Toyota, Nissan and Honda to do the same) car manufacturing factories, plants and warehouses. Leading to economic devastation in Mexico’s most northern states, causing the drug cartels to move in a death and major headaches for Mexico’s Gov. The Chinese incidently have signed major infrastructure, building(schools,housing,roads,highways,powerplants) projects. One being one of China’s up and coming auto makers called, Great Wall Motors, that has signed a $500 Million contract to build a massive manufacturing plant that will employ the hundreds of thousands of Mexicans wrought by poverty, drug war scorched earth, and economic wastelands created from the U.S. and Japanese carmakers withdrawals.

It remains to be see what will happen to Mexico, given that China has given Mexico a high priority country for the OBR. It is slated to be the main connecting node, from which China plans on connecting both South America and Central America.

The Gov. of Yemen said Fuck You to the Gov.s of both the U.S. and Saud Arabia when it was told to rip up the agreement with the Chinese on the OBR. Thus, the Saudi’s viciously attacked that nation. The poorest in the whole region.

The Taliban have won their freedom from the world hegemon and belligerence and servitude. The first thing they will do now is have a little get together with the Chinese, who have been helping them in various ways in secrecy. The Chinese have promised to rebuild Afghanistan, and Afghanistan has many minerals in abundance that China needs to keep in moving at a staggering pace.

The Iraq’s, too have been promised rebuilding of their demolished country, but U.S. Gov. Continues to try and ruin that mutaul friendly understanding between China and Iraq. Recently Iraq’s Prime Minister went to China with a huge team of Iraqi specialists and he they signed preliminary contracts, and this is proposed as the first of many to come, worth $Billion. The Prime Minister was told by Trump to reject the deal and tear it up. When Iraqs Prime Minister told him to go Fuck himself, he was told to expect to get assassinated, and major unrest caused on the streets by the Pentagon placing snipers on rooftops , shooting peacefull protesters and soldiers/police. Just like they did in the Ukraine, in 2014.

I could go on and on. But you get the picture.

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