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In Video: ISIS Terrorists Storm Dmask Town In Northeastern Nigeria

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In Video: ISIS Terrorists Storm Dmask Town In Northeastern Nigeria

Screen grab from Amaq’s video.

On April 10, ISIS terrorists stormed the town of Dmask following a heated battle with Nigerian government forces in the northeastern state of Borno.

The terrorists entered the town after raiding a nearby base of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF). According to the Amaq news agency, two Nigerian service members were killed. ISIS terrorists burned the base to the ground after capturing a vehicle.

In Dmask, ISIS terrorists wreaked havoc. Eight buildings belonging to the government and “international” organizations were burned. Seven vehicles were also set on fire by the terrorists, who seized an eighth one.

This was the second attack on Dmask this year. Less than 30 days ago, specifically on March 14, ISIS terrorists raided the town. Back then, 12 soldiers of the NAF were killed.

The attacks on Dmask is only one example of ISIS recent military success in Borno. The NAF and local security forces have failed to contain the terrorist group’s threat, so far.


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  1. Jihadi Colin says:

    You would think that in these wide open semi desert areas “ISIS” should be easy to spot from the air.

    1. viktor ziv says:

      Galgenhumor – “Safer highways”

      1. Jihadi Colin says:

        Talking about safer highways, you need to see this!


        1. viktor ziv says:

          LOOOL!!! You made my day!
          Thx mate :)

        2. Ricardo Silva says:


          1. Jihadi Colin says:

            Whisky Tequila Fenny…

  2. Far Right says:

    where do they get their videos from?

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